Man Hanged Upside Down Is Beheaded by ISIS in Front of Child Soldiers

Man Hanged Upside Down Is Beheaded by ISIS in Front of Child Soldiers

ISIS media wing Wilayat al-Furat has released a video revolving vastly around the training of child soldiers. The kids are also made to attend an execution of a man hanged upside down by having his throat slashed. Later in the video, a child soldier executes a captured man by shooting him at point blank range in the top of the head.

The original video is over 28 minutes long. Most of it is the Islamic propaganda and the indoctrination of child soldiers. The beheading of the upside down man starts at around 14:50. The gunshot execution at around 18:28.

I’m not sure where exactly the video is from, but could be Ar-Raqqa in Syria. Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Man Hanged Upside Down Is Beheaded by ISIS in Front of Child Soldiers”

    1. These guys couldn’t carry a tune if it was handed to them. This whole isis thing is a farse man. Just a bunch of hill jacks waving guns in the air acting all tough. Everyone know they are just pride hurt because the US military handed the Muslims 1.5 million deaths. So they are all butt hurt and pride stricken waving guns around in fancy new uniforms. These video’s scream homo.. there is always a sacrifice too. These guys need serious let it go. Nobody on the planet can go toe to toe with the US military.. let it go. Your not less of people because you lost.. Whats with the war? all the time? got to let it go.. and quit causing pain just because your pricks are smaller then the US. Stop sacrificing people like animals. Its not making you tough. It makes you look like primitive fools. Jerking each other off over a handcuffed kill. Wow your tough, The reason everyone sides with America, is because they have the moral high ground. You guys slaughter people and think its cool. Nobody is in to that any more.

      1. The US is the one that needs to “let it go”…

        What have we accomplished since we’ve been fighting these “forever wars”… hmmm?…

        Who’s the benefactor?…
        Certainly not the US…

          1. I thought that these kids looked Asian. I agree that they might be inbred. Nothing like keeping it in the family (insert Deliverance music here)

        1. as far as i am aware Gnat. The US is out of war atm… although its may only be a matter of time before another. they need to stop overreacting that is for sure. However these Arabs are fucking barbarians. they only are acting this way out of shame. Look how they treat they’re own people. most of the people in these video’s are Arabs. its shame at the loss of being defeated so easily by a super power.. like i said, benefactor or not, the US rolled em like sardines. i believe this war like mentality is shame at being rolled over so easy. However who could go toe to toe with the US. they are the best military hands down. I am in Canada. we can’t take em.

        2. @Gnat; astonishingly, it is the US.

          Most weapon systems have a finite life, and it’s always better to fire them off before they pass their sell-by date.

          The arms companies, and their shareholders, benefit from the US military restocking spent items.

          Companies, and shareholders, promoting more accurate munitions / a bigger bang per US$ / Force Protection / security contractots, get to step up and sell their goods.

          The US government gains from financial churn (expenditure / tax in) and the exposure of the military to what is, intrinsically, a much more realistic ‘training’ environment.

          The bonus is, of course, access to natural resources; try to recall one US intervention that did not involve this.

      1. “Damn fuck this!
        Hell is freezing over.
        This whole censorship bullshit.
        To have to use a tor browser.
        That’s what the fuck it feels like.
        Go all the way or go home.
        Put it out there and say fuck you.
        The way that you guys use to.
        ‘Be sure to use the tor browser.’
        Yeah well it don’t fuckin work.
        It just shows a black fuckin screen.
        I’ve been a member for years.
        And this is a total let down.
        It says that I’m using tor browser.
        Which I shouldn’t even have to use.
        This ain’t how best gore use to be.
        Not my best gore.
        Censoring my gore.
        So it came to this.
        Shake my fuckin head.
        It was so simple.
        It was so easy.
        But it came to this.
        Fuck the tor browser.
        I’m American.
        I don’t need that shit.
        Can’t have guns in Britain.
        Can’t have free speech in Canada.
        What a fuckin shame am I right?
        Fuck Donald Trump and his censorship.”

    2. The sick US intrusion has left muslim states in hands of such hooligans.
      What goes around comes around , US might pay for the bloodshed one day.
      Lots of blood on hands of US and they ve left people helpless after bombing.

  1. 7:19 – AHAHAHAH!!! What’s with that dude’s gayish hair!??? ๐Ÿ˜†

    Im still waiting for them to start beheading animals in front of the children just to prove that the kids are killing machines now… One can only go so low… ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. These beyond disgusting subhuman animals need To get a grip. They’re not going to solve anything by chopping people’s heads off.

