Man Beheaded by CV in Brazil, His Cuffed Hands Cut Off

Man Beheaded by CV in Brazil, His Cuffed Hands Cut Off

If handsigns are of any indication, then the killers in this video are members of Comando Vermelho (Red Command), a notoriously ruthless drug trafficking gang from Brazil.

The video shows the presumed CV members abusing the headless corpse and the severed head of a man who they had decapitated. They also dismember the corpse by cutting off his hands that were cuffed for the beheading behind his back. To add to the humiliation, the killers deliver slaps to the severed head and pull apart the corners of his mouth to simulate a smile.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. I haven’t been on best gore in a while. I remember before that the pics and videos would usually be posted by other people. African-angel used to post a lot of them I think. So I was kind of surprised when I saw Mark himself posting all the gore now.

    1. Desperation, hunger, no families, money, corruption. Local gang groups come to supply local markets, turf wars over sales territory can lead to increased murder rates. This is one of the factors driving homicides in Brazil, which has seen the domestic drug trade boom and expand beyond Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and into the rest of the country.

      1. I assume resort to that behavior because they have to. If it’s not you it’s someone else. Paranoia, Drugs, and desperation through phychosis hits a young gangster mind. they enter a nightmare while awake . They live in constant fear, are starving, living in Favelas. Feeling safe is a dream after what those kids have seen. Imagine wondering everyday if your favela is getting shot up next. What do they have to live for without any condusive words from the wise. They know what they know and that’s killing and revenge killing. A vicious circle

          1. PANTERA Nicely put, it’s lucky we have bestgore and mark to show us the real world and warn our families. I often used to think white middle class kids were brave backpaking around remote parts of the world which seemed so dangerous, now i realise they’re just all so naive.

        1. bullshit! there are plenty of countries in bad shape in eastern Europe but they will never come close to the brutality of Brazil, how can they do such horrific things let alone to there own PEOPLE, violence comes from within no matter what circumstances you face only a psychopath savage can do such horrible acts on another human being, humans are supposed to help one another not behead and make each other eat your own ears and gut them. Desperation, hunger, no families, money, corruption ALL FUCKING EXCUSES. in my mothers and fathers country back home we couldn’t even IMAGINE things like this being done when i first saw shit like this on the internet I was SHOCKED, to say the least. SO STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND WORK ON A SOLUTION!

      2. Thank’s for the thought out reply.
        I was thinking as well, maybe they have just seen so much violence from a young age that what a beating for us might seem enough, to them just goes up one and one until there hacking limbs off each other

    2. i am brazilian. it is a mix of lack of moral/religious values , that is to say, lack of spiritual life, combined with a criminal and judicial system that is completely inneficient in punishing serious crimes with rigour. Impunity + brute minds.

    3. As it has already been mentioned – desperation, hunger, corruption, etc are just excuses. The answer lies in genetics. I`m from Caucasus myself ( Georgia ) the so-called ” Russian mafia ” is mostly controlled by Caucasians ( Georgians, Armenians, Azeris, Yazidis, etc ) but we don`t do this shit. It`s uncalled for. By the way, I just wanted to juxtapose two things together. While selling drugs is frowned upon and being a thief is perfectly okay in our criminal underworld, it`s exactly the opposite in Latin American countries.

    1. The vast majority of them are gay. Transvestism is highly active there. Do you hear the weird sissified giggles they make during the dissection? Identical to the laughter of little school girls isn’t it? Don’t be mislead by the sweet laughter because in the core they’re pure evil jungle savages.

  1. Hey! Better then them reaching in to the chest cavity and pulling your organs out while your still alive..I’m sure there’s some type of video like that on B.G I just don’t got the time to go back for the Page to post the link.. 😉 should be under Brazilian prison riots.

  2. Typical incompetent dimwits, didn’t think far enough ahead to take the handcuff keys with them then suddenly “Doh!”
    Fukkin Laurel and Hardy. I give them three months tops.

  3. There is a great similarity between these Brazilian monkeys and the Daesh jihadists Captagon addicts.
    All of these braindead fucks laugh at slaughtering human beings, wear flip-flops, stink as hell, get high 24/7 and as the puppets they are, work for interests they don’t have any clue about who they can be.

  4. look at those dirty fingers… wanna be’s trowing the V sign like it realy means someting. there all scared like chickens and cry like baby’s in there beds when alone , hoping there not be the next choking in there blood. cowards even the animals live more together in harmony!

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