Man Shoots His Girlfriend Then Himself in Zürich, Switzerland

Uncensored Picture of Murder Suicide in Switzerland

At around 14:30 today, at the Europallee in Zürich, Switzerland, some guy allegedly committed murder suicide by shooting his girlfriend and then himself. Friend of Best Gore member @gianni1998 took the uncensored picture of the scene.

There isn’t much backinfo at this time. All I know is that the two were having a fight and the guy snapped, killing the woman and then turning the gun on himself. Police said the man was still alive when they arrived, but died later.


Best Gore member @gianni1998 also notes that the Swiss government has been recently pushing for gun control and suddenly this happens. The timing could not have been more convenient.

Many thanks to @gianni1998 for the pics. The rest of the gallery are pics from Swiss media:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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197 thoughts on “Man Shoots His Girlfriend Then Himself in Zürich, Switzerland”

  1. These “courtesy” videos and photos, taken by a friend or of a friend, rarely are 100 proof.

    It’s good that we’re not having personal disasters every day, and we need an occasional pause in the mind numbing misadventures that have been heavily featured this year.

    Thank you, Mark, for operating a well balanced and professional website.

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          1. Nice! I would just stick to murdering the Pope though. I’ll leave his niece to our good ol’ buddy, ol’ pal, Ex Convict. He can repeatedly call her a Bitch while he’s raping her… Btw, where is EC these days, back in prison purposely droppin’ the soap?

  2. You know, when people commit suicide on the spur of the moment, they never think:
    Wow, tonight I won’t go home to my warm house and nice bed, or finish the book I was reading, or greet the neighbour’s cat. Or watch TV. Or go out with the lads the next day.

    The total finality of death does not occur to them. Pity. Or maybe it does and they just don’t care anymore. Even more pity, then.

        1. We already beat out 500 million other sperm cells to get here (the real Olympics). In my eyes, we already hit the lottery (won the gold). Enjoy THIS life while you got it, because contrary to popular belief, IMO, you only get one.

          1. @Protocolsofzion, @carnage
            Good points.

            I once had a dream that I forgot to insure my house, and it burned down in an accident caused by me, and I’d still have to pay the mortgage on it no matter what. Even if I got a new home, I’d now have two mortgages on one income in a big city. The despair and self-blame I felt in that dream was fathomless. I almost committed suicide in my dream. So sometimes, you can understand why people take their own lives, but of course I could never do it for real, it’s just the reactive, very strong emotional human side of the limbic brain system taking over for a few minutes.

            Yep, we certainly beat 500 million other sperm cells to get here. Here’s to us, men, women, children, and animals of today. We were the best swimmers on our respective nights.
            Survival of the fittest.

          2. @Protocolsofzion, @carnage
            Good points.

            I once had a dream that I forgot to insure my house, and it burned down in an accident caused by me, and I’d still have to pay the mortgage on it no matter what. Even if I got a new home, I’d now have two mortgages on one income in a big city. The despair and self-blame I felt in that dream was fathomless. I almost committed suicide in my dream. So sometimes, you can understand why people take their own lives, but of course I could never do it for real, it’s just the reactive, very strong emotional human side of the limbic brain system taking over for a few minutes.

            Yep, we certainly beat 500 million other sperm cells to get here. Here’s to us, men, women, children, and animals of today. We were the best swimmers on our respective nights.
            Survival of the fittest.

    1. @mrspock

      Each year a number of illegal immigrants in Europe kill themselves when denied EU citizenship rather than go back home even though life will still go on for them. Other illegal immigrants in Europe when denied citizenship choose to rape and murder the indigenous population in revenge instead.

      Equally, some people who get made redundant from their job kill themselves where others would dust themselves off and get back to job searching. Some even go postal and choose to kill their co-workers instead.

      You see, there are three main points to contend with here. Where they came from, what they see themselves as and where they see themselves going and these are all interlinked with the individual’s personality and behavioural patterns.

      In the above, the outcome to highly stressful situations is usually decided via a combination of these various factors.

      To conclude, for those who place the utmost importance on attainment the present ceases to have necessity hence suicides, murders and murder-suicides. An absurdity I might add because the present tense affects/effects the future tense.

      Human beings are just selfish and drastic by nature I guess.

