Man Interviewed Over Dismembered and Decapitated Human Remains

Man Interviewed Over Dismembered and Decapitated Human Remains

No backinfo. The video shows human remains, presumably of a woman, who was dismembered and decapitated. The remains are assembled like a human puzzle on a blue tarp, while a man is being interviewed.

I’m guessing the talking man is the prime suspect, perhaps a relative or a husband of the killed woman?

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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46 thoughts on “Man Interviewed Over Dismembered and Decapitated Human Remains”

    1. juggalette What you fail to understand is people in paki land are very resourceful, they can fix up anything if they put their mind to it. She’s probably all sewn up and as good as new now and fetching water for him.

      1. Yeah, had to get the wife out of the way, divorce & settlements are way too expensive; especially these days.. Never was good, at all, at putting the puzzle pieces back together; I can make a mess out of them, just can’t put them together!!

        1. I quite like the post here, on BG, ‘human jigsaw puzzle’; managed to put this poor Fuck’s completely skinned face entirely back together. Can’t say that about the rest of his body, though ๐Ÿ™

  1. It happened in Bangladesh. The man interviewed is the killer.

    Police recovered seven dismembered body parts of a teenage girl from a house at Amtali municipality of the district on Tuesday.

    The deceased was identified as Mala Akthar, 17, daughter of M Mannan Khan, resident of Gudighata village of Barguna Sadar upazila.

    Police have already arrested Alamgir Hossain Palash, son of Abdul Latif from Bashinda village in Mirjaganj upazila of Patuakhali district, from the house in this connection.

    During primary interrogation Palash said he had been in a four-year long relationship with Mala, a student of class XI.

    On Sunday afternoon, he took Mala to the house of his relative advocate Mainul Ahsan Biplab at Amtali municipality.

    On Tuesday noon, Mala put pressure on Palash to get married and subsequently the duo locked in an altercation over the matter.

    At one stage, Palash hacked Mala with sharp weapon, dismembered the body into seven pieces.

    Being informed by Biplab, police recovered the body and arrested Palash, said officer-in-charge of Amtali Police Station Md Shahid Ullah.

    1. Raju Ahmed Thanks for the explanation. Do you think you lot will ever be able to resolve these kind of disputes without actually killing and butchering the women involved? I know they can be headstrong but this slightly over the top.

    1. juggalette Good point, he paedophiled her and in their culture no one else would have her after he used her so she had no where else to go, he basically ruined her life, i hope he gets fucked up and dies a slow death in agony

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