Man Ripped to Pieces and Steaming After Deadly Motorcycle Accident

Man Ripped to Pieces and Steaming After Deadly Motorcycle Accident

I don’t have a whole lot of backinfo about this video, but Best Gore member @elledios thinks that despite shitty audio, the people sound Colombian so the video could be from Colombia.

It shows what appears to be a motorcycle accident aftermath. There is a totaled bike and a totaled man in the video. The man is ripped to pieces and is steaming – not sure what’s up with that. He looks like he was attacked with a machete or chopped up by a combine harvester, and one of his legs has been torn off. Brutal.

Props to Best Gore member @elledios for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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87 thoughts on “Man Ripped to Pieces and Steaming After Deadly Motorcycle Accident”

    1. He, he, he. That queer was only one leg away from walking it off man, ah the irony!!! Fuck you can even see what looks like a White Fucken Dildo on the road that flew out of it’s Fagot-Ass upon impact

      1. I know right? IS is fucking old school and soft, we’re spoiled now from all the flaying, dismembering while the victim is alive and all these nice things. Just cutting off heads and dismembering dead bodies isn’t even hip anymore, anyone could do that.

        1. This video was mildly entertaining. The mortician will have a little wash up, but everything should fit decently into the suit – maroon turtleneck makes a good statement.

          A little schpritz of cologne (from time to time, of course), and we’re good to go.

  1. This reminds me of the Ricky Gervais show about the guy wearing a motorcycle helmet. Karl Pilkington said that The helmet did its job and the guys head was in great condition, but that it wasn’t attached the his body. LOL

  2. The blood looks so fresh, sticky and warm, also it’s impressive how long the human body can stay lit or glow like charcoal. I’d figure with all the water and moisture in your body that would immediately get extinguished. BG taught me something new today.

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