Manaus Prison Massacre Video Filmed from Rooftop

Manaus Prison Massacre Video Filmed from Rooftop

Here are two newly leaked videos of the prison massacre in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. The official number of dead as of today is 56 from the initial massacre, which was followed by the second wave of violence in which 4 additional inmates were killed, bringing the total to 60 dead. The massacre is the largest in a Brazilian prison since the Carandiru.

Brazilian Justice Minister Alexandre de Moraes said at a news conference on Monday night in Manaus that the leaders of the factions that commanded the massacre in Compaj will be transferred to maximum security federal prisons as soon as they are identified.

The Amazonas government official confirmed that the January 1, 2017 jail riot was the result of a war between the Northern Family and the First Command of the Capital for control of drug trafficking in the State. The official also clarified that 184 prisoners escaped the facility, of whom 136 are still on the run.

Here’s the bird’s eye view video of the massacre filmed from a rooftop:

Those severed heads seen being lined up at the end of the above video can be seen in detail in the following video:

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  1. First i was like “yeah, that’s what i’m talking about”, but when i saw the video, i was disappointed. No killing scenes, just some dudes playing with some heads.

    I hope the real deal is still coming. I wanna see some real dismemberment on living prisoners.

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    1. That’s what many working Brazilians wish would happen, to kill them (at least the most dangerous ones, like murderers), as they did decades ago before and during the military dictatorship period (they would kill both political and common criminals). The ”human rights epidemic” which took hold of our country in the past two to three decades is the reason for this not happening anymore.

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  2. Let the criminals kill each other, let them weak themselves and exploit the divisions between them to make them destroy each other, and then the police should step in and take control after that, control they’ve lost in recent decades.

  3. in the 1st video, one of them asked the other: “Have you seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?” hahaha
    Apparently, FamΓ­lia do Norte won. The dead are PCC members.

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  6. Why those in charge tolerate this????
    How about using a snipers?
    What’s going on in here, where is police to enter and deal with them?

    Those in charge who letting this scums doing it deserve to be in prison themselves..

  7. I always find myself wishing and hoping that all of the animals smiling and laughing and perpetrating these heinous acts are the victims next time and we all get to see THEM crying like cunts and pleading for their lives as they are butchered.

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  8. The Brazilian Government is probably fapping to this video thinking of all the money this has saved them. It is a sick fucking world and sickest of all is death, made so excruciatingly painful that it forces us into the only other option, which is to survive longer and deny the only inevitability, which is death. Many won’t agree with me on this in the best time of their lives, but this reality hits everyone eventually.

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