Man with Multiple Machete Cuts on Body Takes Off in Attempt to Flee from Captors

Man with Multiple Machete Cuts on Body Takes Off in Attempt to Flee from Captors

Apparently this happened in Brazil. The video shows a young man with signs of torture and multiple machete wounds on his body take a brazen move in form of an attempt to flee his captors.

According to the info I got, the captors shot him dead as he ran. He couldn’t outrun the bullets, that bit is not surprising, but bis brass balls at least saved him from ongoing torture. It’s not like his outlooks on surviving existed in the first place. He was in Brazil, after all.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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141 thoughts on “Man with Multiple Machete Cuts on Body Takes Off in Attempt to Flee from Captors”

      1. This guy took the misfires as a starting pistol. The ad says “takes a brazen move” personally I think it would be more brazen to Stay after the 2 or 3 attempts on his life., if not for the misfires. All ican say is ihope he made it., comes back and offs all those pieces of shit.

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    1. That’s the comment I was looking for. I said a few weeks back, on a mutilation video (think it was that young girl that got hacked with the machete and took it better than a full grown man) that you could always try your luck and run Forrest run, your way into a bullet in the back… Fuck the torture.. They don’t even wanna expend the extra energy, anyway. I’m sure they’d be glad to put a few in your back and call it a day.. the lazy, dumb fuckin’ “humans”.

  1. Haha I love how they point a gun at him while they torture him. Reminds me of that Mexican kid being flayed. “Hey now if you move while we are literally slowly killing you and carving our way to your heart, we might end up just shooting you, ending the torture right here right now.” I always do wonder why in situations like that they don’t just make a run for it or try to get out? “Ow ow, they are slicing me open and killing me! Ugh I want out now! But oh no they are pointing a gun at me and I might get shot and killed!”?? Guess I’ll never know til I’m being tortured

    1. Yeah, I wonder that too.

      You can see they’re preparing to behead you, they’ve got their guns trained on you, which do you prefer?

      I suppose they’re clinging on to the desperate hope that it may just be a false execution, or that they may just be parading/showing them on camera and not actually offing them.

      1. Yeah probably a combination of all of those. Mostly with that hope of “maybe they will stop” or “they really aren’t going to do anything”. There was a video posted not long ago where some girl (or guy? Haha)was getting her frickin arm chopped off and she was even holding the arm up for the dude. And even after getting arm cut off she was rather compliant and definitely made little effort in getting away (of course she may by now be very discombobulated and what not do to her arm being hacked off). I feel like when one is about to be captured or is captured, the sooner they try to get away the better chance they have. Hope, fear, rushing and patience I guess can be both a blessing or a curse.

    2. I guess your mind is not in the best conditions to think reasonably when you know you’re about to be tortured or beheaded, besides they could just shoot you to incapacitate you and still carry on with the beheading, even use drugs and shit like that to make sure you can’t move

  2. They said that the man was a snitcher. And said that he dug his own cove. He was pledging for his life, saying that he would never run. One of the traffickers said that he would not run with the wounds that they made.

  3. “It’s not like his outlooks on surviving existed in the first place. He was in Brazil, after all.”
    ofensivo kkkkkk mas não ligo 🙂

    Entendo que o Brasil é um lixo hahaha ! mas essas pessoas dos videos que aparecem geralmente mereceram, ou roubaram em favelas, ou mataram inocentes (Filhos, mãe, pai, etc), enfim, o Brasil, não é assim como vocês gringos pensam kkkk ! alem de muitas bandidagens, corrupção ,crime organizados o Brasil ainda é bom kkk fiquem a vontade para nos visitar 😀 hahahha

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  6. At last we have a Bestgore member on here who thought of his options of being flayed, dismembered, disemboweled and worse, who said : “FUCK THAT SHIT!” …….and took a nice quick bullet instead. Education is everything,

    1. Yes indeed he should have. I’ve ran with some undesirables in my earlier days and I don’t know if it was a gift or 6th sense or what but I always knew when something bad was intended, people will try to laugh and joke to get their subjects to follow them out to these far away locations so they could kill them, I always knew when something was corrupt and I would flee immediately, how can anyone not know when perps are trying to trick you into killing you? I can feel the deception from miles away

    1. OG Zerp There was one just the other day, another brazilian, he ran but they shot him, i suppose it’s best to run, at least they shoot you outright rather than torture you, it’s because they daren’t fuck up the hit or they’d be next

      1. @@sloth12 that would be my first response either that or fight i’ve seen videos on here where they give people shovels to dig their own graves. damn sure better not give me a shovel. really you’re gonna tell me you’re going to kill me and give me a shovel ??? you’re about to meet the shovel. I don’t praise allah or yaweh or jesus or any of them. you threaten me and give me a shovel, you’re going to meet the shovel

  7. He is too young to be forced to pay with his life, no matter WHAT he did to ANYONE, or didn’t do for ANYONE! (Obviously excluding some 1 in a trillion chance he tortured & murdered whole families, or the like) So with him being innocent and just having made some bad choices and had bad judgment, like we all did when we were young, it really is so, so sad & unfair. Karma’s a bitch whoever you are, and you can’t escape it! Also, I’d be willing to heavily bet that when you reach your final moments of despair, (like you brought that kid to) and when you’ve lost all hope & realize you have very few minutes left to live your damn self and are probably going to hell after that, I’m almost certain you will NOT handle it as well as this poor kid did in the face of your EVIL. Burn & squirm beee-atch!

  8. Thing is, getting tortured and killed like this or any of the other heinous ways we’ve all seen on here, these “victims” aren’t likely innocent and definitely not random. They’re into something with their killers whether it’s drug dealing, stealing drugs or money or any number of other criminal activities. So, sick and twisted as many of these methods of execution are the rats they are disposing of are hardly saint except for, say, that Mexican cop who was tortured and his son flayed to death. Now that is some sick shit!

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