Man Decapitates Cousin to Perform Money Making Ritual

Man Decapitates Cousin to Perform Money Making Ritual

According to the info I got, the African man decapitated his close relative (reportedly cousin) in a black magic ritual intended to make him money. How exactly that is supposed to work, I have no idea. It’s also not entirely clear where this happened, but according to what I was told, it was Ghana.

Apparently, in local native language of Hausa, Ogwu Ego is the term used for money making rituals.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. hey OG,you’re right ’bout that tho,He got the know how from one of his uncle driving that spoty,err sporty red honda civic u see in the pic’s background.Anything good should be pass on ya? His work…so,he pass in on to his beloved own species for expanding his horizon.Don’t you all think so?

    2. “Apparently, in local native language of Hausa, Ogwu Ego is the term used for money making rituals.”

      A little known fact here is,language should not be”Hausa”which is in the northern part of Nigeria,but “Igbo” in the southern part of the country notorious for this types of money making rituals hence the term “Ogwu Ego”.”Money Ritual”. Ghana is a Neighboring country.

  1. Niggers in my country perform a similar money making ritual, they first chant the magic words “gibs me da moneyz, cracker mutherfugger” before sticking a knife in their victim.

    Now, whereas I am certainly not an authority on these types of black magic rituals they do appear to make the user more money than they had previously.

    1. I was always taught to use a gun in my neck of the woods makes the person give it up quicker and less likely to fight back. Also, gotta be quiet because you don’t want to give the person that’s giving you that bread a chance to get away cause the last thing you want to do is go home with nothing and get a beating for not helping the family. Guess that’s why I have nothing to do with my lovely family and friends thug life doesn’t suit me.

  2. He could make a lotta money selling the skull. I’ve been looking to get a real human skull for quite some time now but the ones I’ve seen were thousands of dollars. Maybe I should go into business with this guy…we could make a killing.

  3. If you think about it,it will work.He gets arrested,sent to trial,gets convicted,eats for free for life.Now who’s richer,a nan eating free or us slaves to the grind?Drawback is maybe death sentence ,but still eats for free ,just till death date.

  4. I believe the ritual includes trying to toss the head into a basket with the bottom cut out, suspended from a tree. People place bets on if you can get the head through the basket. I believe it is very popular in that part of the world.

  5. The black ritual magic is supposed to work like this? I don’t get it…
    Also I dont get that in some videos you see people get lynched for much more less in these awesome places of the world, like a thief or an alleged rapist..then you see this motherfucker who just beheaded his cousin over a black magic BS but he walks way unharmed. ..what’s the deal?

  6. I wonder if his cousin actually agreed to be beheaded, haha. Think not!
    What a bunch of black magic retards those guys are, lol.

    In fact he is probably poorer than he was before.

    Fuck me, in his place I would just put a bullet in my brain as soon as I reached 50.

  7. And guess what? They don’t stop once they come to the west. These retards still do this stuff. You can see by the way he handles that head he’s quite comfortable with it.

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