Man Catches a Lot of Lead with His Face – Hard to Call It Face Anymore

Man Catches a Lot of Lead with His Face - Hard to Call It Face Anymore

Man Catches a Lot of Lead with His Face - Hard to Call It Face Anymore

I don’t know where the video is from. Could be Brazil because of the typically cold blooded gun-down on the street, but fact of a matter is Brazil is not the only country where people are murdered because bullets are cheap.

The video shows a man getting his face fed with a lot of lead at night. Moments later, he’s filmed again, but by then his face is hardly a face anymore, although at Best Gore we’ve seen faces mashed up more than that.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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74 thoughts on “Man Catches a Lot of Lead with His Face – Hard to Call It Face Anymore”

    1. Itchy trigger finger…

      Come on!

      What’s the big deal?

      It’s just a lonely man who

      wanted a little excitement.

      That kind of thing happens every day.

      Everybody does it!

      We just get the urge.

      We are only human!

      1. Wearing swim trunks like that your asking to be the victim of a shark attack….the species that got him may have been a Loan Land Shark….which is strange because these type of creditors generally travel in packs.

    1. I agree – it has all the hallmarks of Brazil :-
      1. A POV recording of the murder
      2. Complete overkill
      3. Board shorts and surf tshirt
      4. Thongs (aka flip flops for you northern hemispherics) and bare feet aplenty
      5. Coffee coloured savages
      6. A post death cheer team
      7. Weird AF sounding vocals
      8. Murder carried out in populated area with zero fucks given about witnesses
      9. Police /Ambulance yet to arrive with question mark over if they ever will
      10. Nice warm tropical country, no jumpers or tracky dacks to be seen

  1. You know, while we’re all on this new fad of “Oh da poor black man he always innocentz..”

    Well while you cry your ridiculous tears, Don’t forget wealthy NFL nigger disgrace: Michael Vick

    Vick’s NFL career came to a halt in 2007 after he pleaded guilty for his involvement in a cruel pit bull dog fighting ring and spent 21 months in federal prison.
    He was released by the Falcons shortly before leaving prison.

    After serving his sentence, Vick signed with the Eagles in 2009 to go on and earn more millions.

    – Black lives matter? Does this black cunt matter?

    -What a cruel black piece of fuckin’ shit – watching his ‘pet’ who loves him get it’s face chewed off by another pit bull (neither dog can control the impulse they’ve been bread and trained for)

  2. Interesting how all the developing countries are mostly located around the equator. Ive had an interesting read on a group of people called the pilgrims society made up of very wealthy anglos that deliberately keep those nations poor as a way to fuel the wests (particulary the U.S.) standard of living. Think about all the resources that come from those parts of the world Year round growing season, Diamonds, precious metal, medicines/drugs, lumber, rubber, etc. If those countries would become developed they would charge more for those goods and have stricter regulation regarding environmental, working rights, higher wages, etc. In order to keep products Reletavily cheap and for corporations to make extremely high profits. They keep those nations in perpetual poverty and undeveloped.

    1. Except I’m Australian and we are equatorial and filthy stinking rich. Kinda stuffs your argument. It’s more to do with the colour of the skin of those running the country. Black leaders = perpetual poverty and total corruption whereas white leaders = good quality of life and civilisation. Most other countries around the equator do not have white run governments. But do not fear, with all the black and Muslim riff raff we let into our country every single day, Australia will soon also become a black run shit stain. Ten years ago Australia had no negroes (I’m serious), now it looks like Central African Republic in the city, nothing like America yet but that is changing on a daily basis……..

    2. You are right in the main. Dutchy rightly says Australia is the exception and ascribes that to us SOLELY being White.
      I disagree but only on the basis of extent.
      I believe Australia is successful as he says; we are White -thus European culture ,Christian religion ,Greco/Roman Civilisation and British Law /Institutions /Governmental Models etc. However ,that only gets is to the 80 percent mark. I believe the other twenty percent is also because the powerful of the world , the US ,allows us to succeed AND Australia Came to globalisation relatively late in the game.

      In any case ,America allowing us to “succeed” is rapidly changing as is evidenced by the US choking its allies ie Germany from having gas from Russia (Nordstream) .
      With regards to the Black countries ,due to their historical poverty they also had no Welfare State . Their economies were always globalised /privatised /voodoo Capitalism and thus in a rut of corruption etc

        1. Huntington’s Book?

          Many scholars and whistleblowers have said that the American Exceptionalist fashioners of the New World Order consider this book one of their Bibles. So I leave to you to presume what is in this book. Suffice to say that much of it is true and much else disgusts me.

  3. Aussie sports commentator Sam Newman on George Floyd:

    “You know who George Floyd is? He has been in jail five times, he held up a pregnant black woman with a knife, he’s a drug addict, he’s a crack head and he’s a porn star.

    “He’s dead because of the police brutality and it never should have happened. But I am telling you who George Floyd is, now they’ve made a monument about him and he’s a piece of shit”.

    You guessed it, after this comment, Newman was sacked from his 2o year TV job.

    1. I haven’t watched the news today or yesterday . WOW! A very witty guy but a smartarse who laughs at retards on film . However , I agree with his comments in this instance. It would be better if our victims and touchstones for police brutality were more saintly , but alas; our victim was a piece of shit.

