Man’s Upper Body Reduced to 2-Dimensional Object by Truck

Mans Upper Body Reduced to 2-Dimensional Object by Truck

In a country where men wear skirts, a man wearing a skirt was run over by a truck while riding a motorcycle. The truck reduced much of his upper from a 3-dimensional object into a 2-D one.

Furthermore, his head was horizontally sliced and pretty much the entire content of his chest and belly puked out on the road. Carnage espectacular.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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207 thoughts on “Man’s Upper Body Reduced to 2-Dimensional Object by Truck”

    1. I think about that a lot. Some days you’re better off just calling in sick and staying home. We’re all just microseconds away from A gruesome death On the freeways.

      Or Anybody could snap in any second and start shooting. the American public is angry bitter and crazy. I’ve been watching this trend increase for years. Very sick society and it’s getting worse

      Myself included

      1. Roxi There’s a sickness all over the world. That’s how i know for sure that one day that nuclear war will come. It’s gonna be fantastic and i can’t wait

          1. hahah Both covers are hilarious in their own right. It’s also a sad indictment of society that some people have way too much time on their hands.

      2. Well speak for yourself. When I’m riding my motorcycle, I’m at a fucking peak of my attention and reflexes, I’m ensuring the safety of every fucking maneuver no matter how small, always in control of the situation, and never, ever ever EVER take the risk of over speeding or maneuvering in tight spaces between the car. You might say I’m riding like an old fart, but the only possibility I’ll get killed on the road is if someone TRIES to kill me.

        So unless some one deliberately tries to kill you, any road “accident” is 100% your own fault.

        1. Great comment @ankun2
          You’re better than me. When I have expertise at something, my brain goes on autopilot, and it goes something like this “ladedadaaaa…..ladedadaaaa…….ladedadaaaa……ladedadaaaa….ladedadaaaa”
          It’s a good job I don’t have a motorbike, with my attention span, I’d crash it lol.

      1. Staying at home doesn’t always work Roxi, especially if the polish man next dour’s brewing his own alcohol or some pakistani decides to fiddle the gas meter….kaboom!

          1. NineInchNails haha..i miss the isis videos, i love to see them whine and cry when their time comes, there was a good one where they were getting chucked off a cliff then machine gunned, i still fantasise over that one

      1. Seraphim Serenata I’m here buddy, was he referencing carnage our good friend and bestgore member or was he using the adjective carnage to describe the scene ?

          1. This must be the goriest video yet. I’m just surprised no one added their vomit to his pile of blood and guts but then there were no westerners about so no one puked

      1. haha yes carnage, that flamethrower would come in handy. Anyway i’m on my way to work this morning in London and this tourist is screaming his head off, him and his wife got mugged, i asked him for a description and he said they had a foreign accent, well in london that applied to about 7 fukkin million people, this hot lookin bitch tried to give chase with her dog but i talked her out of it, didn’t want to see the bitch get fucked up, still didn’t get any fanny though

        1. People can be so unappreciative, bro. Least she could’ve done is gave you head for being such a Good Samaritan, for Christ’s sake!… Have fun at work, polluted. Don’t know what you do but I was gonna guess you worked at a chemical plant… 😉

          1. caRnAGE good guess, kind of, was in demolition, right now i’m a caretaker, she was happy to see me but then she fucked off, i can still smell her fanny, lovely white bitch, i need to get her in the basement, not the dog, the woman : ))

        1. I say we’re pretty normal. However, I do feel that a lot of people here fall into the “loser” side socioeconomically. Not because of our morbid curiosity I believe, but how some people go about in the comments.

      1. I mean, just imagine if we could watch this guy getting crushed by the truck in slow motion, we would have a better understanding on how each piece of flesh ended up where it is, I get confused just looking at the mess

          1. Doc Undy That’s interesting, i had anaemia i might even still have it, then the doc done a scan and found a growth on the lungs, they told me to go back for more teats, i told them to fuck off haha

          2. I’d get that growth checked out Polluted. You could be harboring one of those Alien chest-bursters we know & love so well. We wouldn’t want to see you on these pages with that THING slurping on your lungs.

