Message to Nuevo Laredo Mayor Benjamin Galvan from El Chapo Guzman

Message to Nuevo Laredo Mayor Benjamin Galvan from El Chapo Guzman

Several officials from the city of Nuevo Laredo and the state of Tamaulipas, lead by Nuevo Laredo Mayor Benjamin Galvan made public claims that El Chapo Guzman and his Sinaloa Cartel have no presence and conduct no operations in or around the area. Nuevo Laredo is an important city through which narcotics are smuggled from Mexico into the United States of America so struggle to retain control of it is intense among the cartels.

Since their fast rise to power, the Los Zetas have had very strong presence in Nuevo Laredo but boss of all drug bosses – Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera aka El Chapo has made it a point that he won’t be leaving such important trafficking route in the hands of his prime rivals. And since even the Mayor of Nuevo Laredo made public statements denying Sinaloa Cartel’s reach to Tamaulipas, El Chapo made sure he sends a message that speaks loud and clear to the contrary.

Previously, El Chapo sent a message to Los Zetas, accompanied with seven decapitated and dismembered bodies of captured Zetas operatives. Few days later, a message to Nuevo Laredo Mayor Benjamin Galvan and other municipal and state officials, accompanied with heads of 14 Zetas operatives graced the streets of Nuevo Laredo. On the same day, 9 bodies were found hanging from Nuevo Laredo bridge, bringing a total number of Narco deaths in one day, in a single city up to 23.

The narcomensaje accompanying hanged people was not signed, but they are believed to have been killed by Los Zetas. Clearly, despite El Chapo’s plea to drive the Zetas out of Nuevo Laredo, they are a powerful force capable of hideous crimes even with big El Chapo after their asses.

In the warning to Nuevo Laredo Mayor Benjamin Galvan, El Chapo also threatened Alfonso Olvera Ledezma – public safety director, and Victor Almanza – the investigating prosecutor. All three of these public figures denied presence of the Sinaloa Cartel in the state Tamaulipas of the city of Nuevo Laredo. The warning portrayed Benjamin Galvan as the Chocolate Factory owner Willy Wonka. In Mexican Spanish, the messages contained the following:

Quieren credibilidad de que estoy operando aquí, díganme como… ¿con cabezas de funcionarios Zetas, o sea ustedes?

Señor Presidente, como nos quiere dar un dulcito o vive en un mundo de chocolate, al salir usted declarando que aquí no pasa nada y que todo está bien, siga con lo mismo y le aseguro que van a seguir rodando más cabezas

Sigan haciéndole caso a Miguel Treviño Z-40 para decir y negar que ya operamos en Nuevo Laredo, solo para Lazcano no regañe a este analfabeta y lavacarros

Y tú, director de Seguridad Pública estás puesto plenamente por el Z-40, quien es tu compadre, sigue declarando que no anda mi personal aquí en Nuevo Laredo

O tú, MP, sigue señalando que los descuartizados eran albañiles, comerciantes, migrantes o simples y modestos trabajadores o sigan negando mi presencia aquí en Nuevo Laredo y van a seguir sus cabezas

Yo no mato inocentes para presentar trabajo como tu estas acostumbrado Z 40, todo muerto en Nuevo Laredo es pura escoria o sea puro Z!!!! Atte: Tu padre Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán!

Translated to English, the messages roughly mean the following. At first, El Chapo questions that there is no credibility to the Sinaloa Cartel claiming presence in Nuevo Laredo:

You want proof that I am in Nuevo Laredo? What will it take to prove it, cutting off the heads of Zeta leaders? Or yours?

To address the Nuevo Laredo Mayor Benjamin Galvan, a photomontage of Benjamin Galvan’s face superimposed onto an image of Willy Wonka from the Chocolate Factory is included with the text which translates as:

Mr. President, since you want to give everyone a chocolate sweet treat, you come out saying that nothing is happening here and all is well. Continue saying that and I assure you that heads will keep rolling.

Keep helping Miguel Treviño Z-40 by denying that we already operate in Nuevo Laredo, just so that this illiterate car washer doesn’t get scolded by Lazcano

To address Alfonso Olvera, El Chapo’s message translated to English says:

And you, Director of Public Security whom Z-40 appointed to the post, who is your compadre, keep declaring that my men do not operate here in Nuevo Laredo

To address Victor Almanza, El Chapo’s message translated to English says:

Or you, MP, stating that the dismembered were masons, traders, migrants or simple and humble workers or (and not what they were Zetas) continue to deny my presence here in Nuevo Laredo and will continue their heads

The message concludes with a statement:

I do not kill innocent people to submit work as you are accustomed Z 40, all whom died in Nuevo Laredo were pure scum or Z!! Attn: Your father Joaquin El Chapo Guzman

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Yeah but this time he’s going after the mayor’s head and some of his politicians acquaintances sucks for the people living there they’ll be in the middle of the cross fire ~

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