      1. After reading all three of your posts @Mrspock, @Carnage, and @Empty Soul you all have good points on such things. The nature of reality and the nature of humanity seem to have a very interesting toll on life. Sometimes I have suicidal thoughts but always rebound on my own without meds because I don’t trust medications I prefer alternative ways to prevent myself from doing self harm or harm to others in my better nature don’t need to end up like that and have a negative toll on my family and friends. I say fuck suicide not needed nor wanted.

        1. Go to talk therapy. You don’t need meds. If you think negative thoughts, you’ll have negative emotions. If you think positive thoughts, you’ll have positive emotions. You decide what you think about. Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself either. Think positive. Thinking negative thoughts is a habit. Break the habit.

      2. Interesting points, @empty soul, I agree.

        Every person is born with a unique temperament. I have siblings and even though we had the same parents, background and upbringing, we were not exactly the same as people.

        Life as you experience it, is just an interaction of your genes and your personality with the environment. Genes don’t change, but along with your environment, it impacts personality, which determines how you react in stressful situations, which in turn determines the next environment, and therefore how you will act in that environment (A feedback loop).

        On a slightly unrelated subject, it has been said that humans have free will.
        To some extent yes. You can choose to eat a hamburger or a sandwich for lunch, upto you.
        You can choose to train to be a doctor or teacher when you are young.
        But generally, I think we are all “prisoners of conscience”. How you act is determined (mostly) by who you are, which is determined by your past, present and perceived future, similar to what Empty soul was saying. When you wake up in the morning, it’s just the same old ‘you’ everyday, same emotions (or lack of) that flood your consciousness. Which means that people who committed suicide, were typically the type that would commit suicide anyway.

        Was it Oscar Wilde (or someone else, can’t remember) who said that the world is a stage, and people are the actors? Basically how you go through life has an almost pre-determined feel to it, as if it was written in a book. The good stuff (or the shitty stuff) that happens to you, seems to happen only to you.

        Sure, of course you can change who you are, with effort and change your habits/behaviours if you make considerable effort, but people generally stay as they are, or change very slowly. I think humans only evolve (drastically change who they are) when they are on the precipice of extinction.

    2. dumb cunts kill themselves because they’re fuckwanks. they deserve to be ridiculed in death, as they most likely were in life. fuck them all. they rejected the holy ghost and welcomed demonic possession. rot in hell, cunts. a righteous person has never committed suicide like a retard. point proven.

      1. People say that the universe was created by some devine bean or a god. But the truth is that at the point of the beginning of the big bang time didn’t exist and know one had the time to created it. Its strange because we are one of the only species that would end its own life because of extreme stress or mental illness’s. Other animals just spur on to the laws of nature. We are a strange and dynamic species and one day we may evolve to stop doing this to are self’s. The man isn’t going to Hell he just doesn’t exist anymore he has broken is biological body.

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          6. @theinevitables that link Hk posted is just the ending of Zeitgeist. You should check out the full version though, if you haven’t already. It’s a very good little film imo, that gets overlooked. Even if you don’t agree with anything in it, it’s still quite interesting, nonetheless.

          7. Rayf, I see your favorite fan is back. You can make a sensible and logical argument, but a sociopathic troll is incapable of understanding and therefore makes the same mistake repeatedly. It’s neverending shit.

          8. I just think that really the universe is a giant battery of positive energy and negative energy that they balance each other out. Matter is positive and space is negative, I haven’t got any think against religion going to your death with faith must be comforting. But religion has caused us humans to murder each other ever since it’s creation in a way it created racism. I am not a racist person as a National socialist I am just proud of my people and are accomplishments. What we did by are self’s. Other cultures have been introduced to my country and have eroded to very fabric of who we were. And that just upsets me ,Life is so much more complicated in this day and age. So some people decide to kill them self’s and taking another persons. And this is a selfish and cruel action. I plan on living as long as I can I know I am not immortal, We are just like the tinniest atom or electron. Moving around alive one minute gone the next. The meaning of life is just a thought behind are eyes. We really do think to much!!!

          9. @theinevitables carnegie? That is way to broad for me to take as an insult(though I did get a chuckle out of it) 🙂 . I’m not tryin’ to break your, you know what I mean 😉 I try not to troll anyone on here, that shit’s for Youtube, imo. I still feel stupid for gettin’ into it with ty, the scavenger the other day. I’ll post the link here of the full movie, everybody should watch it, wasn’t tryin’ to single you out or anything. It’s called Zeitgeist: The Movie, there are sequals and updated versions but I suggest starting here.

