Mexican Police Officer Beheaded by Narco Sicarios

Mexican Police Officer Beheaded by Narco Sicarios

Narco Sicarios, aka henchmen of Mexican drug lords are known for exceptional cruelty and no-holding-back execution tactics. Chainsaw has proven to be a very effective tool allowing the sicarios to carry out beheadings and dismemberments quickly and efficiently.

The victim in today’s photos was a police officer. His shift just ended so he was on his way back home but never made it. Only 3 blocks from the police station where he worked, his automobile was stormed by Narco Sicarios who quickly decapitated and dismembered him, leaving his body parts on the hood of his car with a message (narcomensaje) which read “Fresh Pig Meat On Sale Today“. Funny that sicarios picked up on the Mexican meat market joke.

It is presumed that the sicarios watched the police station until they saw this cop leave and followed him from the parking lot to strike as soon as he was far enough to not give the fellow cops time to come to his aid.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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95 thoughts on “Mexican Police Officer Beheaded by Narco Sicarios”

  1. apparently they bled him for the blood pudding cause there is no blood at the scene,my grandmother used too make it when they killed pigs, she would go into a frenzy when she would stick the pig in the neck too get it to bleed.

    1. no shit.
      mexican back fat…check
      black hair on a fat head…..check
      blank look in the eye…..check
      shit between the ears….check
      as useless with the head off as it is on…check

      Yha, that beaner lives here too

  2. beheadings, bombings, stabbings, gun murders, etc., we get to see it all on best gore. i wish somebody would come up with a new way of killing. like the emperor Caligulia this is all becoming boring to me and has lost it’s shock value. regular straight porn was good in the beginning but now there are so many catagories of internet porn that nothing is inaccessible anymore or even that entertaining anymore. so it is with gore. i may have to take a short vacation from this site to recharge my gore batteries.

    1. This is no time to give up, mouse!
      Narcos do better when they are more careless. This time they did a clean cut and brushing, polished the car and put an arm behind the cut head as a pillow. Too gay, but it will go better soon.

    2. I wanna see them blow somebody up with a grenade and video tape it…why the hell haven’t they done that yet, they got plenty grenades that’s for fucking sure, they throw around at people like beads on spring break, why the hell can’t they video tape it

      1. that particular law sucks and yes that’s the problem. if i don’t watch porn for a few days i find that when i return to it i get a hard on fairly quickly and can take care of the business of why i’m watching it in the first place. at my age the boners come few and far between and must receive attention when they surface. i’m not 20yrs old anymore. those boners used to arrive 15x a day and were actually quite annoying. any of you fellas find frequent boners annoying? it’s like you have to beat that beast down immediately and bust that nut right away when it rears it’s ugly head!

  3. Mexico living so close to the border I remember back when I was in high school we would all go party over there at the night clubs on weekends and drink our under age asses off, crossing back was always a spectacle you’d have people from rival schools fighting outside their vehicles inline on the bridge to cross the back into the U.S. but I think the funniest thing I saw was when my buddy puked and pissed on the Mexico/USA boundry divider, a plaque in the middle of the international bridge that divides Mexico from Texas. Good times over there I had, this was before all this shady bull shit started going down, nobody parties over there anymore let alone go buy cheap pills and boozes. I like to think things will go back to the way they were that this is only a phase for old Mexico but sadly pandoras box has been opened up in Mexico and all these drug killings will go on for a long time they will turn into killings of vengeance and so on and so on leading to a circle of death, I have a strange feeling thing will only get worse and this is only the beginning

  4. You know, I think deep down we all carry our genetic heritage. We cannot just deny that crap, it’s always there.

    My ancestors were Nahuatl. The kind who took the living hearts out of some poor loser and tossed it to the crowd. And I, even though totally “Westernized” (I have a lot of “formal education”) cannot escape my genetic fate.

    Whenever I meet someone new, my first thought is: “I wonder what they’d taste like, cooked with some beans and tortillas.” And it’s just something that comes to me naturally. I imagine gutting them, cutting the head off to make a nice display, and filling him or her with a paste of red beans, avocado and onions.

    Served with a nice maize liquor. My mouth waters.

    1. Intresting. I don’t think of consumption most of the time i am murdering them in my mind, but sometimes when I’m hungry I do think of a pork roast.
      I do wonder what a GOOD SIZED portion of cooked human would be like.
      I assume more like pork than anything else.

    2. Thanks for the interesting info. Just kill other wetbacks only, please. When it comes down to a race war, it could really get fuckin’ ugly. I remember watching 3’s Company, Filipe the wetback salad boy was jealous of Jack Tripper being the chef, he was a violent cannibalistic spick, to say the least.

          1. @TheDrip, a young human wouldn’t be! Albert Fish, who baked a young girl, said her bottom (rump steak!) was most tender and delicious, mind you, he was a shit eater too! (coprophila)

  5. Policemen in Mexico are treated like if they were narcos because they are so fucking crooked that they actually work directly as sicarios themselves, half of the people arrested for the “pi?ata beating” of the prosecutor’s brother were police, active or retired.

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