Man Slowly Dismembered

Man Slowly Dismembered
Man Slowly Dismembered
Man Slowly Dismembered

From Latin America, the video starts out with a guy, bound in a chair, with a piece of cloth around his mouth. He looks as if he knows what’s coming to him and has accepted it, already looking dead inside.

The man filming wont shut up, talking the whole time, for sure he is explaining why they are cutting the victims hands off, along with dismembering the rest of his body. A guy in white gloves goes to work on his wrists, blood is pouring out from his stumps. The butcher tosses his severed hands onto the nicely saran wrapped floor. There is already a satisfying amount of blood.

However, with a quick fast-forward in time, we jump to the point of the murder where he is deceased and leaning up against a wall in the corner of the room. They proceed to decapitate the corpse, my favorite part, as it shows the most blood in the whole clip.

They hold up their prize and move onto the next body part they are remove, the arms. Cutting off his left arm in the video is just the icing on the cake. I would love to feel sympathy for the victim, but lets be honest, there is no hope for Latin America, and we cannot help everyone.


This message is during the hand cutting scene *** “This is a message from “Shadow Group” for every fucking robber, extorter, sons of bitches. We already have you located from the darkness….(some words I couldn’t catch)…The cleanse continues from our towns to keep them tranquil. You’re acting dumb son of a bitch. I’m leaving you this second message. The next one is you. Don’t think you’re free asshole. Miguel, you’re on the list too for being a big mouth. You won’t be able to handle this. Be on alert…. (other words unintelligible)…. attentively Shadow Group. Here on the cleanse.

This message is during the scene where the head is decapitated. “This is what’s going to happen to all the fuckers who are robbing. Attentively Shadow Group.

Thank you @beerbellydoni for the update.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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    1. That was so fake. I never saw that guy sharpen any knives between body parts. And where is all the blood when he started cutting the mannequins wrist. Lol. You want would have been hilarious, if after cutting his head off, they shit down his neck. LMFAO.

    2. How can people do this I couldn’t bring myself to pull off the wings from a fly. Saying that though if anyone ever hurt my kids i think pure rage would overcome me giving me the lunacy to marmelize someone.

          1. – – Off topic Dre, i have only replied here as it is/was your last comment at the time – –

            Andre, I noticed when browsing tonight, that 5 days ago, in a conversation on one of your activity pages, that you mentioned this:
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          1. WOW @illegalsmile55, i have no idea what the context is here…. but considering that you remembered and found this comment is only proof that you are the LAST person who could ever be accused of having alzheimers!

            Now im reminded, i DO remember making this comment, and I also remember that you didnt reply to it. No biggy, my good and veteran BG brother – I know that you always have been very busy with your emails, replys, and notifications.
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          2. …George Takei! [sulu in his star trek costume]
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            @illegalsmile55 Im reminded every bloody year by “4/20 day”. As much as i want to forget the passing of years, silly millenials who think they invented weed have to make a big deal, and thereby remind me of my own tik tok-ing.
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          3. @karmen40
            Hey Karm, i hope that all is well with You & Yours Sir, and that you’s are keeping safe from this whatever it is? Covid-19 crap. It’s always nice to hear from You My Good
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          4. Admittingly I remembered it because my best friends birthday is 7/31, and that’s what made me remember you saying this, that my buddy and dre had the same b-day. I’ve always been known for remembering stuff. I’m an elephant. @karmen40 🙂

          5. @Karmen40
            Thanks Karm for the Birthday Wishes, that was nice, late or not. And as for me 54 I Have to thank Lisa or @Illegalsmile55 cause I, the other day Forgot my own age, and said that I was 52, when i’m 54 dude,,, born *July 30th. 1965.* Lisa had my counting on the fingers ffs. ha. ha. lol, honestly Karm, it was like $*/?!x Man, lol. Fucking-Alzheimer,Lol?

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          1. @Wally74
            Actually yes i do Wally. I Have 4 Boys,,, One Stepdaughter. And just under 3 years-Ago i was shocked to hear that i may have a Daughter from a fling that i had with The Girl Next door.

            But this girl was know to sometimes have threesome, and did so after her previous single fling would have barely left an hour before. She sometimes had 3 different flings in a day man,,, A Day! So yea long story but blood tests are on the list that’s for sure.

          1. @D. Henker
            And it’s nice to see you back B G Brother, as i was wondering what happen to you my man.
            So all’s good then, (your family & self) i gather ? 🙂

        1. Or maybe the opening of addicted to vaginal skin with the recording of the serial killer Arthur shawcross saying “I don’t know. I just took that knife, and I cut her from her neck down to her anus. Then I cut out her vagina and ate it.”

