Man Involved in Traffic Accident Loses Head and All Blood

Man Involved in Traffic Accident Loses Head and All Blood

I don’t know where the video is from, but could be Brazil. It shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident that left a man decapitated on the road.

The victim’s left leg is also mangled, and the large puddle of blood suggests he basically lost all his blood (not surprising).

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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69 thoughts on “Man Involved in Traffic Accident Loses Head and All Blood”

    1. I’m fucking tired of people filming the disgrace of mankind and being careless, that man right there could have been saved, what a cruel and souless world we live in.

          1. Yes he most certainly dieded. Not many women or men can be aliveded with a missing head. It’s extremely difficult. And just to make sure he dieded, I’ll fly in my private jet to Brazil and get the coroner’s certificate.

  1. Person filming is fixated on the compound fracture of the leg. I am fascinated by the branchy looking thing coming out of the neck. Nerves don’t branch like that towards the head….. can that be carotid arteries or veins along the neck, into the head? Suggests the head was crushed and moved away without damaging the blood vessels there. Fascinating…..

      1. Same here, the ‘seaweed’ looking thing out of the neck was the first thing I noticed and I kept waiting for the camera to head over there (pun not intended) but, alas, no such luck. *shouts through screen* “Hey, how about some equal-opportunity filming, huh? Oh, and switch to decaf already, geez.”

          1. @loosythepoosy @juggalette

            I think @goodintentions may be right. Looking at the video again the ‘nerve/artery/etc.’ parts fade in and out as people walk by. It’s very likely just light reflecting weirdly off the edge of that extra-thick blood pool. Damn, I was kinda hoping it was a mutant or something… that was almost as big a let-down as when they finally found Atlantis.

  2. “I donโ€™t know where the video is from, but could be Brazil.”
    Yes, it’s from Brazil. It can be noticed not by the Portuguese speaking, but by them flip-flops.

    Goddamn flip-flops everywhere.

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