Man Filmed Beating and Choking Child Through Crack in Door

Man Filmed Beting and Choking Child Through Crack in Door

Man Filmed Beting and Choking Child Through Crack in Door

I have no backinfo whatsoever. The video appears to be a secretly recorded footage of a man beating and abusing a child. I don’t thin kit’s staged, but even if it were, I doubt being grabbed by the neck and hoisted up was not traumatic for the child.

Filmed through a crack in the door, the video shows the child standing against the wall as the abuser slaps him, chokes him and tosses him about. Not cool at all and whereas we often see people receive rough treatment from all manner of organized cartels and random mobs, when I see something like that I can’t help but wish this guy ends up in one of their hands. Along with the woman who spat a line of decent guys in the face to be with the abuser for pussy jeebies.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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          1. Let me explain it to you….they are making puns and johnra was exactly that…a pun following along the ‘genre’ of poo puns.
            Would you like some dyschezia with your whine? See? I just made another one!

          2. Rayvrq13…

            Definitely, not the Johnra of gore that’s Poopular with the public. I even looked a little Flushed after watching it.


            Thanks doll…

            I’m running it by him again. He may learn something new by the end of the day. 🙂

  1. Staged or not, I’d stab that man in the balls just for fucking with that kid that way he did. I could sit my fat ass all day and watch gore videos, but I draw the line to children. No child deserves to be picked up by their neck and treated that way.

  2. Kid looks like he was forced into learning some fucked up lesson. Or a punishment? Wonder if he made it out alive. Also wonder who’s that bitch in the background just sitting on her fat ass assisting and allowing these actions? Probably the sorry ass mom..

    1. Religion of piss. Wife and childen are property and may also be killed if the husband feels like it. He then just has to pay a fee to the parents-in-law. Your life isn’t worth 5 cent if you are married to a psychopath in muzzyland.

      1. Forum: Dancng Homo
        I suppose that your, ‘I just won $10 on a scratch ticket’, dance is better than mine???

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        1. So I’m a spider monkey? Sweet! Stop bitching, if I remember correctly, you’re the one who brought over 10 pound bag of corn nuts for Valentines Day; all I really wanted was a bag of M&M’s and a jar of AstroGlide.

  3. The camera holder is just as culpable as the evil prick who’s bashing the kid like it’s a pinata. Stood there and hid the whole time, never trying to intervene and stop the asshole.

          1. Oh, no doubt. This tot is now mentally scarred for life thanks to this abusive shithead, and might end up being the next Stephen Paddock (Vegas massacre shooter-although there are many Interesting theories that he was just the patsy).

    1. That’s right. But noone is joking about it now. And I think … or expect … this won’t change much.
      It is important to spread “information” like THIS video. Could be the asshole around the corner… so the neighbors can lynch him to death… and in case this happens, I hope there is someone that records like a sane person (not upright, resolution that doesn’t hurt your eyes, always pointed to the action).

      But… I agree with that point of killed children. I do not send in videos of killed children, as long as it was not a crime!!
      A few weeks ago I had a recording of a newborn. 1090p and around 4 minutes long.
      Dude….there is absolutely no need to put a video like this online. The parents already go through hell. No need to show their beloved child to the world – getting cut open and disemboweled.

      Just take a look at the range BG offers:

      Could be easily possible to reach the one person that knows who did it.

    2. GsR_aCe…

      Simply challenge the response of the poster, if you don’t approve of their comment(s).

      If you’re looking for freedom of speech, may I suggest talking to youtube about your civil rights.

      Good luck!

  4. Pure scum. Should be tortured to death for such horrible treatment to a defenseless child. The person who recorded this, especially if they’re an able-bodied male, should be ashamed of themselves. Get a fuckin frying pan and beat the guys brains out, don’t just stand there, never mind filming the fucker!

          1. Heeey…. You can help me by living out your natural behavior (as you do – good girl). I am currently studying that “psycho bitch monster” you mentioned…. in all of it’s moods.
            But… you know, I tasted every single species I discovered and categorized/cataloged. =D
            So…this bite is one I really look forward to. ツ


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            You might be in great shape but it’s not enough…

          1. I have no idea but I’m laughing too.
            I just have this image of a potato lurking in bushes, watching left and right, spying on us..
            What the fuck am I talking about?!

  5. To all those drawing a line at children, citing child abuse is the most vile act possible. Take your head out of your asses, step 1. Any human life regardless of age, suffering abuse is an equal tragedy.

    It’s somehow become a mantra of the overly righteous, ‘I could watch any adult suffer incalculable agony and make funny comments on bestgore, but no not children!’

    Fuck you.

    1. I’d agree but that step 1:
      “Any human life regardless of age, suffering abuse is an equal tragedy.”
      is more of a direction of how to stick your head up your ass. What a comical statement. More so the last part.

          1. Incorrect: step one (taking your head out of your ass) is the first step to de-retardation. The right path in life is usually the most difficult, good luck special little retard.

