Man with Face Shot Up Is Bludgeoned with Axe Till His Eyeball Pops Out

Man with Face Shot Up Is Bludgeoned with Axe Till His Eyeball Pops Out

Man with Face Shot Up Is Bludgeoned with Axe Till His Eyeball Pops Out

The language in the video sounds Spanish to me. The axe dismemberment that follows the execution reminds me of previous videos from Mexico. I wonder if this video is also from Mexico, which it could be (can you confirm, if you recognize the accent?).

The video shows the execution of a shirtless man who’s tied up on the ground. The executioners kill him by mashing up his face with a volley of lead. Afterward, they proceed to dismember and decapitate him with an axe. Due to the pulverized face, one blow to the neck area causes the victim’s eyeball to pop out.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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95 thoughts on “Man with Face Shot Up Is Bludgeoned with Axe Till His Eyeball Pops Out”

    1. It’s Mexico before shot this guy cameraman speaks: “Say goodbye to your boss for me fucker, this goes to all roosters go Fuck yourselfs and this is how it goes CDJNG on the top”

      Roosters: a member of Los Viagras, because they were in the business of Rooster Figths (also an ilegal activity) before becoming a Cartel.

          1. I like when they say “a la verga” but have no ideia what this means, but “puto” yes, I know…lol…I am brazilian and there’s no such term as “a la verga”. We usually say “vá se foder, seu filho da puta” or “vá pra puta que pariu, filho da puta”…thanks!

      1. I dont think he would ever do that.

        And has a matter of fact the numbers proof that Mexicans are the smallest number of inmigrants, most comes from Guatemala, Salvador, Colombia and so.

    1. Pretty much. One crazy Russian guy recently knifed a couple of Mexicans while in Mexico and went into prison there. According to his Skype steams that you can find on Youtube he is being raped on an almost daily basis. Russian goverment could probably prevent this, but being crazy, he refused all help.

    1. I registered the account just to safely say it’s not him. How? Well i have an adam’s apple fetish and you can basically call me an expert in anything adam’s apples. The guy in the video has a protruding adam’s apple when he gets shot in the face while none of the persons on google images for “Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes” has any sign of an adam’s apple. People don’t just go and grow and prominent adam’s apple out of nowhere. I don’t even need to see the face of a person to tell it’s another guy just by looking at his neck.
      I just wish they filmed his adam’s apple get axed in 1080p in 1000fps slow motion tho…

  1. holy shit, I was just expecting for the eye to still be attached, fucking hell, i was not anticipating that..hahahaha
    appreciate the slow mo, really gave me a chance to appreciate the hastly departure..

  2. Gotta love the fact that there is music playing in the background.. Almost as if there’s a party going on, and these guys said to each other, ‘Oh yea, almost forgot! We gotta go execute Miguel! Hurry, before the beers get cold!’ LMFAO!

  3. Hi. As a forensic specialist, I recognize the distinct sound of a 7.62mm auto rifle. 189 grain lead/copper alloy bullets. Every bullet has a signature. It’s only a matter of time before we identify the shooters. And with trump in office, we can go ahead with project V.

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