Man Puts Neck on Train Track to Commit Suicide by Decapitation

Man Puts Neck on Train Track to Commit Suicide by Decapitation

While I don’t know where this video is from, there is a country that’s a clear leader in train suicides based on what we see at Best Gore.

The CCTV footage appears to show a man talking on a cell phone next to the railway track. With a train approaching, he finishes up his phone chat and places his neck on the track, allowing the train to decapitate him.

The man’s actions appear to be entirely self motivated, so I’d say it’s fair to presume this was a suicide.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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164 thoughts on “Man Puts Neck on Train Track to Commit Suicide by Decapitation”

          1. Having the CCTV camera there suggests the place is somewhat close to the platform anyway. Another reason he stopped is he simply followed “procedure” as other people also noticed the man. If the train driver continued moving, he could easily have been accused of involuntary man-slaughter (especially in absence of video evidence like this). He / they made the best decision in this situation

            The self-murderer seems well aware of the CCTV camera position. The most professional suicide I’ve seen in a long time

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    1. Forensic sciences -Suicidology perspective: There is a class of suicides wherein the individual has previously decided and visualized and well planned the method, time, and place his/her death. Many in this class often show a calm resolve to “end -it-all”.

  1. not to be a dick or belittle his suicide..but to me, there is definitely something beautiful about death. yea, of course suicide is selfish, but i am talking about the process of witnessing death, it is like a release. of course suicide and murder are all we see on here, but regardless..death is beautiful in its own rite.i guess it means a little more when people do it for legit reasons like disease or not being able to live without someone you love..or am i jus speaking nonsense

    1. @injunwarrior Nope, you are not just speaking nonsense. Actually, I have always found death a fascinating thing. Not that I am ready to die, or want anyone to die, no, its just the idea (whenever and however it’d come) is fascinating. The reason is not the painful process of death itself, but what actually happens after we die. Without entangling in the debate of religion says this or that, I firmly believe we are transported, teleported, or are moved somewhere else. Yes, not materially, but soul-ly.

        1. religion and science are for retards. i thank god everyday, for giving us innards to be torn out, heads to be chopped off. glorious death in all its forms, because most cunts deserve it. you should really show god some respect. he seems pretty fucking cool to me.

      1. I believe when we die our soul\spirit leaves our body and goes forward. For example….like if you was driving a vehicle and crashed the vehicle is destroyed but u can just get out and progress when we die our body is no longer active but our spirit must carry on

        1. What I’d like to believe may be different than what I actually do believe….I’d like to believe we go to Heaven, or “Heaven” and exist and think in some form, but more and more I’ve been thinking that when you die, that’s literally it, you don’t exist anymore. No thinking, no feeling, you’re just gone, except in someone’s memory who is still living. But we’ll never REALLY know until we’re dead. Everything else, literally, is just guessing.

          1. I feel the same way. Once it happens you won’t know it anyways. Just fade to black. Who knows ? Maybe you’re reborn again ?

          2. If you’re right, then we WON’T know when we’re dead. I agree though. I can’t help but feel we stop existing. We go back to the same place we were before we were conceived/born. And seeing as I don’t remember that place as either bad or good, I don’t fear going back “there”.

            Though, the idea of no longer existing is a strange notion. Too much to comprehend.

        2. I took Ayahuasca in Peru recently and all I can say, without knowing the afterlife 100%, I feel and saw and experienced what can only be described as being another realm, perhaps it was the afterlife. and to be honest, it was the most joyous, incredible and eye opening experience I can ever imagine.

          I was never scared of the afterlife and, without wanting to end this life, it is something to definitely look forward to. Highly recommended,

      2. I don’t believe we are transported, teleported, or get to have anything happen to/with our souls after death. I think dead people lose their soul after death and get to experience totally silent pitch black environment with zero ability to think or contemplate until the end of eternity.

      3. recently,the far infrared camera captured the plasma or energy body of a man at was shaped like his body,it rose,formed into a ball ,and floated near the ceiling,for 2 days,then it disappeared.

