Man Waiting for Rescue Gets Chopped Up by Helicopter Blades

Man Waiting for Rescue Gets Chopped Up by Helicopter Blades

Man Waiting for Rescue Gets Chopped Up by Helicopter Blades

It is my understanding that this incident happened in Colombia. Can anybody confirm the information, or correct it if incorrect?

The video shows what looks like a helicopter rescue of survivors of an earlier helicopter crash. There is a chopper wreck on the uneven hill, and a few apparent survivors waiting to be rescued.

The rescue helicopter attempts to pick them up, but shit goes awry and one man gets chopped up by the blades, resulting not only in his death, but now there being two helicopters in need of rescue, instead of the original one.

Here’s similar rescue with someone getting propellered. Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the video:

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98 thoughts on “Man Waiting for Rescue Gets Chopped Up by Helicopter Blades”

          1. Jaysus. If I was at the controls, I too would lose my shit if another dude broke wind before me. I bet the pilot passed out from the smell.

      1. can’t understand why he didn’t land it. As for the cameraman, wasn’t he a cool fellow, no panic, didn’t fuck up the money shot at the last second like most people, props to Pepito you are a certified psychopath

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  1. Yes this is Colombia.The first chopper went down last week.They sent the second one so it would retreive the scientific equipment that was on the first one and of course the crew.The guy that ended up in pieces was a technician.The pilot survived with rather minor injuries.End of story.

  2. helicopters would never go in one, dont trust the pilot on such touch sensitive controls.

    and i fucking hate hot air balloons.


  3. Bunch of fucking idiots. I may not know the standard procedure on Helicopter rescue much, But I’m sure as fuck there are some writing in the rule book about not to stay near a fucking “ACTIVE Helicopter on flight”. This is not a bumper car where you can just hop in and be on your merry way.

  4. Something doesn’t add up here. The terrain doesn’t look so rugged. So why do they need a helicopter rescue? And if the situation is so desperate that they need a helicopter rescue, why is somebody video’ing it? I wonder if this was a practice exercise or if they were making a movie.

  5. another lesson learned thanks to BG. i know its stating the obvious to stay away from the blades.. but.. this video shows you stay the fuck away and then some, just in case that motherfucker dips rapidly as in said video.

  6. These guys did not look professional at all.

    Military and police rescue tend to practice day and night. When they go out to rescue people, they did it 1000 times before that in training and that is why they are so successful. They have years of training before they even get a chance to go out and help and even then they are just side line. It looks like none of these people in the video, pilot included, ever had a single day of training to tether a item on the ground to a helicopter. This is the first time they ever tried it, and the last.

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