      1. LaSalvia That would be helpful because we could slow it down and watch it over again tracking each piece of flesh. Very good, that shit hole needs to get cctv deployed instead of building religious buildings, not that either stops them getting squashed

  1. Some people just don’t know how to rock a symbiotic, alien lifeform.. Fuckin’ amateurs… The suit goes on the outside there, slick…… Slick… Ha, yeah that’s a perfect name for em.. Suits him well.

          1. Haha!!! P-O-T-W

            He means no one will be able to identify the person until honkey gives up the dudes penis, which he took when he found the body…. Sorry to ruin the joke – na=Not ap·pli·ca·ble/available.. . D=Dick

          2. Polluted…

            DNA is a genetic marker in all humans. NA simply implies
            “Not Available.”

            HK made an earlier remark regarding “D.” If the D was placed in front of the NA, then the information regarding his genetics, would of become available. (hence, DNA)

            It’s like a blood test, to determine which species of vampires bit the victim.

            …hope that helps


  2. It’ll be a shame to leave this fellow behind when we all move on, his death has been a good entertainment for us so he did some good in life, i think he was a daughter fucker myself and she’ll be lonely at night without papa

      1. That Jimmy Dore video is disturbing and I don’t know but this united media front to talk up WAR, may just reflect the fact that the masses have more access to alternative sources of what’s really going on around the world these days.

        1. I doubt if Trump would start WWIII. He’s provoked quickly and lashes out like a bitch. But he’s got the attention span coupled with the intellect of a gnat & is easily distracted. So even if he does launch an air strike on Syria, there’s no real prospect of him sustaining a longer campaign.

          1. The white house is under Zionist control and has been for a while. The president only has the appearance of control. Syria has been in the Zionists cross hairs for a long time. Israel has been using ISIS to fight a proxy war with Syria. It’s funny that Christians in America are sitting around salivating at the thought of Assad being murdered, but the first thing that will happen, is the extermination of the Christians in the area.

          2. Trump is not the problem. Trump is simply the symptom of an underlying problem. HK has summed it up very well.

            This country has been under the control of the Deep State for decades now. It matters not, who’s in the White House.

            …unless you happen to be JFK

            As with Hitler, setting his own government building on fire to start a World War, our shadow government started their quest for another one, on 911.

            …unfortunately, their quest may be answered by Russia, at the time of this particular post.

            Putin’s no angel, by any stretch of the imagination. However, he’s no fool either. After this evening’s events in Syria, we may find out what Russia’s really made of.

            Hence, “From Russia With Love.”

          3. Putin’s arsenal of soviet era nukes must be showing their age by now along with the USA’s. I think any attempt to even do a little posturing with one of them might see them with a Wile E Coyote blackface and a few million pan fried citizens. Despite all his bluff & bluster, Putin’s Russia is not the economic superpower he’d like the rest of the world to believe.

          4. Doc…

            Russia’s economy is far stronger than ours. Their currency is not tied into central banks, creating money out of thin air and debt like ours. While they do accept the U.S. dollar to some extent, that is quickly changing. The various sanctions that we have imposed on Russia, has expedited Russia to break away from the U.S. dollar. For example, Russia and China have agreed on a multi-billion dollar gas bill, in which no U.S. currency will be exchanged between the two countries.

            As with Saddam Hussein and Gadhafi, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, what it takes to be on the Deep State’s Shit List.

            …it’s the breaking away from the U.S. Dollar

            It puts any country that deals with it, in poverty.

        2. Good point Spinx. Let’s hope not. However, a more terrible death, may be the loss of the corporate paycheck, followed by the damnation from the corporate media.

          I don’t agree with TC on several issues. However, he does make me think from a different perspective. Chris Mathews as well. Both of them demonstrate some level of courage and integrity. And I’m okay with that.

          However and to this day, I hate MSNBC and FAUX.

          …the rest are corporate presstitutes at best

          1. Pigs
            Very interesting perspectives from both you and HK.
            Hallelujah gentlemen the missiles are now flying… …we’ll know soon enough how this is going to pan out.

  3. I Swear,,, these Guys are getting all excited, and Woodiness-Ready while watching this up close Gore Fest. And the Ladies,,, completely liquidized, & Therefore Filling That Street with Slip, & Fall Slime, An American Civil-Lawyers Wet Dream For Sure man!!! Next Thing you know,,, 9 mts. from know this day will be remembered with thousands of New Baby-Boomers with Women Spawning little Curry-Chicken Snorting/Slurping little Jr. Agerrwall,s.

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