Beheading of Middle Age Man by ISIS in Al Barakah, Syria

Beheading of Middle Age Man by ISIS in Al Barakah, Syria

New ISIS video from Al Barakah in Syria shows the mujaheddin beheading a middle age man with bad teeth. Over his dusty shirt, the victim wears military fatigues, but he looks and acts like anything but a soldier.

I’m guessing his sole fault was living in the country Israel drools to steal. Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Beheading of Middle Age Man by ISIS in Al Barakah, Syria”

    1. Big difference. These are warriors. Blacks are thugs. These guys fight to the extreme for God. I don’t see blacks doing beheadings in a war zone. Huge difference. They are warriors fighting in a war zone that was created by northern and Eastern European bombing/ hopes of colonization

  1. ALLAH AKBAAARR!!!! ooohh missed the net at the end of video and they are screaming ackbar?? but I don’t see him anywhere hell at least they are killing There own kind of these spinach chin goat fucking MUS-TARDS..

  2. I really wish they’d start experimenting more with these videos. I want to see whether they have consciousness by getting them to blink a certain number of times or move their eyes in a certain direction. Lips moving to form words would be interesting too

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