      He will be back. He is of too much value to lackwitted footy- watchers and movie executives. They brought women into the show and it was a disaster. Lol


      1. Yeah Nem, it’s like when they made a morning news show with 2 women recently.
        The rating went WILD! .. For about a week, then collapsed.
        No shit sherlock, the only interesting thing about some dumb mole on morning news is the fact that there IS A GUY there to bring the dumb bitch into line, when she
        starts speaking shit, as all women do, because they are partly INSANE
        Don’t believe me? : Just listen to one …

      1. Yes, the lefties don’t realize that many of these black pigs being arrested are no more than animals.
        I was arrested for DD (sleeping in my car whilest over the alc. limit) but did I try to flee, or fight the cops?

        Because I have a brain!

        Why would I blame or abuse them for MY mistake?
        I went with them in their car to the station, got booked, then they brought me to
        where I needed to get to, because I couldn’t drive the car for 24 hours

        So .. I went to court, didn’t yell at the judge, got my fine and my suspended license (I could still drive mon to fri 7am to 7pm for 5 months)

        Yet … If I was a black piece of shit, who fled, resisted arrest, grabbed a cop’s gun or tazer and ended up getting hurt in anyway, the leftists cunts would be like:

        “Oh yeah, yew copperz always godda pick on da black manz, don’t ya?”
        “Ya racist cop maggots ..”

        To call them ‘racist’ is to blame the COPS for THEIR mistake
        They are the ones who choose to : take drugs, steal cars, armed robbery, sell drugs etc

        Do the crime? … Fuckin’ do the time!
        If you get hurt or killed resisting lawful arrest, that’s bad luck, Tyrone
        (Suck it up, and don’t whine about it like a lil black baby)
        That 90 year old white woman didn’t whine when you punched her in the mouth, knocked her out cold, just to get 50 bucks for some drugs!
        Yet now you’ve got a whole ‘sea’ of black monkeys, and white wannabes crying
        tears of piss ’cause one black piece of shit got what was coming to him
        Makes no sense!

        1. Good on you Jonny, for owning your shit. Respect.

          I can’t cope with bleedin’- hearts Leftism.

          A friend of mine just fell out with me permanently yesterday because I wouldn’t agree with her that the use of a black man’s image on Uncle Ben’s rice was racist. (It’s not. It’s distinguished, savvy and smiling black man in bowtie and suit, he doesn’t look like a plantation slave or someone that is oppressed by white people). I did concede though that it was incorrect advertising if the man is not connected to the product. We need stricter advertising laws. But that wasn’t enough for her and I was being an idiot if I couldn’t see it was racist.

          This is the thing. If you don’t agree with them 100% they turn on you. FFS.
          When speaking to most women, you have to dumb down your politics and be a bit socialist. I’m not willing to do that.
          Any slight deviation from extreme Leftist views will be treated as bigotry. So be it. Fuck it.

          1. You know, even the naming of their race has been changed by gutless white lefties:

            Nigger, went to Negro – not good enough, so
            Negro to ‘colored person’ – not good enough, so
            ‘colored person’ to ‘African American’ – finally good enough
            So .. what do all the niggers do now? Call each other Nigger .. Hmmm

            Here is Oz we had the ‘aborigine’
            Not good enough so now :

            They cried out for an apology from the Fed. Govt.
            “Aaaah we wontz is ‘n apology Sir, daaat’s aaah we wontz ..”

            As soon as the Fed Govt leader said ‘sorry’ to them they then
            asked for massive cash handouts and parcels of land bigger than Texas
            In fact, my State of Queensland is 5 times bigger than Texas and
            they probably asked for that … lazy black dole niggers I say ..

          2. I didn’t know what nigger meant till Grade Six. I was taught that Negro was the polite word then and since then I agree with you regards the name changes.

            Aborigine was fine , as it is a formal word of Latin origin meaning Indigenous. Now they want to be called Koorie! A bullshit made- up word . No skin off my nose but a mistake if you asked me. They listened to some overly heart-bleeder and changed the perfectly ok designation of Aboriginal!

        1. Mr JXK777,
          “Did he Dieded?” Is always a Serious Question that all BG viewers must ask on watching a potential Death Scene.

          In this case, one must assume that he did Dieded. I know that 11 quick shots to the face and head is sometimes not enough, but his feet were twitching which means that his brain is at least somewhat fucked.

          Tell you what. I’ll get Capt Kirk to fly the Enterprise to the coroner’s office and collect a Death Certificate.

          1. Mr. Spock
            Yes I concur definitely Dieded we can take it as fact.
            Notice that the gun didn’t jam..?
            Well knock me over with a feather, wasn’t expecting that..!

            No please keep Kirk flying the ship, last time he was here he stole the formaldehyde and was drunk as a lord, taking off his clothes then dancing on the corpses made a hellish mess in the toilet which I will not describe.
            Keep him in check Spock. The certificate is on its way Express…

          2. Mr JXK777,

            Guns jamming during a professional hit is a quintessentially Brazilian problem as there is so much dirt and heat, what with flip flops and all.

            Speaking of which, I don’t remember seeing flip flops in this clip.
            No flip flops and no guns jamming. Sounds to me like these are the top 20% calibre of hitmen.

            I think even one shot was enough from these badasses. This is what is known is ‘overkill’. As is written as cause of death on the Death Certficate

            Yes, Capt Kirk is currently awaiting Disciplinary. But that would mean that I would become Captain if he gets demoted. No wait….I quite like being the sanctimoniously logical one who takes none of the risks. Let him stay Captain!!! (I’m off to fudge the Report so that he gets freed).

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