Man with Guts Spilled Out of Abdomen Whines on Hospital Table

Man with Guts Spilled Out of Abdomen Whines on Hospital Table

Man with Guts Spilled Out of Abdomen Whines on Hospital Table

All I know about this video is that it happened in Argentina. The person resting on the hospital table is probably a thief who got his abdomen ripped open during street justice.

The video shows him continuously whining as a team of medics try to sort out his innards that spilled out of the opening in his abdominal wall. It’s amazing that whoever stabbed him let his guts out, but the intestines themselves did not seem to suffer a rapture. Spongy and tough little fuckers they are.

Props to Best Gore member @jo-no for the video:

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104 thoughts on “Man with Guts Spilled Out of Abdomen Whines on Hospital Table”

    1. I’m not a doctor ip but i heard somewhere that guts don’t have pain receptors -like our brain.
      Maybe a doc or nurse can correct me. Yet in movies ,gut shots hurt like hell! Maybe because they are ripped to hell.

      You were in the military , maybe you can tell us ; do gut spills withour damage hurt?


          1. Yes .she has it as a girl and it was in the country away from amenities. She nearly died and even now it can be fatal if not caught in time as you say;even with modern medicine.

            Glad your mum is also ok.

          2. I would add you as a friend on here but my cell phone will not permit me to do so. I also cannot message in certain comment sections

      1. @hopingfornemesis

        Lol I was in the Navy so I didn’t see any gunshot casualties at that point. Just a burned body from an accident on the Flight Deck. A fire engulfed an A6 and a pilot was killed. I saw his thigh and it was split like a ball park frank. Gruesome to say the least. The rest of his body was covered up, and we had to take him down to the mess decks and clear a spot for his body in a cooler to keep it from decomp before it was flown off and laid to rest. That was the worst thing I saw on that ship. But yeah, the gut shot is supposed to hurt like hell, and I think you’re right that those innards don’t have nerves now that I think about it. I heard that somewhere too. So it’s a straight up mystery about that one. I’ll research it.

        I saw a couple of gunshot victims when I left the service though. Two good friends of mine were gunned down at a neighbors house. My buddy and I just happened to walk over there to hang out. We actually walked in RIGHT AFTER they were shot to death and the killers fled. They just looked like they were asleep. All body shots and a lot of blood. One was slumped over by the front door, the other was kinda under a table I guess trying to dodge or hide from those hot ones.

        It actually became a problem for myself and my friend because those guys were eventually caught and part of their defense was saying that MYSELF and MY BUDDY were the actual killers. Had to be interviewed multiple times by prosecutors and their defense team. Even after they were convicted, they were still trying to pin it on us because when their appeals came up, we were interviewed all over again for our alibis. Pieces of shit tried to give us murder charges. The event was all over the news in the Seattle area. Papers too. I had actually caught my first prison sentence when they had an appeal. I was doing my time and was all of a sudden snatched up and placed in solitary. Stayed there for TWO FUCKING MONTHS with no word or reason told to me at all. Finally I was called outta my cell, and the Captain just slid a newspaper over to me with some yellow high light marker over the parts that had mine and my buddies names. The prison thought I was possibly being investigated for double murder so they threw me in the hole until they could verify that I wasn’t a suspect. It took them every bit of that two months to do it. Those guys were sentenced to 70 years in prison. I actually saw them in the county jail before I was shipped off to the pen. Fucking idiots. Couldn’t get to them because they were in protective custody. Probably saved their lives tbh. It was supposed to be a robbery and they didn’t get a penny. Wasted their lives and my friends lives over NOTHING. Both of my friends died before their 20th birthday.

    1. Yes i have heard from flopistan? That the smell pervades the air! So i am imagining all those wars smelling to high hell.

      My grandpa in WWII slept covered like Rick Grimes from Walking Dead with blown up bodies and pieces and blood and guts up to his boots in trenches. Why do it? He was freezing to death in winter in battle;freshly killed blown up bodies are warm!! He reckons he saw souls rising like Jinns from the dead. I reckon it was the terror of an only just adult soldier.


  1. “The person resting on the hospital table is probably a thief who got his abdomen ripped open during street justice.” That’s quite an accusation you got there, reading off the description.

  2. I saw this on another website and it saod it was cause by a car accident, they were doing that thing ay an event where the cars gp as fast as possible but the truck lost control. So is ot laceration or car accident?

  3. This isn’t Argentina, I know because of the accent. And here’s a funfact: thieves and human scum that is constantly procreating like cockroaches CAN’T be blamed for their wrongdoings because they’re VICTIMS of society in Argentina. Fortunately, lynchings are slowly happening but that’s the only fucking real punishment these failed-aborted bastard are getting

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