Man Butchered and Decapitated by Train in Mumbai, India

Man Butchered and Decapitated by train in Mumbai, India

This gruesome accident happened during rush hour in Mumbai, India on the suburban region western line of a local train. The train arrived at Vile Parle, and just as it was about to leave the station again, a young commuter tried to board the accelerating train and slipped, falling between the footboard of the train and platform where he got butchered and decapitated.

According to Best Gore member Zer0 76, at least 6 people lose their lives to similar accidents on railway tracks of Mumbai city.

Props to Best Gore members exelhatred for the video, Zer0 76 and maya dolas for the pic:

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  1. At least 6 people what?daily? If it is that is a lot even for their population but i mean when i think of india etc i imagine that funny picture of a train ..where you cant really even see the train because there is people attached to the whole thing

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  2. I wonder was he in a musical and just got a bit carried away? At least now he can’t do that head wobble thing that Indian people love to do, something about that movement gets on my fucking nerves. Someone will probably be along shortly to commandeer his corpse and sell the organs on eBay to the highest terminally-ill bidder. Fuckin way she goes.

  3. well admin the video is of another accident in vile parle and the pic is this which i uploaded is of ulhasnagar, a place in mumbai.. i got more pics coz this suicide happened in front of my eyes… i saw it

  4. I travel in this train everyday. I also used to travel irresponsibly like hanging outside the running train by holding the door, travelling on the roof top & open space between two compartments, catching & getting down of a train in speed, crossing train lines while a train is coming on my way & honking(by the way in mumbai while crossing train lines you have to climb up on high platforms), travelling by standing on a small footstep of a closed compartment door with the help of side handles, many a times I even fell down while trying to catch a train and got minor injuries but I stopped it after I evidenced 2 decapitations myself, one of a them was a 40 year old woman going to work at early morning with a lunch box in one hand and the other was of a mid-20’s stupid cunt like me.

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