    2. yea i can’t agree with your comment but I respect your opinion! how long have you been on this sight? This sight has opened my eyes big time to the evils that man do! Not very often actually not since I have been on here have i witnessed a video of a child committing the horrendous acts of evil I have witnessed on many occasions on here of adults committing horrendous acts against fellow human beings. Now don’t get me wrong there are definitely beyond a doubt children who have done some horrendous shit but compared to adults they can ‘t even be placed anywhere near equal. Most children are completely innocent and lack the ability to commit these fucked up evil acts that adults do! So why yes it is a tragedy whenever anyone is abused, neglected, murdered and traumatized I don’t feel in any way that an adult’s abuse is anywhere near comparable to a child’s especially given the huge age difference and the fact that adults have had way more time in this world to commit horrendous transgressions and due to those transgressions karma has a way of making sure they are dealt with!

      1. The evil that both men and women do, firstly.

        Children are innocent but they are human just as an adult.
        They feel emotion, and pain, just as an adult. Many adults are helpless completely, just as children. Think bound, gagged, immobilized.

        The difference may be that, the formative years or a child will result in deeply rooted trauma which will be with the child (and eventual adult) through all stages of life. Not to say an adult can’t be traumatized but children are that much more susceptible.

        Anyway – I respect your opinion as well but I see it my way.

        1. You are right children are human and so are most adults but I am sorry I cannot place the same amount of value into the life of an adult that abuses innocent children! Why??? Because that makes them less than human to me child molesters, rapist, pedophile, child abusers, child neglectors and animal abusers in my eyes and I’m sure many other’s eyes are not considered to be human! I mean how can anyone claim to be human when they prey upon innocent beings??? So you feel I should value the lives of the long list of ppl i just named just as much as I value the child’s life???? I just can’t do that I can’t and I won’t! There are actually human beings who completely lack the ability to feel empathy or sympathy for their fellow kind. They are extremely manipulative and great liars and have absolutely no problem taking someone out if they get in their way or no longer suit their needs they are called sociopaths and psychopaths these ppl cannot be helped and lack the ability to change for the better most are born that way and some are made thru events that have happened in their lives it is not a choice for them to become this it is embedded in their brain chemistry and no amount of medication or counseling is going to change that. These type of ppl usually make up the entire list of serial killers should i also value their lives as much as an innocent childs life?

          1. I agree, what I don’t agree with is the majority making comedy of chainsaw dismemberment but if a child gets slapped that same majority cannot ‘even bear to see such inhumane act’. It’s a method of feeling holier than thou; this was my point, that to me is black and white.

          2. @hopingfornemesis it is the supreme alphabet and the supreme mathematics used to understand the universe. though i am not a religious person but a spiritualist i do extensive research in the different religions of the world and find the 12jewels to be particularly interesting especially since spirituality kind of coexist with the universe and the meaning of the universe. I am a direct descendent of Edgar Cayce a famous psychic and have always been extremely interested in the spiritual side of our universe these are the 12 jewels
            1. Knowledge
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  6. OK. I am drunk as fuck at the moment after just finishing my second bottle of wine within the space of 2 hours but I have to ask, how is this level of abuse depicted within this footage any different to the sickening shit being forced upon children living within the white western world nowadays and by that I mean all the pro-gay shit forced upon them, the “drag queen book reading hour” nonsense and all the 545 and forever expanding genders constantly being bludgeoned into their developing brains.

    Even paedophilia is making a mainstream comeback all thanks to liberalism and their constant, never ending need to accept any and all “progressiveness”.

    The way I see it, one is physical and the other is psychological. However both are clearly still child abuse.

      1. Just goes to show that social distancing doesn’t apply to viruses like the corporate media. That’s why when I need a good laugh, I always bring the hydrogen peroxide along.

        …just so I don’t spray my radio with unwanted viral residue

        1. If I need a good laugh, I just walk 6 houses down my street and look at this old couple that now sit more than 6 feet apart and have fucking masks on while sitting at their front yard table, and I mean they’re always sitting at that table looking at everything that goes by like a couple of monkeys 😆
          For decades they’ve always been seen sitting right next to each other.
          What a joke this has become.

          1. Check to see if they have dentures. It may be bad breath. Possibly, their sex life has created a Masking Effect on everyone else’s lives.

            …those poor things 🙁

  7. Just looking at this gives me the worst flash backs ever. My dad and my step mom were so abusive to me that i was taken away and put into foster care because of how step mom beat me. I was 9 and i had to stand in front of a male police officer with my pants down and my shirt up just so he could take pictures of my little battered and bruised body. Went from my legs to my shoulders. Ill never forget how cold the bath tub was when she made me submerge my body into an ice water bath thinking it would help make my bruises go away before i went to my mom for my weekend visit. Breaks my heart to see any kid like that.

