Mangled and Decapitated Body Recovered from Rough Seas

Mangled and Decapitated Body Recovered from Rough Seas

In a Middle Eastern country, a group of men pulled off a dangerous recovery of a corpse from rough seas. The corpse was mangled and decapitated.

The sea was beating down on those sharp rocks heavily – at any time a wave could have swept any of the guys into the sea, or mangle him too by sweeping him off his feet and onto the sharp edges.

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      1. Have you ever even met any Muslims ? (And calling someone a ‘terrorist’ when your with your mates doesnt count) Seeing people from the middle East and ASSUMING they are Muslims is as about as ignorant as people from the middle East seeing me and you and ASSUMING we are Christians. Its Dumb

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  2. please correct this is not a middle ‘eastern country’ this is morocco , i am 100% sure , had hard time trying to figure out whats the guys saying, but finally heard camera man saying ‘raso makaynch ‘ which can be translated to ‘the guys head is cut off ‘ and ‘haz haz!!’ ‘pull up pull up ‘

  3. having my father drown at sea in 1981 I know all too well losing someone to the sea and knowing what to/not look at when finding a body on the shore , the eyes are the first thing the sand fleas will eat so finding my father with a group of search and rescue workers at the age of 14 has left a burning impression in me ,to see a man once so full of life lying there on the rocks with all the life taken out of him ,miss you dad…

    1. @Mr.Ragoo,
      I live in a coastal town where many people make their living on the water, so we also have many who die, falling overboard,’s quite sad to have to try and find your friend or loved one. Sometimes they’re never found…
      Sorry for your loss.

  4. The guy has now become a fixture in a local elementary school where he is being used as chalk.

    In nature nothing is wasted, nothing is created, everything is transformed ? Antoine Lavoisier

    In another video, we’ll see another floater put to good use as a test dummy in a Volkswagen commercial.

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