Man Partially Decapitated and Dumped in a Manhole by FSA in Syria

Man Partially Decapitated and Dumped in a Manhole by FSA in Syria

Next time around, the FSA may as well write their Islamic chant their recite before beheadings on a chewing gum wrapper. Fucking Zionists paid mercenaries – these ones must be on a cheapie payroll with that plain knife and tiny little piece of paper.

This group of FSA terrorists attempted to decapitate a random guy they’d kidnapped but could not be bothered to saw all the way through his neck so just sliced his throat and dumped him into a manhole to slowly bleed to death there. Bunch of fucking savages, but what else would you expect from Islamic extremists?

Props to Best Gore member Buffsmom for the video. Anybody has a non blurred version?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. It’s comments like those that make me horny i don’t know what it is but after a night of best gore I always end up on some crazy fetish site blood just makes me horny I guess.

    1. I LOVE facial hair.
      But I don’t think I’m much attracted to Syrians, I guess.
      Especially when they’re chanting creepy things and then slicing some guy’s throat, throwing him in a manhole.
      But I guess that’s just my taste in men.

  1. That line-up of bearded hunks could be a Muslim boy band if Simon Cowell ever takes his putrid, mind numbing shit musical no talent shows over to the Arab region.

    On a side note, I find that I am having to check more than once an hour for new posts these days, you truly are spoiling us, thanks guys.

  2. Poor guy…they told him he was going to a surprise party with strippers. Speaking of strippers, I was planning on spending my birthday getting drunk at the nudie bar but Toronto is having a big time snow storm closing down most of the city. Guess I’ll be spending the day here with you guys and watching re-runs of Pawn Stars.

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        1. The last time we had this much snow all at once was in the blizzard of 1980. I can remember it like it was yesterday. It happened on Jan.23rd…it was a Tuesday. I was 12 years old and I was one of the few kids who’s parents made them go to school that day. I was falling asleep at my desk when the teacher asks me to come up to the front of the class and share something…”Maybe a funny story or something” she says. So I stood there in front of the class and said…” Why was the snowman smiling…cuz the snow blower just went bye “.
          That was the first time I ever got suspended from school and it was a good thing cuz it snowed even more the next day.

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  4. What is he using, a fish filet knife? Ignorant cunts can’t even do the job right, they hit the spine & it’s like shoveling shit against the tide. Every time I see shit like this I can only hope each one of those fucks dies the same way they dealt it.

  5. The terrorist on the far right makes me lol. I r Terrorist I r very serious!!! Lol i bet when they get shot at he dives for the floor screaming “Allah snakbar!!” While his jihadist buddies get there brains blown out.

  6. These punks arnt even soldiers, stupid beard guy has to write shit down , no fuckin memory , if the US is going to use our tax money to hire people to do there dirty work , at least spend it wisely , jeeeez WTF those dudes are idiots

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