          10. Icy tits!? To the moon Alice, to the mooon!
            Seriously not trollin’ ya man, hope EVERYONE checks it out. I can see why you’re skeptical and don’t trust me, I guess I wouldn’t trust me either lol. I also see you’re not too keen on me, so I will take your advice and fuck off…

        1. @Legion your comment brings a unique form of truth that not many would understand or agree with or perhaps their beliefs would suggest otherwise to themselves humans are the only species that actual believes in such beings as God, Gods, and Goddesses and Angels, Demons, and Devils and whatever else. Personally, I don’t mind these ideas as ideas alone depending on my state of mind but I think the concept of the finality of death and decomposition and the idea of no afterlife bothers some people normally I would say the idea is the only thing that surpasses the belief such as the idea of the afterlife which is probably the only thing that surpasses God(s) or divine beings or demonic ones or whatever else people believe in which at the moment doesn’t bother me.

          Personally, I don’t mind going back to the universe and or multiverse I am no scientist but however I die I don’t believe I’ll be tortured for enternity because of my sins or virtues or shit like that for I was never alive or dead before I was born or farther back before I existed will it not be the same after I die?

          1. I think so. I’m not arrogant or naive enough to say that I know for sure because I read it in a man made book. Nobody knows, If beliefs help you be a better person, good for you. I just try to depend on myself and let everything else figure itself out.

          2. @Carnage, agreed if the beliefs help people become better people in life then so be it, yet I try to do the same don’t mind or relying on others depending on how it plays out sometimes I prefer relying on myself.

          3. the retarded jew cunts that control science and the msm certainly believe in satan. the big bang of nothing takes more faith to believe in than god. no other species believes in scientific theories either.

          4. @We watch gore

            One thing is certain in life and that is death. We will all face that moment sooner or later. Personally, I entertain a radical view of reincarnation. One where we’ve all been here before and we’ll all be here again, as we have been doing for eternity.
            This is in the view that the Big Bang creates the universe, eventually we appear on earth for the briefest time and then disappear.

            The universe collapses into the Big Crunch , repeat X infinity, rinse.

            As there’s no solid scientific consensus on whether the universe does indeed collapse or merely continues to expand for infinity into a desolate soup, my money’s on the former.

          5. I ascribe to a peasant element of the multiverse theory. We’re getting tossed around in a big, dirty kitchen until enough randomly collected cooks bump into each other, and add just enough ingredients into the stone soup until we get microwaved nice and hot.

            Next day’s soup tastes the best. I don’t mind getting banged occasionally, said this 67 year old.

          6. @Doc Undy, personally, I never minded the idea of annhiliation and reincarnation from a somewhat scientific view and a merging of some religious point of view or the idea that I won’t get an afterlife while every other person can go to there own afterlife. They way I rank it is the: Heavens, the Earth(s), Annhilation & Reincarnation, and then every other possibility based off of probability, yet I like your view on a radical view of reincarnation and irrelevant point but relevant within the community Jews don’t bother me depends on the Jew and that goes for every other whatever of a person, shit, if there was an exact dobbleganger of myself I’d probably wouldn’t trust him 100% either maybe 80-60% but that is a different conversation.

          1. i couldn’t agree more with you. i as well have also come to that conclusion… but did you not say “he should have raped her and then killed himself.”?

            wow, some believer.

          2. Zechariah 14 Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, and thy spoil shall be divided in the midst of thee.

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          4. I don’t mind you believing in God or God(s) I assure it is the former and not the latter of the two.

            Depending on my state of mind and with individual psychology or crowd/group psychology as long as it isn’t in one of those weird moments type of thing in a negative point of view or misguided or taken advantage of type of situation I’d say let people believe and or not believe in God(s) and you know whatever else for the sake of perspective and understanding of those around us and tolerance we don’t always have to tolerate things from time to time as long as we find our own balance in life and death and all that.

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  3. SMH – the not so subtle hint that this could possibly be a false flag attack derives from some guy, from some place, using some form of communication expounding on the maybe pushback of gun laws, rights or whatever. Journalistic integrity at its finest.

    Sometimes a trajedy is just trajedy and not some behind the scenes chicanery on the part of some perceived enemy.

    I love this site but come on

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