Man in Wheelchair Stabbed on Street in Brazil, Bus Casually Drives Around

Man in Wheelchair Stabbed on Street in Brazil, Bus Casually Drives Around

According to the info I got, this happened in Porto Alegre, the city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The CCTV video shows the stabbing of a man in a wheelchair. There are three different angles of the attack, though unfortunately whoever pasted the video together started with what should have been the last one.

In the video, the knifeman appears to arrive on a bicycle, which he parks and approaches the wheelchair bound man who is in front of a bus. The knifeman quickly proceeds to attack the handicapped man by stabbing him repeatedly from all sides. The victim falls off his wheelchair, but the knifeman keeps stabbing him like mad.

Meanwhile, the bus driver casually drives around the murder in progress and takes off. Shortly after, the attacker gets back on his bike and rides away.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Man in Wheelchair Stabbed on Street in Brazil, Bus Casually Drives Around”

  1. Hey that bus driver has a schedule to meet. He’s a chauffeur not a cop. Those people paid good money and got places to go and they want their bus fares to be put to use.

    Bra’ziw: Fabled land of Flip Flops and Favelas. Some say god himself declared Bra’ziw the true Holy Land. Going as far as carving a statue of his son with a single thunderbolt.

  2. The ‘Granny Raper’ finally tastes the steel for himself. It was bad enough for him to rape and murder all those grannies, but to steal their wheelchairs and just flaunt about like that?… Guy had this coming to him. R.I.P. all the deceased Grandmothers, you were not forgotten.

  3. Yea @Vincitomniaveritas i’m sure that the Bus driver was letting out a Big-Ass Yawn while watching the shit go down live, while thinking to himself,,, just another day in the Big Brazilian-Reptilian Jungle, lol.

  4. every person in this video looks like they’re up to no good. Thank god for this site cause I’ll never visit any part of this shithole. Brazil Def the most violent ruthless people walking this planet. Animals

      1. I’m sure it is. The south is giving north, east and west a terrible name. The people seem like wild animals. Zero respect for human life. ZERO!! Soo glad that I know what’s up w this place thanks to this site. I use to always want to go to RIO. Fuck that whole place! People get murdered everywhere. Total over kill in Brazil. Stab the shit out of you. I was looking at a pic from here a prisoner had no lie 75 butcher knives In him. I’m gonna find it and post it.

        1. Tried to find the pic. If you find it post it. It’s a Brazilian prisoner w Knives in every piece of his body. It was In related gore. I can get really lost on this site I just keep clicking and clicking

          1. I’ve been to Rio, it was fun. Didn’t see any dead people. You have to remember, this is a spotlight on all the crazy shit on this site. There’s lots of normal life going on in Brazil. By the way, it’s the north that’s the most violent. White Germans live in the south.

          2. @theprotocolsofzion

            yeah i know about brasiwl too bro.

            i was gonna post a humourous “brazil is actually a nice place to live” post

            but it was kinda sarcastic, shit goes on on every level when you actually live there…….. ive lived there for 3 months and shit does go on a lot, its just normal life. but YEAH to visit on your holidays its a nice place and touristas are usually understood to be good for braziwl.

            word up nigga

  5. I don’t know too many disabled people in wheelchairs, which is lucky really because here in Nth Australia, like electricity, we don’t have cement yet for the wheelchairs to ride on, or many ramps either for that matter…..

  6. according to my dads brazilian wife; brazil is not a good place to be right now due to the economy, when i lived there for 3 months, (7/8 years ago) shit still went on, but that was a good time to be there. apparently.

  7. what a loser that criminal is. he has to resort to picking on/stabbing holes into a disabled person. hopefully someone comes along and teaches him a lesson… a nice gunshot to the c or t spine and he can put that vacant chair to use. rip, wheel guy.

  8. When I was in Brazil, at one point we were on the road with my friends and I saw a sign that had the name of some cities and how many kilometers away, and among them was 300 kilometers from where we were. I told them that maybe at some point we could go, then everyone began to say that it was very far, that they were many hours of travel and blah blah. if they had listened to me I would have maybe witnessed a good show

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