Man Decapitated Inside Car with Roof Sliced Off

Man Decapitated Inside Car with Roof Sliced Off

Man Decapitated Inside Car with Roof Sliced Off

This appears to be the aftermath of a traffic accident. There’s a headless body inside the wrecked car with roof sliced off. Whatever shortened the height of the car, also shortened the car’s passenger.

I don’t otherwise have any backinfo. The guy probably didn’t know what hit him.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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52 thoughts on “Man Decapitated Inside Car with Roof Sliced Off”

  1. I think I know what the cameraman was mumbling about…….andele Ese grab his wallet before……
    And…….Holy chit man, are those Marlboros…….
    And……..burry Ese, the front pockets….the front pockets….
    The lady said…..ay Mijo the gold chain, and chit, that chits mine Mijo….

        1. @eraserhead-2 Not since i was 5 years old… Had a room to myself, door was cracked a few inches, just a hair of light with a slight closing of the door, then i looked up at the ceiling, saw a light bulb square in the middle of the ceiling. A slight glare appeared on the bulb, its presents was an old man, as i was unsure what i was seeing. My bed began to levitate towards the glare in the lightbulb. Its face closer and closer…. Then poof! I was laying back in bed…
          Might have been a bad dream, but this still sticks to my memory… Also had future nightmares with him in it.
          Scary shit man.

  2. When you first look at the video, in the very beginning i swear it looks like the dead guy has a baseball cap on his fucking Mellon, lol. So here i am before pressing play how Da-Fuck his cap managed to stay on his head, lol. And then i think that maybe it was just a twisted joke that one of the bystanders did by putting it on his head.

  3. Well i have Good News,,, And Bad News,,, And More Maybe Good, or Maybe Bad News, For This Guy.

    First the Good,,, I Do Not Think That you’ll be a ble to walk that one off anytime soon bud! 🙁

    And the Good News,,, You Did Not Suffer One Bit.

    And Well, The Maybe Good, or, Bad News, depending on which way you want to look at it!

    He maybe walking around the street while being completely See Through, And Wondering To Himself,,, What Da-Fuck Just Happened Here Man??? am I Still Alive or Not??? While He Is In Purgatory. Cause studies using Kilian Photography (A New Russian Discovery),,, that depicts aura’s that surround us that, after dying a quick, and violent death, your Soul can remain in the same area for days, or sometimes even weeks before accepting it’s fate and moving-on.

  4. This new Derpa Deluxe has all the best luxury options: stereo, GPS, dual power headlights and a sunroof that you’re gonna die for.

    And heated seats which will not only keep your ass comfy but will also fuck with the coroner trying to estimate exact time of death (other than scooping brain bits out of the undercarriage of that sixteen wheeler you tried to highball underneath for a laugh while stoned on a bag of shitweed and a watery Jaeger bomb).

  5. Ten bucks says this was the kind of asshole who bitched about seatbelt and auto safety laws because “the seatbelt or the airbag will more likely kill you than the accident.”

    I guess you shouldn’t order your airbag installation from a guy who used to work for MTV’s “Jackass.”

    Am I the only one who watched this footage while humming Chuck Berry’s “Ridin’ Along in My Automobile”? If not just try it, it’s awesome.

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