Man Seated on Floor Beheaded by Cartel del Sur for Robbing OXXO Stores and Motels

Man Seated on Floor Beheaded by Cartel del Sur for Robbing OXXO Stores and Motels

A man accused of robbing OXXOs, which I understand are a chain of convenience stores in Mexico, as well as motels, was captured by the members of Cartel del Sul who beheaded him as punishment for his transgressions, and left his packed up headless body, along with the severed head and a narcomensaje in a public area.

Oddly, the beheading did not take 45 minutes as is typical of Mexican henchmen. It’s also rather unusual seeing beheading of a man seated up, and not laid down on his stomach.

The incident occurred in Chilpancingo, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Guerrero is where the execution capital of the world Acapulco is located.

The narcomensaje left with the corpse stated that this will happen to all who rob OXXOs and hotels. Cartel del Sur also made a claim that in Chilpancingo, they no longer extort, charge for protection, kidnap or steal, and asked the population to report such crimes to them through social media so they can take care of the scumbags.

Here’s the video of the beheading:

A few pics, including some of the aftermath:

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      1. Thats been my secret to getting up whenever life knocks me down… I just pretend the floor is covered with man junk…gets me up off the floor every time…it’s never a shame to get knocked down it is a shame however if you can’t get up and have to lay in man junk…basically at that point your fucked.

      2. That’s true. I was in the Walmart and noticed that half the people there had big noses, and in the Motel 6 they ALL did. Plainly Jews. They also had thick lips and kinky hair. That d–n Jews ought to go back to where they came from, I think they come from Palistine or Pakistan, one of those places. Do you know also why OXXO is all big letters, (vs Oxxo)? Because the Jews waning to get attention, it’s called “upper case shouting,” a particularly vicious Jewish trick.

      3. @thedre.
        Yeah, I saw his eyes glare angrily when his head was placed on his crotch.
        It was a particularly gruesome beheading – you could hear him do some agonal breathing even when his head was loosened and flopping.

        But he must have been dead when his head was taken off his shoulders, and the eye-glaring thing was just a shutting-down anomaly.

        I’ve heard that when someone is guillotined, the severed head is alive for a few seconds.
        But I would doubt that. There is a constant level of blood pressure into the head and if that drops suddenly you lose consciousness. So the eyes thing must be just reflex.

        But If was him and was someone still alive. I’d spend my last seconds thinking:
        “At last my big head is resting on my not-as-big head. Oh the irony. Muhuahhahaaha”

        Also not sure why he gave a big speech before being ended. I guess he thought a full confession would inspire mercy. Ok, so he lost his life and his dignity. Poor bastard. RIP.

          1. ” …and I saw a Hitler moustache appear under his nose.”

            Good one, Skeletor. I thought you were being facetious, but there actually is a Hitler moustache appearing under his nose whilst eyes glare. 🙂 You’re right, it’s just crappy video lighting.

    1. I went in Walmart once, the gun section was unfuckingbelievable. Basically, an arsenal big enough for a fully fledged, all out war.
      I walked out of there pissing myself laughing at the idiocy of it.
      Frigging Walmart in Clearwater FL. And there’s me thinking it was a holiday resort.

  1. They’re doing the public a service and also protecting their interest. The guy probably had aspirations of being a leader one day but he is just a rabid dog and everyone knows what has to be done to a rabid dog. A rabid dog need to be euthanized.

  2. Brings back the memories… We used to stop at the first OXXO outside of Mexico City from Juarez airport, buy snacks and two Coronas each and cruise to our sister factory in Toluca. The last thing on our minds was trying to Jew the Pemex.

    This pendejo apparently had a different idea, but no, you get what you paid for!

    1. Yes indeed Girl, cause you always see that these guys are equipped with thousands of shinny new AR15’s that are traded by the C.I.A. to all these Cartels for the safe passage of tons of Colombian Cocaine through Mehico. American Tax Dollars at work, right there Man, and it’s fucking sad!

      1. Yeah, so all the inspiring yet diplomatic people in the white house can snort themselves into a coma or until they overdose while engaged in a mass orgy. I wonder if any of the actors, actresses or directors in Hollywood, CEO’s of companies or coke head bankers on Wall Street happen to view any of these very educational videos. I’m fairly certain that they would show great zealous to know where it all stems from and the blood would tickle their fancy given their hematophagous “strictly confidential” addiction. Now these are the type of people that your children and you children’s children should aspire to. Note my sarcasm.

  3. not sure why someone would wear their nice white kicks to a beheading, but okay.
    also, is it just me, or would getting shot be ever so much better than being beheaded??? i’d put up a fight just to get myself shot.

    1. Put up a fight and you might find your face peeled off slowly- both hands hacked off ~ eyes gouged out ~ slowly poking the knife into you mouth to cut out your tongue….. before they get round to being really nasty ~ by performing a nice slow beheading with a dull rusty knife.

      That video is on Miscopy in case you wondered.

      1. oh, yes. i didn’t consider that. and it doesn’t sound fun. so, doc, tell me… assuming one cannot avoid being in the situation, or escape it, how would you die without being beheaded while aware? *gets ready to take notes*

  4. I find it adorable the cartel no longer is on the bad side and will punish those who will, now

    Love the masked Mexican wrestling not getting blood on his new Addidas.

    Thanks Santa cartel for delivering what I rarely see on BestGore anymore; good ole gore

  5. Its tricky , tricky, tricky, tricky,
    Its tricky to cut some heads…
    My Addidas
    Aint no bloody shoes here
    This mofo must’ve taken an old school class on Break-necking
    All the while doing it in Skinny jeans
    Didn’t know There was Hipsters over there too. Goddammit!

  6. Walmart is owned by jews? I did not know that,is this true?

    It is well known that many of the headchoppers in syria are sick fuck lifers from sunni jihadist countries turned out to run amok.

    Why hasnt america and its vassals done this to get rid of headchoppers in syria?

    All who saw the “Dirty Dozen “movie with cassavetes,donald sutherland, lee marvin would know what i am talking about.

  7. Ya know, considering the cartel most likely brings in gazillions of dollars, why, oh why, can’t they take their potato camera and upgrade it? At least we kind of got to see the guy’s eyes at the end. Sort of.

  8. That splash at 1:15 was crazy. That dude’s Adidas shell-tops ain’t gonna be so fresh-n-clean anymore.

    Dumb question, but anyone more knowledgable know if that was a fucking M16 on the right? Like Vietnam-era M16? Or just a modern AR15?

    I also think it’s hilarious this cartel’s in effect now doing what you could call PR – hey guys, we’re not kidnapping and extorting anymore, it’s our own little narc0-heaven down here…

  9. Sounds like theyre painting themselves as angels. Anyone mad at someone hop on social media and you can accuse them of something and we will kill them, haha. These guys just bored savages looking for publicity

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