Man Decapitated on the Job in Rural Pernambuco, Brazil

Man Decapitated on the Job in Rural Pernambuco, Brazil

No info on exactly how this happened, but a 39-year-old man whose identity has not been released was killed during a freak accident on a farm in Lajeiro, rural Pernambuco, Brazil, on Friday, February 5th, 2016. He was unloading cassava (you may know it as Yuka root) from a truck when he was decapitated by a steel cable.

The man’s head was found two meters away from the body and his co workers fled the scene but all except the driver of the truck were tracked down by the owner of the farm and gave testimony to the Military Police.

Why was there steel cable around? What was it being used for? How did the man get into the position to be decapitated by it? The world may never know…

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      1. @turkishdelight , i dont think so. Some of their latest ideas seem to have been taken directly from us since everytime theres a new video from them in here, the comments get full of creative ideas for them to take note… And the next video will be exactly how one described it on the comments… Suspicious? 😆

    1. Hey Obli & all other contributors..don’t think for a second I’m kissin your ever lovin’ asses but…..thank you for the last few weeks of vids/pictures. I was a little worried that the BG content was not up to par but you guys came back swingin’! Thanks again for the fantastic content!!

    2. I bet this mans death was over alot quicker than anything by ISIS if steel cable took his head off i bet the first he knew of it was him hurtling through the air thinking ‘i cant feel my legs’ the fade to black.

    3. He deserved it. Look at that shitty skeleton key he’s sporting! If he were worth keeping he would have been sporting his app for his smart fucking locks and lights…oh and the thermostat. Yeah. That.

  1. nothin bothers me anymore,cut a head off,a hand,a leg,go for it,just dont fuckin annoy me about sayin stupid shit to a best gore member,im sorry if i bother ye,get over it,i love best gore an all its members lol

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    1. Aw, don’t fear causing friction with other members @i-dont-give-a-fuck. Just be sure to choose the ones that are more than willing to fight back. And make sure you got a solid argument to pose. Our words must be our fists here and they have to be conditioned to withstand slamming into rock walls because that’s what you might find most of the time. It’s like regular life. If you ain’t prepared to throw down, don’t…

        1. @deviilz yeah, man. I don’t get into arguments here too often and I mostly just put in my two cents if there’s something I feel strongly about. I don’t mind someone attacking me as long as their assault is informative and revealing for me.

    1. They may have been using it to lift too heavy a load with or perhaps the truck got stuck and they anchored a come along to a tree…cable snaps under tension you don’t want to get hit by it.

      1. Looks like what appears to be a climbing belt/saddle across the trunk of the tree. Maybe Mr. Da Silva was climbing the tree, his flip flop fell off, he tried to do Capoeira in mid air to catch it, got his neck tangled in the cable, the velocity ripped off his head.
        Totally plausible.

      1. I don’t know it looks like there’s a fake key on it, almost girly? It just reminds me of junior high when all the girls would have key chains on their backpacks that said things like ‘remember my name you’ll be screaming it later’ or some other nonsense. I’m very guilty of having them back in the day haha.

        1. I think its like an old fashion skeleton key, which i think is kinda cool! …… Remember my name youll be screaming it later??? Damn, thats enough to cause a teen boy to run to the bathroom to relieve himself lol

          1. I think it’s because it’s Brazil and their fashion is soooo terrible which makes me judge them on every little thing. Hahah girls would buy them and not even know what they really meant, only that it was something dirty lol.

    1. @LF, at least it not a huge bunch of keys, I have seen young blokes carry a bunch of at least 25-30 keys to make themselves look all important! This key looks like an old fashioned key used to open up old wooden doors, it’s hard to say because the ‘grip’ bit is hiding under a tag. The tag looks like it might have someone’s photo on it?

      1. That’s really weird to have that many. I have 3, any more and I’ll pull a horror movie cliche where I can’t get the right key to unlock the door or drop them as the killer slowly approaches 😆

        If I saw someone with that many keys I would just assume they were a janitor lol.

      2. The truth is the most important man usually carries just one key…it opens everything he needs and when he needs something else he has a bunch of guys running around with a bunch of keys to get that shit for him…I subscribe to the power of one key….but I myself have many….I’m that unimportant.

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  2. Esteban Cristobal Da Silva, the decapitated dork on the floor, was preparing for the upcoming World Cable Double Dutch Championship, which is being held in Lajeiro, rural Pernambuco, Brazil.

    Cable Double Dutch is a game in which two long jump cables turning in opposite directions are jumped by one or more players jumping simultaneously.

    If you don’t duck properly, there is a possibility that you could get decapitated. Unfortunately for Esteban Da Silva, he did not duck when he was supposed to and paid the ultimate penalty for not following the rules of Cable double dutch.

    It is popular worldwide. Cable Double Dutch will be feature in the next upcoming Olympics.

          1. I’m not signing in on Google Chrome when I switch browsers to watch the videos…the chick with the fish hooks had me mesmerized. 🙂

  3. I think he got his head between the large sack of yuca root to his left and the steel cable. Maybe they were using a vehicle to cinch the cable tight? I think I see an abrasion mark on his right shoulder. I don’t know though, I’m not a gynecologist.

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