Man Slowly Dismembered

Man Slowly Dismembered
Man Slowly Dismembered
Man Slowly Dismembered

From Latin America, the video starts out with a guy, bound in a chair, with a piece of cloth around his mouth. He looks as if he knows what’s coming to him and has accepted it, already looking dead inside.

The man filming wont shut up, talking the whole time, for sure he is explaining why they are cutting the victims hands off, along with dismembering the rest of his body. A guy in white gloves goes to work on his wrists, blood is pouring out from his stumps. The butcher tosses his severed hands onto the nicely saran wrapped floor. There is already a satisfying amount of blood.

However, with a quick fast-forward in time, we jump to the point of the murder where he is deceased and leaning up against a wall in the corner of the room. They proceed to decapitate the corpse, my favorite part, as it shows the most blood in the whole clip.

They hold up their prize and move onto the next body part they are remove, the arms. Cutting off his left arm in the video is just the icing on the cake. I would love to feel sympathy for the victim, but lets be honest, there is no hope for Latin America, and we cannot help everyone.


This message is during the hand cutting scene *** “This is a message from “Shadow Group” for every fucking robber, extorter, sons of bitches. We already have you located from the darkness….(some words I couldn’t catch)…The cleanse continues from our towns to keep them tranquil. You’re acting dumb son of a bitch. I’m leaving you this second message. The next one is you. Don’t think you’re free asshole. Miguel, you’re on the list too for being a big mouth. You won’t be able to handle this. Be on alert…. (other words unintelligible)…. attentively Shadow Group. Here on the cleanse.

This message is during the scene where the head is decapitated. “This is what’s going to happen to all the fuckers who are robbing. Attentively Shadow Group.

Thank you @beerbellydoni for the update.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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  1. I kinda gotta wonder how someone gets to the point where they’re mentally comfortable with cutting up a living person. I’m all about putting rounds down range, killing the enemy, and taking souls, but damn this dude got it rough.

  2. You’re favorite part is the head? I love the part where they cut off his hands because there’s a great amount of blood and hes awake and feeling it the whole time. Fucking beautiful. I wonder what other peoples favorite part is

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