Man on Motorcycle Decapitated After Hitting Truck

Man on Motorcycle Decapitated After Hitting Truck

Video of a brutal roadside accident. A man was decapitated when the motorcycle he was riding collided with a truck. You see the head lying in the street along with mass amounts of blood and another body lying in the street. Not sure where this is from so anyone who can offer a translation of the goings on will be appreciated.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Best Gore member, Little Foot, this one’s for you!

and Mad props to African Angel for the hookup.

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          1. Haha that’s true. I felt very loved. I’m lucky to have found this site. Outsiders may think we’re crazy because we crave gore but there are some incredible people on BG.

  1. He?s missing both his dick and his head, thus limiting my ability to insult him.

    Oh, and happy birthday Little Foot. Make sure to drink a bottle of wine before the birthday cake, and then after as well, followed by one more before bedtime. It’s what I do on mine, minus the cake of course.

      1. @Brokeback, it must be Karma.

        He lost that which caused his death in the first place, being a dickhead.

        Also, Little Foot has many birthdays depending upon how good the year was.

        Personally if I won the lottery, fucked Wynona Ryder and became world famous all within one year I would celebrate my birthday as three separate occasions.

          1. Damn, nevermind, I just “found out” that you can access people’s profile. I’m kinda new to these “media interactions” – trying to excuse myself hehe.

    1. He can’t. Even if his body would rise from the dead, it wouldn’t have a mouth to feed itself with. The brain stem directs the actions, so likely the body would rot away, but the head might continue being sub-alive. It would still have snapping jaws, so playing soccer with a zombie head is not recommended.

    2. fantastic!
      the “cure” for the zombie apocalypse, revealed (in its beautiful simplicity) …… removal of the head and brain BEFORE subject rises as a zombie! – in all the thousands of zombie movies, not one hero with the simple forsight of our very own Gnat.
      brad pitt, will smith, shaun (frm shaun of the dead), Milla Jovovich….take your gore stained baseball bats and stick them up your arses! your services are no longer required…;)

          1. Wow Of course I had heard of the 2 guys who got crushed to death in a work place accident, it’s so unusual it made national news! There are a LOT of Irish in Australia but this is still quite terrible. another in a car accident. I thought you meant someone was deliberately killing Irish people, just accidents everyone.

          2. There was something else I read. I know I remember thinking I gotta ask Tas about all this shit. But as per usual I was on my two week haitus against now I’m here and I’m drawing a blank

          3. @trainwreck, well a couple of years ago we had a spate of shark attacks, W.A. was literally the shark attack capital in the world. We had approx 6-7 fatalities in about 3 years. Bloody scary to enter the water.
            Apart from that W.A. is quite a safe place to live, it’s the biggest state in the country, have you seen us recently on a map? W.A. is an enormous state. But the truth is, it’s largely uninhabitable, there is simply no fresh water inland.

          4. Shark attacks off of Australia???? Tell me its not so! Kidding Australia used to be the shark attack capital of the world if it isn’t still. I know south Africa’s coast is bad too. No it wasn’t any of that. It was probably the Irish thing I just can’t remember

      1. Thank you @H. Thompson!! I didn’t know that about my birthday, I’ll have to look that up. Did the description say crazy, perverted and the mental maturity of a 5 year old? If so, it’s an accurate description 😀

    1. I couldn’t tell. I have an HD tablet but not doesn’t do any good if the camera used to film it wasn’t. The head was wonderfully displaced. I wonder if the other guy survived since he was moving.

      Hope you’re well(ish)

        1. I’d be worried about your dick being hard. Snap that bitch in half during an accident. I bet BB that the smallest breeze gets you hard. Iron clad that shit before riding just in case

          You’re the spokesman for virility

  2. He definitely let his head wonder off maybe he should have kept his head on his shoulders and paid better attention to the road……. I’m still waiting for the day we get to see someone’s head shoved down into their chest cavity from one of these accidents…. I can wish and only hope it comes true.

    1. Aww thank you @dre. You are too sweet and I’m very grateful to you and everyone else on this site. I’ve gotten more happy birthdays on here than I have anywhere else. We’re a crazy bunch but we’re family 🙂

    1. Hey we all get old. I’ve got 11 years on the little lady. I’m on a birthday strike from here on out. I still sometimes get carded for cigarettes so its not all bad but I know I’m getting older and I’ll never be one of those broads that starts lying about her age. But I’m not going to be quick to tell anyone either

        1. Ha-ha hahaha that’s awesome and hey that’s not bad. When were younger we want to be older. Then when we start to get older we want to be younger. I look in the mirror and am OK but I’m starting to overly stress myself out on this subtle changes. I’m not a very secure person at times. Ass and tits and gravity. Not a menage a tois I’m interested in

          1. “Please Gnat I don?t think so.”

            I swear… I don’t have green skin…

            “Shrek is super sexy”

            Only if your down with ogre sex… o_O

          2. Obli I’d pinch your cheeks. Yes I’m stuck on your cheeks now. I’m short so if you’re really tall it’d have to be your other cheeks. All in all I’m pinching something if I can.

        2. @Tas I was fucking around with my name and didn’t change it back. I was trying to be a smart ass but decided against it. I’ll change it back.

          And I don’t want Obli’s knee up my ass. Ass checks spread easier when you’re older. That’d be uncomfortable

  3. they sound like some portugese or something…probably south ‘merica

    that the most shit beheading i have see, incredible even in accident, its still better than snackbar with knife ^^

    (already say happy BD , so, now …………mmh……….. happy gore day or something XD)

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