    The best thing they could start doing is sucking and fucking and cumming on each, other because right now they’re just doing what the Rothschilds of the world want them to do.

  3. Okay, I’m just going to put it out there:

    Has anyone given thought to the possibility that these little kids could be shipped or smuggled into the U.S., pose as little innocent school kids while strapped to the teeth with guns and bombs, then let run amok schools, playgrounds, libraries, shopping malls, etc?

    One would think the idea would be funny, but with moves like the ones shown on this video, they could probably take out five grown Americans before anyone would realize what was going on, more and quicker if they work in groups. They could stab one person, and if they get drenched in blood, they could act as if THEY were injured–who is going to suspect a bleeding kid–and then stab the first adult who comes to their aid while their guard is down.

    And what the fuck are those two Asian guys (I saw one man and one boy) doing joining up with ISIS? THAT boggles the mind.

        1. @cadejito I think that is the purpose.

          To have multiracial kids join ISIS so these kids can infiltrate whatever region their phenotype matches.

          There are white looking ginger kids too (not on this video but other ISIS videos) and I”m thinking these guys will infiltrate Europe while the Asiatic looking ones will infiltrate East Asia and China.

      1. If I remember correctly, the square root of 7 is an irrational number, so that was a neat touch…but no. I’m sure there were people on American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, and American Airlines Flight 77 who thought to themselves “As long as we give the terrorists what they want, we’ll be fine. They can’t POSSIBLY be trying to kill us, they just want to make a point.”

        Only the people on United Airlines Flight 93 knew better. Get with the program.

        “Then, tell me…what advice would you offer on the present situation?” (Braveheart)

        1. People are more likely to get killed driving than that happening. So, I’m just going to backburner that with most other “probably won’t happen to me” scenarios.
          Oh, not the flying part; the kids part …and the flying part. ha

  4. ISIS is really a pack of queers, pretending to be muslims, but are actually a bunch of faggots sucking each other’s dicks dry. So now they have little kids in their ranks, so they can suck them off.

  5. Today in ISIS 101:

    Jihad and basics
    Quran reading and off tune chants with Akbar
    Blow out infidel brain demonstration
    Hugs for everyone hour
    Beheading of infidel demonstration
    More off tune chants.

    Weapons provided and training, tax dollars at work.

  6. It’s good they show us that they already fuck up their next generation. This way we can be sure we can keep throwing bombs for at least another 20 years.

    We also don’t have to worry about killing children because they are already ruined anyways. Their path to be a terrorist has been chosen, so why wait with the bombing till they reach 18.

  7. Nothing refreshing in here as far as the training and the beheading goes
    Its the same old crap ISIS keeps doling out once every often not to mention the sickening chant which is more brutal than anything else .
    One thing is for sure these clips give enough of hearing and vision impairment to last for a couple of minutes and its like what the fuck made me watch it in the first place ………..hell yeah if it weren’t for the love of BG I would happily just pass them off to someone else

    On a concluding note though ; the world has waited enough but its about time this ISIS virus need to be nuked asap to save the humanity.
    Where is Putin and his bombardiers

  8. There was a video in here too not too long ago that actually gave my galaxy phone 4 fucking viruses…
    I’m thinking it was the girls that got shot at the bus stop in Argentina, can’t remember exactly but it was one of those videos…

  9. Why A Man Hanged Upside Down Was Beheaded By ISIS In Front Of Child Soldiers? Because If He was Hanged Upside Down At The Back Of Child Soldiers They Wouldn’t Be Able To Watch It!

  10. Did anyone else notice the modified lion growl right after the beheading? It played during, but with mixed media sounds. I guess these guys think of themselves as the kings of the jungle?

  11. As I always say, may every one of these festering vermin pests meet the same painful, violent, ghastly ending! I hope every one of them die by the dull end of a knife, the tip of a missle and are blown in half taking their last agonizing breaths looking down at where their legs and useless dicks and balls used to be!

  12. ISIS is a great idea on paper- unite the entire Middle East by Jihad; it’s a pretty simple, core principle of Islam. But then you realize the only people who would sign up to be on the receiving end of a NATO Airstrike are likely not geniuses when it comes to military tactics. In practice its a bunch of idiots shooting randomly into the desert.

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