          You know something we can all appreciate

        2. Haha it is faggot ass skrillex crap BUT as Brandi points out…you want it your way fucking step up and offer to do some content for BG. People coming here fucking bitching make me laugh…it aint Burger King, you aint even paying. Enjoy the free ride or get the fuck!

      1. Okay that sounds great, purchase the download and send it to me or send me the money through a PayPal account.. You all have your own ideas and opinions yet you aren’t willing to help make it happen so..

    1. Sad that any new cheap kitchen knife qualifies as a decent knife for these retards.. compared to the fodder they usually use. Rusted dull trinket knives, half busted letter openers, wooden stakes, broken plates, ect. I know these idiots in most of these videos are NOT in prison, so they can just go to the store and get any random chinese made kitchen knife for a couple dollars. They don’t need to steal the blade out of their mum’s electric knife and fashion a shank out of it.

  1. “This is a message from the group “Sombra”(shadow) to all the putos thefts, extortionists, kidnappers, son of their bitches, we have already located you from the darkness, ‘les va a caer la verga” (you are going to pay) we are on it from (here they name a lot of different places I dont know cause im not from mexico xD) the cleanse keeps going for our people to peaceful cities, and you .. (here they name someone I dont understand the name) son of a bitch, here I leave you a second message (…) you are next, don’t think you got away with it dog, you too miguel (…) you are also on the list for being a loudmouth, gossip, (…) puto… (……..)”
    Anddddd the rest is the same shit xD

  2. Oh YYehh.. Saw this Month ago on a other Website.. cant believe how many thief are livin on this Planet even Video Thief`s.. but hey maybe we see even a “Video Thief” get punished and maybe we will se a Video about it 😀

    1. I’ve wondered about the process of the vids getting from the origin to here.
      The perpetrators filming the evil must post vids up on numerous sites. In my country vids don’t stay up for long & get taken down within a couple of hours.
      All the news sites in my country don’t show any material.
      I guess the vids float round until one of our BG team finds them.

  3. Ahh… it’s been a while since I saw good old fashioned(passable) dismemberment. Have to say it was satisfying and relieving. They’re pretty decent at dismemberment, but not so much decapitation in Mexico except with electric blades or hacking. They just aren’t the natural head cutters the middle easterners seem to be. Even their kids seem to know how smoothly decapitate. Definitely a historical thing.

  4. “Sigue la limpia” (“The cleanup goes on”).

    Lmao, what a massive fag thing to say when you’re every ounce as filthy as every single spic that is willing to trade their humanity for spare change, before being discarded like a pissed-on log in a pyre, just like the rest.

    Cheap entertainment for the rest of the world, tho. Not all is lost 🙂

    1. What’s up and welcome gore slut, death fiend, misery drinker. A true welcome (unless your one of them white supremacist types then fuck you we don’t have shit to discuss) if you like dismemberments and who doesn’t there Way better than this one on here. This is pretty average honestly.

        1. Nothing wrong with that me too, but I was speaking to the above not you. If me and him have nothing to discuss why would we. Unless you’d like to have a serious conservation. That rationalization is used as a justification to cover for other shit than that.

      1. I’m one of those white supremecy guys , I like white nationalist better tho. I love my people more than any other race on the planet (perfectly normal and natural) but Dimwits like yourself have fallen slave to the JOOOISH lies, multiculturalism and diversity are the two most destructive words invented for ALL races involved. So you keep sucking the cock of thine enemy kiddo and I’ll make a stronger and smarter civilized world by joining forces with my brothers.

        1. You fucking bothered me justto say that. Numbskull I’m in total agreement about loving your people first and didn’t say one fucking thing about multiculturalism. Nor did I imply as much idiot. Please don’t even fucking reply back doing us both a favor.

  5. I mean the guy did look like he was tired of waiting to die. However, again Latin Americans seem to have something going on inside of them. There is so much rage and the poor man had to suffer. Why couldn’t they just have killed him quickly or better yet not done it all. I guess someone might be a little offended by what I said but after watching these videos it just seems like the truth. Stay away from these countries.

  6. Oh my God! That was exciting to watch. My new jerk off video. Wish it was complete.
    All very satisfying to see a live person being slowly dismembered. And the butcher was so calm about it all. Just another day. And obviously had experience.
    But I agree with Tomi Huraraki. Wish there was more screaming.

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