      1. I’m agree with you , sometimes I think about it , maybe it’s a travel , or maybe we become light and travel through galaxy , maybe … I can’t even imagine more but I think it should be beautiful ,no pain , no need (food , water , air , sex , money)

        1. lol, i actually enjoyed watching that trash spewing out the little trash on its neck.. it kind of killed the whole natural-birth thing because a baby landing on its head like that is not natural.and that woman seemed cocky about the whole thing

    2. I sort of agree with your odd perspective. There is a class of suicide termed “altruistic” where a person “knowingly” commits to “certain” death for some greater good. Soldiers in certain scenarios get medals for this.

    3. No not you’re speaking nonsense at all. I feel like release for me. Being very close to death many times and for some reason I always come back. Being on this site for so long has made me understand death in a different light. Death is all around us and at anytime you might be next.

  2. This puts Beatle tunes in my head. A friend of mine let a guy store some of his junk in her barn. Life started sucking for him and he killed himself the exact same way as this guy did. I had to help he get rid of the stuff his family didn’t want and I found a bunch of bootleg Beatle music on cd’s. It led me to discovering the vast amount of rare music that is available for free on the internet. To those who leave their head on the track, I say, “Move over once, move over twice, come on baby don’t be cold as ice. Said she’s traveling on the One after 909.”

  3. Or he was on the phone and saw a rare insect that could cure all cancer from the world so he got down to take a closer look and forgot about the train coming….. guess we won’t get the cure yet cause the bug got away darn it.

  4. what you should also find fascinating is the fact that when you look at a mountain, or the moon, or look at the oceans …. something created that. something we cannot comprehend built it all. some being/entity/alien/annunaki/creature or even humans from another dimension that are billions of years ahead and are that advanced that they now have the capability to produce a working realm/universe. it just boggles the mind that something extremely advanced and way way way ahead of ourselves can mould all the life and matter on this earth/realm. did you know that even top scientists are now seriously debating wether everything on this earth/existence is a holographic projection ? the actual laws of quantum physics even say that this all just a hologram. everything vibrates in some kind of waveform nothing is actually even solid. and all that takes place and i mean everything you ever see or experience is merely electrical synapses firing in your brain and converting it into a constructed reality which you then decode as your ‘life’. you could almost say we are a video game billions of years from now. a biological video game. with boundarys and certain rules to the ‘game’. but none of it is actually real, its just designed so meticulously that it feels that way.

    1. Something greater is definitely watching from afar. Nothing happens without reason yet we are here without defined reasoning/purpose/instructions. This shows we’re purposefully kept in the dark

  5. You have to understand the culture, if this truly is India then they believe in reincarnation-Hindu- in his mind his next life is going to be way better than the pathetic one he currently has and cant wait for the glorious next life

  6. I find it so funny that he put his phone in his pocket before laying down, instead of just dropping it.

    Think it shows he was so scared/preoccupied with what he was about to do that muscle memory took over the routine.

  7. The only way it could have been more perfect is if he laid his head on the track so his brain could be crushed like a ripe mellon. I truly believe decapitation allows one to survive up to 3-4 minutes and imagine being concious looking at your dead body etc. and possibly feeling the pain. Crushing your brain would alleviate such suffering.

  8. He was trying to scam some poor American claiming to be a Microsoft tech, and would fix her computer then she asked him to get down and he did ….juss like dat

    Pussy brain washed him at least he did not pour gas on himself and tip a candle over! Only dummies fall for that one.

    I gotta go mum told me to buy candles and gas I don’t know why but I have to go c ya soon BG crew

  9. If I was the chief editor of the site I would have written the caption “Man Puts Neck on Train Track to Commit Suicide by Debodiation”, but since there has not been any interesting offer, the post is vacant.
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  10. It was not the guy that caused his own death. It was the train running over his head. The driver of the train killed him. I bet his family’s lawyers are working on a case to sue the driver.

  11. Whatever force makes living beings like us and the animal kingdom tick, I believe it’s a form of energy. When we and animals die; be it a 100 ton blue whale or a tiny flea, that energy travels somewhere to be re-harnessed by another living being. Just my opinion

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