Man Brutally Beheaded by Fake Syrian Army with Pocket Knife

Man Brutally Beheaded by Fake Syrian Army with Pocket Knife

Hillary the Obtuse – are you watching? You repulsive cunt! These are your minions. The filth you support. How do you sleep at night, bitch?

If Snackbar existed, he’d be pissing from high above right on the head of every carpet kissing mercenary from the Fake Syrian Army. The fact that he doesn’t is in itself a proof that he does not exist yet these brainwashed Sunni pigs continue to kill innocent people in his name like there’s no tomorrow. What a bunch of dotards.

Fake Syrian Army goes around killing everyone who doesn’t support their genocide. They have no support among general population, except in areas overrun by FSA themselves so people pretend to support them or else they get executed the same way this man was.

Poor chap was kidnapped by the murderers, coerced into admitting that he’s a supporter of Bashar Al Assad and beheaded in the street with a pocket knife to the cheer of the terrorists. Gurgling sounds the victim makes towards the end of the video are pretty harsh. Every sheep supporting these terrorists has blood of innocent people on their hands.

Props to Best Gore member Azirik for the video. It was filmed in Aleppo, Syria:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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104 thoughts on “Man Brutally Beheaded by Fake Syrian Army with Pocket Knife”

  1. Look at this guy! I strongly believe Mark is correct in saying his “confession” is coerced.
    Its a great beheading video as far as those go, but its not some stupid narco.

    If I ever amassed a few million bucks, I would spend some on sending these bastards to Hell, and any that are caught alive will get the same torture and death that is seen in this video, as we laugh back.

      1. I should say ‘sending them to Hell early’.

        That particular video got my blood boiling for a bit… enciting my initial reaction. First time I ever felt sorry for a dude in the middle-east. FIRST time.

        1. First time eh. How about Jesus Christ, he came out of the middle east. I get the impression you group all of them together, and then stand there and get pissed off when the westernized world gets grouped together as all being the same. They are, let me assure you of that. Although I’ve mentioned it before here on this site, my grandfather came out of the middle east. No he wasn’t muslim, he was Christian. And I was raised mostly with old school ideals etc. Not everyone coming out of the middle east is a terrorist, not all of them are bad. That’s all.

          1. @lisa
            I agree with you. I think its normal to have preconcieved notions about certain groups. Its a survival instinct.
            However, i think its wrong to treat someone any different until they give you reason to do otherwise. Living that way has changed my outlook on life. Ive met really cool people who i initially assumed were gonna be dickfucks.
            Which middle eastern country is your grandpappy from??

          2. @ Killajamal, One of the main reasons I don’t let that out of the bag too often is because of the way I would be treated if everyone knew. Not all muslims wear hijabs either. Those are only for women who choose to in the westernized world. The hijab is actually old old school what the princesses used to wear, then some fucking fanatic freak came along and made it mandatory in the middle east.

          3. i wouldnt treat you any different lisa:P
            Youre a cool cat in my book.
            It does seem funny to me that people are unaware of the differences in cultures though. For instance, you’ll hear kids talking shit when they see a guy with a beard who has his head wrapped. Theyll make jokes about how he’s a terrorist yada yada. When in reality he’s fucking Indian and a nice guy.

  2. This video falls into the category of just 5-10 beheadings that I can say are truly the worst. His gurgles and screams are pretty bad. Made me shiver.

    Though I wouldn’t even flinch if I got the opportunity to do this to one of these sick fucks… I would be driven by intense hate.

    1. His eyes are saying, “Wow! This is more thrilling than Six Flags Great Adventure! More thrilling than sky diving… ! But fuck, this shit really fucking hurts. Well now in my next life I can say ho hum, been there done that. Next time I’ll ask Mr. Roarke if I can be anally impaled by Vlaid the Impaler.”

  3. Time to infect these bastards by throwing a bomb filled with a lethal strain of smallpox or some other terrible disease so that every breath they take reminds them of how their beheading victims sound when they are trying to force air through their torn windpipe.

    Even animals treat each other better than these so called humans.

    1. Agreed. I hope he had AIDS and spread it to those dildo swallowing bitches during their brutal display of faggotry. Pussies. Bet they wouldnt last a minute in a fistfight without their snackbar buttbuddies.

  4. How I envy Hilary’s conscience.. How can you be part of such evil and be able to live with yourself?

    How can America move forward with such raw stupidity running this country?

    I’m so fucking glad that bitch didn’t become president.. Bad enough she is secretary of state..

  5. It looked like his spinal column was still intact, which protects the spinal cord, and that would allow his body to still try to breathe, yet his windpipe was cut all the way open. That’s why it made that odd sound. His eyes were wide open. He may have been conscious still if the blood flow was intact enough to his brain. That, indeed, was a very gruesome video.

    The one thing I noticed is that these Middle East monsters can cut off a head way, way faster than the Mexican monsters. Why does it take the Mexican monsters five or six minutes and these guys only take about a minute? Someone’s incompetent I guess. But the Mexican monsters make their victims suffer more, which may be their goal.

    1. I beleive its a matter of practise, muslims have an eid called “eid al adha”, shortly they sacrifice a sheep or a cow to their allah once a year, I am sure any of these butchers have experienced beheading a sheep at least once. I have witnessed their eid 3-4 times, sick religion, they slaughter sheeps, cows on the streets for 3 days and they thumprint their kids on the forehead with the blood of the animal.

      1. Its not courage you need to watch it, Drip. I think it takes more courage to keep your curiousity at bay rather than watching an unfortunate life being tortured just to feed your momentary need.

        I watch killings that are armyh based, guilty convictions (or to what I too would judge as guilty). But to watch an innocent person being tortured… nah. To me thats kinda like watching somebody getting beaten up and you not stepping in.

        And I aint judging you either, Drip. At the end of the day we use this website to feed our curiousity, but we each have different levels to what we want to see.

  6. i don’t get it.. it’s there a purpose for that? if you wanna kill/execute someone fast you just put a bullet/s on his head and boom he’s gone beheading people is too much hassle 😐

    1. Well allegedly its an “attention getter” to other gangs but obviously its not working, like with kids, you keep em guessing… So ya they need to change it up, how about tying em to a tree and swingin away with a axe or something, if beheading is what they want to stick with… We need to see some water torture or something like tht, some waco shit…

    1. You know after going through these comments, I must say I’m pretty damn proud of myself. Seems to be one of the more horrifying beheadings most BG members have seen, so I’ll take it as a compliment,

  7. It does not take more than 5 seconds to get unconcious thus no need to cry like a bitch, idea of getting beheaded is more horrifying than actual beheading itself, most of the times hanging with a wrong knotted rope or fire squad executions would be more painfull.

  8. What I think is funny is the whole Snackbar thing lol. I’ve been lurking for months and haven’t posted much, but the Snackbar thing seems new.

    I feel bad for this guy in the video too, that is just sick. It is insane to think that one person can do these atrocities to another human being, regardless of race, gender, or religious beliefs. Human nature when let lose is angry and volatile it seems.

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