      1. Lol hell naw they needed to step on them bitches. But i had actually got my ass whooped because i pulled my cousins hair ( who was the same age as me btw ) and pushed her off the couch. Later when i had my own kids she apologised for all the beatings that her and my dad gave me but her excuse was that is the way their parents were to them so they only knew to beat me too. I was like nope….. I have 3 kids and i do not beat them. Hell i rarely even whoop them. And they turned out just fine. Well so far . there is spanking a kid and then there is beating them.

          1. Sorry this is so late but yes im glad you were able to break it as well. Like i get that there was times where i actually did deserve a good ass whoopin but my dad and step mom took it to extremes. Another example of that is when i was 8 yrs old my dad and step mom told me to clean my room. Then they would come in and inspect it (and i shit u not they used the white glove on it too because my dad was in the navy and they did it to them as well ) and i would get one hit for everything that was out of place. Well one time it was 34 things out of place and i got hit with the belt **with my pants down * ( because my dad was a pedo and i think he got off on it ) 34 times. They just took it to extreme my whole life. I was even removed by cps ( child protective services ) for the beating my step mom gave me for running away at a water park. So yeah breaking the cycle was good.

    1. That’s so fucked up… I’m sorry to hear that. I went through some similar shit, needless to say, they’re “gone” now, which makes me sleep peacefully at night, knowing they won’t ever do that shit to any other kids ever again.

  8. Damn.. Why have the kid if u hate it that much
    I understand the internal rage one can have and i know kids are easy prey but if u truly have hate whynot go for real prey.
    Kids weather wanted or not donot deserve to be hit. I was a victim of abuse myself its bullshit makes u full of rage.
    I wanna make a squeling little piece of meat outta whoever did that

  9. hmm I’d have some faux outrage if I hadn’t beat the shit out of my dick to the chick getting her arms and head lopped off last vid. Kid will grow up fine. Will probably be here in the comments of bestgore 15 years from now.

  10. That Sick Fucking-Cunt needs to be locked-up in a room, and let loose with a bunch of us Best-Gore Brothers on his ass so we can teach him some manners. 🙁

    Providing him with this much needed service i’m sure you’s will agree can be done free of charge of course, and done in a way that only We can really provide him with. 🙂

  11. WTF man is there someone else in there with the abuser , a woman ? …. The person who filmed was probably a woman also, I would imagine a man would of had enough courage to do something. But then again these short dicked floor board look-alike Asians or whatever the fuck they are : angry eye ones or tired eye ones – can’t do anything right because they lack everything it takes to be a man. The way he hits the child shows that he enjoys doing it and there’s no other reason. May he burn in hell! Whatever the fk that is.

  12. I’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit throughout my life and due to that I have a really thick skin and strong stomach but 2 things that go right through that thick skin and make me sick to my stomach are ppl who abuse children and ppl who abuse animals! I would love to be alone with this piece of shit mf and torture him he is less than human and does not deserve anything good to come his way while alive or dead! He’s a worthless scumbag!

  13. this is an just recorded one incident. can you imagine how many unrecorded and unknown similar child abuse cases? this psychopaths should be executed. there is no excuse for such monstrous behaviour towards to a vulnerable and innocent child.

  14. This video is in Vietnamese so possibly it happened in Vietnam. The woman was saying they were starving the boy since yesterday and all he had was some bread. Please repost this on YouTube so the Vietnamese community can find who he is and get him arrested along with that bitch who failed to protect the boy.

  15. You know what’s so sad about this video??….it’s the way that poor child react’s. If this is real footage,it shows how much abuse this poor child goes through.
    I know every country,laws are diffrent,or the law doesn’t react the way it should. Why would the people filming not call the right authorities? ?..
    My heart really goes out to that child. What does the adult think when he is doing this. Mr small cocktail I am a man. Does it make him feel like a boss,let’s see him do the same to someone the same size as him. Fucking dirty prick,salty nutsack.I don’t curse often,but this really does get under my skin.
    That kid is used to that abuse,that is so sad.
    I really don’t get this. I hope one day we see that prick on here getting a big dose of karma. I would pay to see that.
    No wonder there’s so many fucked up kids. I bet that kid gets no hugs or positive input. What’s wrong with parents or people with kids in their care??..
    I have gone on enough.
    Hope everyone is doing well,have a good day & takecare,xoxo

  16. What’s wrong with people?!

    It takes a big coward to beat on someone who’s defenseless.

    I hope the person who was recording this or someone who knows who this is or where it did happen reported this to the police. Mentally sick people like this guy should NOT have children or even be anywhere near them! In matter of fact he shouldn’t even be allowed to walk out in the free.

    Animal/Women/Children abusers are known to be psychopaths because they lack what a normal person have called empathy and common sense and are dangerous to anyone in the society. They should be locked up in some mental institution or in jail!

  17. I made it to 43 seconds, I can watch any beheading, videos, ISIS torture…But I cant digest cowardly violence on a small child. If I were present I guarantee that there would be an investigation into the death of that pos.

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