Man Decapitated with Machete, Head and Body Found in Different Houses

Man Decapitated with Machete, Head and Body Found in Different Houses

On the morning of Thursday February 25, 2016, a man was attacked with a machete and decapitated. The attacker then took the severed head and dropped it in another house about 50 meters down the same street.

According to the police, 40 year old Flรกvio Alberto Paes was leaving home for work at around 6 am, when he was attacked and beheaded by an armed man on Manoel Bandeira Street in Francisco Beltrรฃo, Paranรก, Brazil.

The suspected killer fled the scene and his identity, and the motive for the crime are unknown.

Flavio lived alone, was separated and the father of two children. His family is from Rio Grande do Sul. He worked as a mason in Paranรก.

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          1. Link? I responded about that story that you said you had for us about the guy who came into the house through the sliding door after the husband left and assaulted the lady. Those comments get lost in the shuffle though.

          2. Oh that? Nooooo I have had many many things for a long while. See here’s where I’m at….I can’t post a link because it will be erased if I do so where does that leave me? I’ll try doing this link but it becomes unnecessarily frustrating for me when I have a load of content that I can’t share….. .

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  1. I guess he likes pink. …pink shorts on the headless corpse (also sweet thumb ring) and pink/fuchsia sweater in mugshot. Maybe he was separated from his HUSBAND ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  2. In Pic #5 there is a junction of 4 floor tiles under his head. In pic #3, the 4 corner junction is not there and the flooring looks to be another color completely. Someone was moving the head around while the photos were being taken.
    Maybe a quick game of shuffleboard before the Medical Examiner shows up?

          1. No it’s OK….that’s your gig. I analyze a lot too. But sometimes too much and then I get confused on why and I’m over analyzing. I’m a ditzy braniac at times

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