Man Beheaded by Jihadists in Mountains of Tunisia

Man Beheaded by Jihadists in Mountains of Tunisia

Man Beheaded by Jihadists in Mountains of Tunisia

In the mountains of Tunisia, a man was beheaded by jihadists for allegedly snitching on ISIS affiliates to the Tunisian police. God knows whether the accusation is any true or no. The victim has blood flowing down his face, suggesting he had been struck or beaten.

Five months ago, Tunisian government gave “exceptional power to Security Forces to disrupt strikes and meetings” and “assume control of the press” after growing Public unrest over unemployment and huge protests on sellouts to the IMF and other foreign interests.

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85 thoughts on “Man Beheaded by Jihadists in Mountains of Tunisia”

    1. really…

      absolutly everybody in the world can behead someone pretending to be member of ISIS. and as the remain of ISIS will do everything they can to get attraction, they will never refuse someone killing and pretending to do it in their name.

      even if that shitbag who kill lots of muslim in a mosquee recently can pretend to be an ISIS member, and ISIS will confirm it because they need thoses advertising shit.

      1. @hollyEat I don’t disagree with you!
        But, the editing and video quality is the same of ISIS ones. You could expect to see these videos and acts coming from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan even the Philippines and Nigeria! But Tunisia? This is the first time.

  1. aîd al adha for humans have no date.

    btw, i hear “mujahideen” during the old men talking.
    not sure if the old men is one or if the others guys are.
    as thoses guys can be good or bad, no fucking idea wich kind of mujahideen they are .

    long talking video for 5 secondes of beheading without any good view :/

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    But why kill an old man??? that always gets to me,,, poor Old Guy 🙁 Why Could They Not Have Picked-on A few Old Whores Instead??? They Could Not Have Lined-Up, And Beheaded 4 or 5 Old Ex-Carouseling Tramps Instead? Cause They Would Not Be Hard To Find. He Druged

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    Send Those Cocksuckers an E-Mail Mark, telling Them to either smarten-up, or to take a plane to Mexico for courses on how ta do it right man, lol. 😉

    1. The old guy is telling how he got recruited by the secret service and he was asked to invite the jihadists into his house and give them sleeping pills so the secret service guys can caught them.
      Now the jihadists caught this old guy so he is warning everyone that they should not listen to the government and help the jihadists. That’s briefly what he was saying.

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  5. These stupid isis guys are so fake. They thrive in editing the videos, they hired a professional movie maker to edit all the films for them. This beheading is fake as well as all the others.

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  7. But leftists around the world are boohooing over these pigs getting payback in NZ. Both mosques that were hit were funded by jihadists and were training them. All Muslim advocates/defenders need to become victims of Islamic attacks. It’s exactly what they deserve.

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  9. “With a balmy, sand-fringed Mediterranean coast, scented with jasmine and sea breezes, and where the fish on your plate is always fresh, Tunisia is prime territory for a straightforward sun-sand-and-sea holiday. But beyond the beaches, it’s a thrilling, underrated destination where distinct cultures and incredible extremes of landscape – forested coastlines, Saharan sand seas in the south – can be explored in just a few days.”
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  10. Why didnt he punch the guy in the nuts or fight? He let the guy just push him to the ground and take the knife to his neck. The guy with the knife is mean. The guy mumbling is cool and nice. Sad.

  11. Why didnt he punch the guy in the nuts or fight? He let the guy just push him to the ground and take the knife to his neck. The guy with the knife is mean. The guy mumbling is cool and nice. Sad.

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