Man Decapitated by High Voltage Wires

Man Decapitated by High Voltage Wires

I have tried to find any news reports on this incident to have some sort of official explanation as what exactly happened to this man. I’m not sure which country this is, but I was thinking anywhere from Indonesia to the Philippines is likely.

From the pictures it is clear that he has been electrocuted. The location of his bloody head atop a transformer is the first give away, the arc burns on his detached body provide further clues.

How the decapitation occurred is purely speculative, but I’m guessing his neck was the primary contact point with the wires. It then appears to have eaten its way through his flesh with the help of several thousand volts.

I reckon it would have been a spectacular show, with plenty of sparks, flames and smoke to go along with his flapping arms and eventual body drop minus his head into the grass.

I wonder what he was doing up there. Maybe he lost a frisbee? I’d hate to think he was trying to steal wire, because that would make this a death by karma and I’d much rather feel sorry for him.

My favourite picture has to be the one with the guy holding the head, using the hat to limit his contact with the gruesome prize. His face hides none of his feelings on the matter.

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  1. I wanted to be an electrician. I always heard the pay is good and I had an interest in the field. The risks involved with the work outweighed those reasons, though. I don’t want to deal with something every day that I cannot see. I can’t see an electrical current. It’s just too dangerous. Whatever this guy was up to, he obviously paid the price.

  2. Lolz this has to be one of the funniest posts I’ve seen in a while….how the fuck did dudes face split off like that…the guys fucking face holding his head is too much..i died the min i saw the look of disgust and horror on his face…Ooooof…rest in pieces…

  3. Judging from the first photo, I can confirm it’s in Indonesia. Notice the warning sign with the “BERBAHAYA” word that means danger in Malay. A quick google search of unindo also shows results that it’s a power company in Indonesia.

    If this was in Malaysia, another country that has Malay language as the official language, the warning sign would be BAHAYA instead of BERBAHAYA, there’re slight differences between the Malay used in the two countries. Also, the power companies in Malaysia are TNB, SESCO and SESB.

        1. I think you’ll find Bieber is the one giving us a break. Hopefully it’s permanent. If history is anything to go by, he should be hooked on a class A by New years, and hitting rehab around spring, with a 5 in 1 chance he dies inside a year. I like them odds.

  4. What a way to go. He probably never even knew he touched it, I think I’ll stay the fuck away from power lines and other high voltage stuff. I hate electrical shocks, I stuck my finger in a lamp when I was a kid and I learned my lesson. This guy learned the hard way. Never mind, I’m sure there are plenty more reckless gobshites to take his place.

      1. Fuck, if the sniffer fucked up you’d be scooping your face off the ground with that gas. Which would make a hell of a post on bestgore. Obviously @realitycheck performed his safety check. Leave it to the reckless to end up as bestgore material, @realitycheck, better being a spectator to the idiots than one of them.

          1. I bet they paid big bucks, I’d say they paid big insurance premiums too! It’s funny, you did a dangerous job and came out of it healthy, and I did a safe job in a shop and got a fucked spine for my trouble. It’s not all bad, the truckers have to compensate me but I’d trade it all to change history and never have it happen. It’s a cliche, but money ain’t shit when it’s your health at stake.

      1. It was a stupid move on my part, I stuck my fingers where the bulb goes in. Not fun at all, I won’t be doing it again! If someone chased me with that bug zapper i’d have to break it, I think I just have this phobia of shocks from my lamp incident. You dont wanna be running when you’ve a Christmas dinner under your belt! They should put tazers in Christmas crackers, liven up dinner time a bit!

  5. This people are definitely Indons, not Malays cause I knew from the cops uniform. And I bet he was trying to pry off some copper parts and tried to sell it to find extra money. Its extremely competitive living in 600 million populated country yall know

          1. I was just asking if you like NE cos I think its incredible Fiend girl! And I like your nick, it reminds me of Fallout game just love the whole creepy atmosphere they created in fallout ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. Haven’t had a chance to listen to anymore NE since I listened to “Spiritflesh”…
            I’ll keep looking for the titles you recommended.
            Thanks again arjuna!

  6. I’m finding it hard to be sympathetic for this chap , considering I’ve been sat here in the dark for the best part of 5 hours due to a power cut . Not sure if this guy was a thief , but if some bastard has caused this power cut the same way I hope he meets the same fate !

        1. Ah well, could be worse man, if it was me I’d light up a packed fattie and play guitar for an hour or 2. Or type “compilation” into the search on this page and watch a few of the videos that come up. I did this while I was in hospital, managed to pass the time without going loopy.

  7. ?Wisdom is like electricity. There is no permanently wise man, but men capable of wisdom, who, being put into certain company, or other favorable conditions, become wise for a short time, as glasses rubbed acquire electric power for a while.?

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  8. This reminds me of when I worked at the funeral home and a guy was killed by a falling high voltage wire. It fell across his upper thighs and blew both his legs off. Severed very cleanly, i might add. Although the femur stumps were charred black. So this doesn’t seem that odd to me.

  9. It looks possible he was hit in the neck by the power cable where the current then blew out his elbow and thigh. When he fell his head could have wedged between the insulators and the weight of his body could have caused the separation.

  10. The horror stories I heard while an apprentice electrician made me rethink my career decision. Many had told me how fast and intense a situation could go wrong, and how easy it is for electricity to incinerate, even seemingly vaporize human flesh.
    The lucky ones all had white hair….
    I quit soon thereafter.

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