Man Gagged and Beheaded in Mexico

Man Gagged and Beheaded in Mexico

Video from Mexico shows a scared man getting gagged and beheaded. The sign behind him says M3, which is one of the insignias of the Gulf Cartel (Cártel del Golfo), and a name used by one of CDG’s former high ranking lieutenants – Samuel Flores Borrego, aka Metro 3. Metro 3 was killed in 2011.

It’s 2017, and Mexican drug cartels still seem to use the same potato cameras they used in 2010.

Props to Best Gore member @TheAlchemist for the video:

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90 thoughts on “Man Gagged and Beheaded in Mexico”

    1. You can see his eyes open and close a couple times after his head is partly cut off. His body did not want to die. It kept on breathing and spurting blood. Even tho is head was severed. Sucks to be that dude.

  1. Being beheaded isn’t all that bad. Ok you feel a lot of pain for 5 seconds.. Once the blood stops pumping to the brain from the heart, you don’t feel anything. I think the thought before getting it is the worst part..

    1. Things I noticed about this video:

      This guy was completely resigned. The life had completely left his eyes. Like in anime, when a person is hypnotized, the characteristic shine goes out of their pupils.

      But I wonder what made him open them wide after the knife had cut into his neck. Was it a reflex action, or was he compelled to take one last look to admire the beauty of existence, the colors, the smells, the sounds–before being expelled from the party of the living to the cold, dark, winter night outside?

      I’ve seen other videos where the killer pounds his knife against the backbone and its clearly extremely painful; the men try to scream through their severed tracheas, and the arms and legs spasm uncontrollably, even in those already dead. I imagine it feels the same way as bumping your funny bone, but throughout your entire body, organs and all.

      I was waiting for him to open his eyes again when the camera was zooming in for his final close-up. Brad Pitt he was not, but he got his five minutes of fame.

      1. “I was waiting for him to open his eyes again…”

        Same here. It amazed me that he was still blinking when they hit the spine and he got at LEAST one more in before he shut down as his eyes were closed again afterward.

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      1. Yea, and his brain is still intact–and probably stills contains sensitive info like on the hard drive of a computer. Remove it and insert it into one of those accident victims whose heads are smooshed. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

  3. He’s giving them a friendly warning…. “fucking ball of repented zetas. Disgraced golf’s (referring to the cartel split) please understand amd wake up. If you don’t leave our territories. All of you will end up like this”

          1. @dethbyplaster I see, I was perhaps extremist when I said you should click the puppy, but I decided to watch beheadings even though they made me cringe, for it happens a lot and I see that turning away from it would be in a sense not to face the truth (just because you don’t look at it, it doesn’t mean it is not happening), which I think is important for my personal progress, to face reality. The first time I saw a beheading I was trembling and so forth, but now, despite some pain face and getting somewhat tense (and some beheadings are harder to watch), I can watch them without getting as much of a reaction.

          2. @undergroundweller I faced them and certainly know they’re real, but I don’t like watching them. I don’t like animal cruelty videos but I DO make myself watch those. If you don’t eat meat and feel temptation; you need that visual reminder. Especially dairy cows as I loved ice cream and such in the past. Those disturbing videos are something I wish meat-eaters had to watch. They’d keep eating meat but at least they’d see the factory farms their food comes from. YUCK.

          3. @dethbyplaster That’s an interesting point I thought about raising, how what happens at slaughterhouses is not shown, except for a few videos and documentaries. I myself didn’t see a video of an animal getting slaughtered up until I was 17, let alone the chick grinder. It’s certainly hypocritical not to show them, especially as marketing has often cartoon characters of happy cows or chickens. I wonder if school children should be taken in field trips to slaughterhouses to see what happens there. Perhaps people are afraid it will turn the society more bloodthirsty, stimulating serial killers who often get their first experiences with animal cruelty, and perhaps protecting women, who are not programmed to hunt, if you will, but just eating the meat. If you believe in transparency and the spread of information though, you might be in favor of field trips. I myself tried to diminish my meat consumption, but I couldn’t as I started to get less satiated and hungrier (it even affected my ability to concentrate). I can just imagine how it is for someone of Irish descent not to eat meat and have dairy…

  4. this looks painful enough just watching, i bet the initial first slice was the big hurt, then the spinal hacking must have been the cherry on top. he lost feeling ‘after’ he got sliced and hacked at. which is evident that the killers wanted him to suffer. they allowed part of his head and neck to remain attached for a while. these people are ruthless, they don’t care how bad they look doing it either. it looks to me that the barbaric ages are coming back fast and with ruthless force. no one seems to want to dial shit down at all. society just cannot clean up and be safe, this shit is always around. what a fucking shame, 2017 and this bullshit lives on.

  5. I wonder if they do it with a dull knife to make him suffer longer or if they’re so cheap they won’t buy a sharpener or sharp knife, jesus christ next time do it by paper cuts, i think it’ll take less time

      1. Yes sir and the lungs just keep trying to breathe. Brutal sound. Fucked UP. That’s why Isis puts their stupid music to make it look so appealing to kill people. However this is the sound. I’ll never forget watching little midgets the site when they first started beheading people on film. Nick Berg. There was this fat guy they beheaded. Omg the fucking sound haunted me. I had to FUCKING mute it. Just like this vid I gotta take the headphones off. Just hurts sometimes to hear it. However I still gotta watch it. Idk. I know some of u are w me and some are just really tough. Especially behind a key board. Call me a cunt. I hate hearing suffering. 3 men and a hammer I can’t even make it a minute in. On mute that fucking vid is toughhh Ok I’m done lol

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