Man Poses with Head of Dismembered, Disemboweled and Decapitated Woman

Man Poses with Head of Dismembered, Disemboweled and Decapitated Woman

At Ikoga Zebbe community in Badagry area of Lagos, Nigeria, a 61 year old man named Taofik Hassan was spotted carrying a bag soaked with blood. A policeman approached him and demanded he show what’s in the bag.

Toafeek Hassan reportedly confessed he killed, dismembered, disemboweled and decapitated the woman and was taking her body parts to a cleric in Sango-Otta who used them for rituals.

Props to Best Gore member @Buyatchaka for the pics:

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119 thoughts on “Man Poses with Head of Dismembered, Disemboweled and Decapitated Woman”

      1. I have a strong suspicion that the picture is either a 1. “perspective” artifact of the guy holding the head forward or 2. a PhotoShop production that makes the woman look gigantic.
        What do you think?

    1. No wonder it looks like he “must” have a trophy. Probably took the tiny mf 2 hrs to get that head fully off and another 10 minutes just to figure out how to pick the massive chunk up and keep a steady grip on it.

        1. And that’s the only photo you’ve ever seen in your whole life…
          Still here on bestgore, we’ve seen other races do worse but whenever it’s a negro your thinking / comment never goes beyond the skin, which deprives you of making any reasonable analysis of the video to offer so much as a slightly sensible insight. Is it because none of them is here to straighten you up?

          The only acceptable excuse for hating one race of people so much is if they (all of them from that race) once lined up your grandma, mom, wife, daughter and took turns raping them to death in your own eyes. I don’t have a reason to believe any female from your household is that attractive / qualified for the experience, not even to the “monkeys” so stop taking up space here to whine about nothing and let the smarter bunch of us take the take on the issues πŸ˜€

          1. @gropeape.
            “…never goes beyond the skin…” How can you call anybody’s intelligence into question after saying the stupid shit that you say?
            Skin color can be off putting to some but regarding racism, skin color is only an identification tool.
            Hatred of a race, in many cases, stems from antisocial behavior, violent crime, decimation of property values, rampant destruction of entire urban areas, generation after generation of dependency on social programs and charity at the full expense of working tax payers. This list goes on but my point is that racism comes from legitimate animosities that have nothing to do with skin color.
            Skin color is only an issue when stupid assholes like you want to invalidate and trivialize the real reasons for racist ideology.
            If you’re having trouble with my point, think about Jews. White skin yet it seems as if the whole world hates them. Do racists hate Jews because of their white skin? No. They can list thousands of reason for hating Jews but none will be skin color.
            Anyway, fuck you. You’re an asshole and so forth…

          1. Nope!! they’re descendants of mostly German (nazi infested) immigrants right here among us, e.g Trump. They started by hating the Jews but that didn’t work out so well as Jews quickly got a good grip of the capitalist machine.

            So they switched to the nearest alternative ‘hatables’ (Negros) and blamed all their societal failures on people who played no part in planning this country’s past, present nor its future… They just try to exist where they’ve found themselves

            Since you sound a bit like the KKK puppet for the most part, I’m wondering if your great grannies are German as well? or you’re just a wannabe? πŸ™‚

        1. you’re not as smart as you think you are gropella. Just the fact that you associated racism here in America with the nazis is ignorant and absurd. But of course you’re a brainwashed hippie ass kiss liberal that only believes in what the media portrays our president Donald Trump to be. People like you is whats causing hate and violence across the US So do yourself a favor and shoot yourself in the face and hopefully you will end up in a better place. Obama cock sucka

          1. Donald Trump’s grandfather came from Germany just like Obama’s dad came from Kenya. Both Trump and Obama were born and raised in the US. However, Trump led the birther movement and kept up false claim that Obama was not born in the US.

            Even Ted Cruz who was born in Canada never got attacked so intensively, there was certainly no birther movement against him. What does that tell you? I do get the latest events from the media but I analyze things for myself. Trump is fucking racist for leading a birther movement against someone who was born in the states, for trying to ban Muslim Americans from belonging to this country, trying to repeal ObamaCare which still serves millions and millions of Americans, etc. The guy is a freaking traitor, racist and failed president… and you’re a failed troll πŸ™‚

            Now let’s grab some popcorn and watch how the Russia scandals close in on your dear one-term racist King Trump. Don’t help him blame the media for his failures

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  3. Motherfucker had to use a swift ass blade… 20th century barber’s type of shit… The circumcision of the derma round the knees is a very clean cut… Wonder how he cut through the bones though… This dindu has obviously done this way too many times in the past… Maybe he goes through episodes where he looses his head and makes other people loose their head as well…

  4. What in the fuck could go throgh a persons mind to let or make them do such a thing to another human being? I try to think how , why , anyone in any situation could get mad enough , lust for someone enough to do such a thing and i can’t get my mind to go there. Anyone who could do that to another really needs to be gone , dead , killed by someone . And think these type of sick bastards walk by your kids , wife even you every once in a while.

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