Man Decapitated by Sword in a Desert

Man Decapitated by Sword in a Desert

Sweet and short, though brutal at the same time. The video depicts Saudi style decapitation of a man by sword, but while Saudis carry out executions in public, this group of people took the victim far away from the public’s view and beheaded him in a desert.

This video was in Faces of Death and because authenticity of many videos in Faces of Death was disputed, there’s no knowing whether this one is authentic or a fugazi. What do you think? Real of fake?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “Man Decapitated by Sword in a Desert”

  1. Its actually fake, if you watch the Faces of Death DVD the producer tells how they did it. If I recall they actually said they only had one take at this because it was so hot in the desert the gooey substances they made to resemble the inside of the neck was beginning to melt.

  2. I think its fake. Lack of arterial spray (or any blood). The sword arc looked too weak and is done with too much care. The Ragheads look like they were dressed by the production team of Monty Python’s ‘The LIfe of Brian’. Also what ‘munchies34’ said.

    That fella was not the messiah… he was a very naughty fake. 😛

  3. fake. the body twitches once the spine gets punctured. Instead that body barely reacted to the impact, It fell like a sack full off shit.
    Doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable.
    B+ gore

    1. That might be because of how fast it was done ?

      Some major wounds won’t always spray blood until a few seconds later. Although with so many important veins around that area I don’t know why it is.

      The part that looked odd to me was how his sword stops. Unless hat guys neck was super skinny, then why did the sword stop so suddenly during the cut ?

      As for taking the guy to the desert away from the people. Well this could be because it is indeed a fake, or because the man may be a man of the people and to kill him in public may have caused an uproar which could end with riots.

      1. That is not true if you puncture an major arterie like the two carotis communis in the neck. They will instantly spray blood, how fast you might do it.
        Btw: Arteries are more important in bloodloss then veins.
        It could be that the victim has a low heartrate (unlikely) and that the sword hit him just after a heartbeat so that blood spraying was delayed; but that’s pure hypothetical.

  4. Looks real to me.

    Anecdote: My dad let me and my older brother watch Faces of Death with him on VHS back in the early 90s when I couldn’t have been even 10-years-old at the time. I might’ve been 9. I don’t know for sure, but he worked at one of my grandfather’s funeral homes at the time as a Funeral Director, so his taste in a movie like FoD wasn’t shocking to us kids. That may just be where some of my roots are planted in this whole gore thing. It’s funny, too, because by being exposed to shit like this at an early age, it gave me and my brother this kind of enlightened P.O.V. on movie violence compared to all of the other sheltered kids in the neighborhood. While they were all freaking out during Return of the Living Dead, and other R-rated flicks, we we’re just sitting back cooly saying, “It’s just a movie!”

  5. Head in a Basket! Fuck, this was the first beheading video I had ever seen. I was just a wee one when I saw it. As for its authenticity, I am not sure, but it would be nice to know. Despite it being real or fake, it is a cult classic and for the time it was out on video, it did the job for which it was intended.

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