Mexican Chainsaw Beheading Used in Anti Assad Propaganda

Mexican Chainsaw Beheading Used in Anti Assad Propaganda

LOL, you have got to see this quick cause that is just uber precious to miss. Fake Syrian Army, the Zionists’ paid movie studio collecting fat paychecks in exchange for production of propaganda videos used to brainwash the sheep into believing that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is a bad guy has pushed their stupidity to a whole new level. Now, I understand that to your average sheep this would look repulsive, but Fake Syrian Army fails to understand that here at Best Gore, we’re not the sheep and we know where many graphic videos came from.

YouTube user antal7nan who has dozens of FSA propaganda videos posted on his channel just posted a notorious video of Narco beheading by chainsaw from Mexico with this title:

قطع رقاب اهل السنه بالمنشار

If you paste it into your favorite online translator, you’ll get something like this (Google Translate spit this translation out):

Cut the throats of the Sunnis saw

So yeah, Fake Syrian Army wants the sheep to believe that evil dictator Bashar al-Assad is ordering his henchmen to cut throats of Sunni civilians with a chainsaw. You gotta go quick to this YouTube link to have the laugh of your life:

Because the sheep will soon complain to YouTube that we once again busted FSA for the tools that they are, the video will be taken down so go there quickly. If I did not see that with my own eyes, I would never believe. Fake Syrian Army has reached a whole new low.


Fake Syrian Army utilizes the fact that the chainsaw beheading video never lasted on any popular social network so most sheep would not be familiar with it. That’s why they chose it for propaganda. The terrorists have been using this strategy right from the start of their genocide camouflaged as revolution. There have been many instance of Sunnis digging out videos most may not recognize and recycling them with propaganda rhetoric – such as this video of a gas leak explosion they used recently.

Because chainsaw beheading video contains dialogues in Mexican Spanish, before distributing it, the terrorists edited the audio to remove spoken word. In order for the propaganda to work with as many sheep as possible, dozens of fake YouTube accounts were used to post it. At this point, there really should be no issue finding one – just look for the title in Arabic as I posted above.

Videos also come with description which reads the following:

حقد المجوس على اخواننا اهل السنه في سوريا
الى متى السكوت يا حكام المسلمين .. ماذا تنتظرون
انا لله وانا اليه لراجعون

Google Translate says it means the following:

Magi on our hatred of the Sunnis in Syria
How long silence, O rulers of the Muslims. What do you expect
I am God and to him we shall return

Comon Sunni, you useless terrorists. What are you going to use next – fucking Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs? Your level of FAIL = EPIC!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. That meeting would probably end with several members of the Fake, or Free, or whatever Syrian Army being beheaded by El Chapo’s grunts and then having their balls and dick fitted into their mouths with the usual Narcomanta, of course

    1. Excised.
      THAT’S a word that, untill best gor, I was completly unfamiliar with.
      But, being a Student Of Best Gore, there are many things such as this wonderful word that have enriched my life and my understanding of things.

      Mark, Thank You again for Best G

          1. You don’t need My approval for anything at all.
            Do I like what I see?
            Yes i do.
            Am I stoked that we are able to be who we are and we’re more of a family than some of us have when the computer’s turned off?

            You fuckin’ know it!

            You do look good, and I wonder, hmmmm, I still wonder…..any idea what I’m talking about?

          2. Well, hopefully she will put something up. How about you guys? Seems like it’s all the girls with pics! You guys should start puttin out too! Lol

  1. Oh that made my day. They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel for this shit. Their not even picking videos from the right side of the world anymore. Could they really not find any gore from any other neighbouring shit hole country? They are just using the Mexicans. Who do they think they are, America?

    1. It’s apparently due to the mexicans ability to hold a stedy hand, as most of those who see the Roseanne akBarr garbage feel sea-sick and submit to the unstopable urge to throw up.

      As far as mexicans and hindy-bindies that look alike……subtle diffrences, but shit-skin and black hair, at least 1/2 the time, is not good.

    1. Interesting.
      (how is it spelled?)
      I find those dialects, as well as spanish and ALL gook languages INCREDIBLE hard to even hear in the back ground, let alone full-on listen to it with my ear holes at full blast.

      If that’s what you were born around, sure it makes sense, but wow, you sure lost the all important…
      “I was born in a shit hole/I was born in a rockin’ country” lottery

  2. ** FACEPALM **…….. fuck’n missed it.


    FSA can blow me as well, because as we know that if they were to blow me I would’nt know it was happening but sure as shit they would fake it……… A fake headjob, hmmmmm, where’s my doll…………. oops !, hey look, there’s a fly on the wall.

    We’re on to you fucktards.

    1. I put my money on the Mexicans. In fact, I bet that if W Bush would had sent 10.000 Los Zetas to Iraq instead of the US military, by now, iraquis would be professing any religion that the cartel boss ordered them to, including rastafarism :oP

        1. ??????????????
          oaky, I’ll be right back (opening a new page……)

          thank you internet….turns out it was a college kid who created this “parody religion” to counteract something that his teachers wouldn’t allow him to do, which was learn about religious-based history, in stead of historical-based history.

          Wikipedia does have the entire brake-down.


          Tiger, how in the HELL did you even KNOW about that in the first place?
          You called it by name for fuck sake!?

          1. im not sure, but I think the “pastafarism” was invented by this student to prove his professors how the ‘5 ways of St. Thomas Aquinas to reason the existence of God’ were pure bullshit. I’m not quite sure what kind of university would teach theology with any pretense of it being a ‘science’; other than a handful of awful catholic universities in latin countries

          2. Tulio did a similar exercise against a professor, mocking him for advocating for the existence of the so called ‘natural law’, comparing the supposed ‘scientifical’ basis for aserting the existence of the ‘natural law’ with that of the woman’s magazines horoscopes.

          3. @RS, I hear stuff all the time, I guess I’m just one of those people that ‘retains’ that ‘stuff’, (as opposed to it going in one ear & out the other!) Something tells me you might be like that too?

          4. I guess you might say I don’t have much choice.
            I just have never enjoyed the same old-same-old topics and conversation subjects.

            Actually it tends to make my skin crawl when there is a 6 second gap in conversation and the other person FEELS COMPELLED to start talking words about the weather or some other mindless observation.

            As far as odd things, such as this
            ?pastafarism? flying spaghetti monster religion, I give you quite a bit of credit for even remembering what the hell it was called.
            With me, most the time I can remember bits n’ peices but names, I do still struggle with.

            I do enjoy learning, i do enjoying from best Gore, and I do enjoy learning from you emensly

  3. First time poster, long time lurker

    Waiting to see if Al Jazera report this as real news, wouldn’t suprise me considering i’ve seen alot of these Fake Syrian Army videos on that poor excuse for a news channel.

  4. Lol – They the (Fake Syrian Sunni Army) have a whole internet community ready to upload other folks videos to use as propaganda for the so called hard done by Sunni population. Usually when Sunni propaganda video starts the streets of Homs are empty all but dead mutilated bodies and the cries of Allah Uh Akhbar. But this is taking it to a whole new level. Al Jizeera must be fuming that this one video out to the masses without their propaganda hysteria communication department could ok it as useable for the world wide sheep. I bet the Los Chumbras are also pretty gutted their copyright has been duped. Referee!

  5. Last night when i read the post the video was already gone grr bet the people who recorded the killing will be pissed at those sand niggers because they stole it that’s why you gotta add watermarks onto videos

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