CJNG Hitman Beheaded by Familia Michoacana Member Wearing Manboobs and Skimask

Man Beheaded by CJNG Member Wearing Manboobs and Skimask

Man Beheaded by CJNG Member Wearing Manboobs and Skimask

Video from Mexico shows what I was told were members of CJNG (Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación) executing a captured man by beheading. The head chopper used a large, but dull machete, so it was mostly blunt force of the blows, rather than the edge of the blade, that decapitated the victim.

The chief chopper wore a shirt tucked in the pants, which accentuated his manboobs, and had skimask on his face. He tossed the severed head on a pile of logs which look like they were set up for a bonfire.


The CJNG member is the one being beheaded. The killers are from La Familia Michoacana. My apologies for the incorrect information I initially got.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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126 thoughts on “CJNG Hitman Beheaded by Familia Michoacana Member Wearing Manboobs and Skimask”

    1. Yes a good beheading. Those Mexican-Sicario’s must be on holiday all winter?? Hopefully this is a sign that The Party’s over, and done. Now lets get back to business ans start making some seriously crazy- money again, and Chopping A Few Heads Along The Way! 🙂 Chop,, CHop,, CHOp,, CHOP. 🙂

      1. Ha@thedre Bro …………The captured dude on the scene looked more gayish than his executioner and with the mask worn by the latter serving two purposes one of which was to conceal his identity and another one not to contract COVID -19 while carrying out the job what he came for ; it took just took a few hacks of the blunt cleaver in beheading the guy .

        All in all cartels hangovers seems to have gotten over reminding them of the pending jobs at hand . I guess we may have more of the same coming up in the months to come .

      2. i just dont and probably will never understand how anyone can be so fucking evil and do the things to other ppl ive seen done on this website what’s even more non understandable to me are ppl such as yourself who actually enjoys watching the suffering of a fellow human being frankly it’s absolutely disgusting and just goes to show how fucked up this world is and the ppl who reside in it are!

        1. @Tiffany
          I Hear you Girl. How some people can sleep at night after doing what they do is beyond me. But one thing i do know, and know for sure, is that one day they will have to answer to their many crimes against humanity to the Big-Guy,,, or God-Himself. And for myself as sure as for yourself also,,, this day cannot, and will not ever come soon enough. But like the old-saying goes,,, The Longer The Wait,,, “The Sweeter The Reward” at least gives us a little comfort, just by knowing that They Got What’s Coming To Them. Right Tiffany?? 🙂

        2. This news are not shown mainline, its necessary to come and see whats going on. In this case the LA FAMILIA MICHOACANA cartel nabbed a member of the CARTEL JALISCO NUEVA GENERACIÓN cartel which are invading. Therefore we can conclude that the government is lying when they say the La FAM. cartel was dismembered and disbanded. I will rule out that area from my next vacation options. Have a nice day.

          1. @12JEWLZ4U22 & @zorimbo

            You two above are awesome, as like i often say,,, great minds think alike.
            And may you both have a great Day/Night Also! 🙂

    2. That blade wasn’t that dull at all. Didn’t take him that many hits. I’ve seen far, far worse than that. Very dull, and sometimes very small blades which does nothing to speed the process up.

  1. that’s more an paintball mask than a ski mask i think… just saying..

    aint gonna comment on boobs XD.

    nontheless, i would like to see some badass cartel sexy women doing stuff, i bet they are some and they are pretty sexy. would be a nice change for once, instead of manly macho-man stuff

  2. Puta-Madre ,,, and a new-one called,,, Puta-Cabroooon!
    Were the words of their choice to describe what looked like could have been your local bartender,, or A University Student,
    – Who either knows,,,
    – Saw,,,
    – Or,,,
    – Just spoke too much shit???

    1. Now, that would be a real game changer.

      You’d really have to horse the ball, so there goes your patented curve. The pin carry may not be as predictable or effective, but no less spectacular.

      And then there’s the ball return. This is the sticking point, so to say. Some young kid working the lanes will be scarred for life.

  3. Any woman with a pair of clangers like those, who can handle a big blunt chopper like that, is welcome to pop round and help me with my social distancing and isolation difficulties. With the strength she has in that arm, I reckon she could rattle some sparks outta my drive shaft in a few minutes while she ate a few tacos with the other hand. I feel she might have a Bear Trap in her pants rather than the more pleasant “suppurating fish-vent”. I’m willing to take the risk.

      1. @mrspock Nice to hear from you el spockmeisterino. Hope you are good. Thank you for the warning about how dangerous you feel this machete-wielding crone is. Your concern is reassuringly human my good fellow, but this is beyond any fear of personal safety I could have. You seen my bollocks lately? I think they are going to expode or set totally solid like slow-cooling Basalt. I’ve just come out of the shower and they are rattling around like two coconut-style Space Hoppers that are badly needing drained. Or even drained badly. I’m fucking scared to do it myself. Fear of shrapnel or flying bollock splinters. An indifferent woman or a couldn’t care less type woman would be fine. That machete-woman obviously feels no fear… or feels the fear and does it anyway. I think she’d be okay. She’d do the job. And then go and knit a jumper for our baby out of barbed wire or razor blades or something.

        1. I’m good thanks, as I hope you are too. This rona bullshit is the best thing that happened to me. It’s an easier life than normal for me, actually. More spare time for the Spocko to do whatever he wants and needs to get done. Plus a nice movie every night with a cold pint.

          I think you should speak to Her Ladyship. Ask her to get some heavy-duty chains, whips, punishment masks, lube oil, do some roleplay as foreplay. Have a wretched Confession written on old parchment paper ready, written with a scratchy fountain pen nib and wet ink.

          1. Her Ladyshit and myself parted company some years back. I wouldn’t let that she-hog near my cock or bollocks for all the money in the world.
            I check the view up the lonely valley from the battlements every morning after breakfast. There is no sight of any woman on the horizon. There is nothing. I fear Her Ladyshit might have land-mined the area when she beat her retreat.
            But I have my potato patch, my wine cellar and many memories of pleasant, welcoming and soft-yielding quims to nurse me through my middle age. My throbulous nimblus has dipped his purple head in a few fishy lobster-traps and it is nice to remember some of them from time-to-time.


  4. don’t get involved.. as north Americans we should be better Catholics and Christians. this was the most recent beheading i’ve seen in about a month. Lord Be Alongside Us. Maybe i should be beheaded to get the feel of the pain.

      1. no is not that.. i assumed how i would come off… i just believe these acts of violence deserve empathy.. gang affiliated or not.. but i can be a better person is all.. this site is informing.. and i silently pray viewing as i visit and witness/watch.. i am good, thanks for the consideration! I will heed your comment.

        1. I have been shot, stabbed and tortured. I watch this shit to normalize the suffering I’ve been through. I know what you’re saying, but there’s nothing but demons here on this site………

          1. demons who want us to not be well informed. show them we are able to witness, maintain sanity and still keep the faith. like angels that win over the spirit and heart of demons and devils. we shall prevail.

  5. So the Executioner is From the Michoacan Family Cartel
    The Guy getting his Head Chopped is From the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.
    The Man Boob Executioner is Quite Impressive you can tell he worked the fields by the Swing of his Machete as though it were the Sugar Canes themselves he used to cut down as a kid.
    Seems from the amount of videos that Mark has uploaded the Michoacan Cartel is winning. The Michoacanos have themselves a Mexican Charlie Bronson. Yikes!

  6. Cartel.. – Familia Michoacana… Mira perro… Conquien andabas? Con quien andabas wey?

    Victim.. – Con el Americano, con el Wilmer, con el Comandante Coco, el Gafe, Julio, el Chino y el Cholo y con el senor Sanchez que es el patron del Americano.

    Cartel.. – Y que les mandas a decir a todos esos hijos de su puta madre.

    Victim.. – Que se los va a cargar la chingada, al Americano ala verga a todos del Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion.

    Chop. Chop. Chop.

    Cartel.. – Esto les va a pasar a esos hijos de su puta madre que se metan con la Familia Michoacana hijos de su puta madre. Perros hijos de su puta madre. Y aqui te espero Mula para que te meta la verga hijo de tu puta madre.

    *English Translation*

    Cartel..- Familia Michoacana. Looky here dawg, Who were you being with? Who was you rolling with?

    Victim.. – With Americano, with Wilmer, with Commander Coco, with Gafe, Julio, Chino & Cholo and with Senor Sanchez who is the boss of Americano dude.

    Cartel.. – What message do you want to send to all those motherfucking sons of bitches.

    Victim.. – That all you motherfuckers are going to get fucked… Americano and to hell with The Cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generacion.

    Chopping/ hacking begins.

    Cartel.. – This is what will happen to all those who fuck with La familia Michoacana fucking sons of bitches. Fucking dogs sons of bitches.
    And Mula I’ll be waiting for your ass right here so that I fuck you up, you fucking son of a bitch.

  7. Wow did you guys see that wood that’s chopped very nice pile in the start they was like omg I made it to bestgore finally I’ll be famous hahahahahaha seriously thou they must be on break like my bestgore brother said hmm I wonder what’s next maybe a carol baskin type of killing it would be epic is they started feeding each other alive to tigers

    1. @blucon
      Yes my good man &B G Brother,,, it really does such to be home all the time 🙁
      But i try and keep a positive outlook on things in order to not go completely crazy over-it, lol 😉

      I Guess that you are doing the same,,, just chilling at home and talking to friends online, and on the phone only, instead of visiting? (

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