Moderates from Jabhat al-Nusra Behead Two Young Syrians

Moderates from Jabhat al-Nusra Behead Two Young Syrians

Moderates from Jabhat Al-Nusra have released a video depicting the beheading of two young Syrian men. Unlike the releases by their brethren from ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra’s beheadings are not censored out.

Here’s an interesting bit of info – on August 1, 2015, Britain’s Sunday Express published an article titled: SAS dress as ISIS fighters in undercover war on jihadis. Clearly assuming everyone reading the Express is dumb, the article feeds the reader bullshit that the reason British special forces entered Syria dressed up like jihadists while flying ISIS flags, was to destroy IS equipment and munitions. Except – does anybody really think a unit of British special forces would pass for ISIS jihadists when meeting with them on the battlefield, while actively engaging in sabotaging their operations?

Let’s be real – the British are now admitting a bunch of their finest soldiers invaded Syria, but there is only one reason why they would do that while dressed up as jihadists flying ISIS flags. They either intend to directly assist ISIS in destroying Syria, or carry out sophisticated acts of terrorism so they can be blamed on ISIS, and used to fear monger the public, and be used as pretext for a full on invasion of Syria, because Israel is growing impatient.

BTW, British special forces do have a history of dressing up as Arab terrorists to manufacture attacks that have for its purpose to create an impression of being acts of terrorism committed by jihadists. They were taught well by the inventors of modern terrorism – the Jews.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

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    1. It’s funny how they start off strong with the Alluha Akbar’s when the beheading gets underway but then after a few minutes the chanting comes to a halt, then it’s dead silence for a while until one of them yells it out and then they all start chanting again.

      1. Alluha Akbar must be very draining to yell, especially when it’s the only combination of words they can coherently form into a phrase. Thats why the should check out the new workout video, “Jihad by Raheem: 5 minute Akbars”

        1. Wasn’t his first time πŸ™‚
          Always cool to watch, when they’re good at handling the knife. Ah, a nice beheading before breakfast (it’s 7:15am, here in Portugal…). Have a nice day, everyone πŸ™‚

        1. Haven’t you read the post you idiot?? Brits pretending to be jihadists??? And I like the site, just don’t like losers like you.. Commenting to everything I write.. I don’t want to be your friend, find a nother

    2. Fucking animals how one human can do that to another il never know fuck that damn devil book the queran , built on demonic voices in Mohammed’s head a child bride and fucking thousands upon thousand probably millions dead by beheadings , fuck this world I fucking hate it savage fucking apes

    3. The slurping wheezing and squoushing sounds put me off…. I fear the day when we all get pulled out our beds and receive the same fate.. GOD is on the muslim side no doubt what so ever even the bible confirms this Joshua “slaughter them all leave none Alive” the infidels love life too much even though again the bible warned this but thank fake popes and saints for altering to make us forget about death

    1. Eddx004…90% of the time the cartel deliberately take their time so as to cause suffering , check out ‘ beheading of fully awake man ‘ you’ll see what I mean..
      They slice a guys throat and make him drown on his own blood , the noise he makes stays with you , these Arab cunts on the other hand , they just use blunt knives cos all their money goes on Internet access for their phones .

        1. @AM…I’ve got to say, I have never heard the term “pretzel rooter” lol. I’ll have to remember that the next time i’m seeking an alternative insult to fudge packer, turd burger, or cum dumpster.

          1. @boozer, I’m not offended, I didn’t make up the ‘fart to summon an asshole’ joke, I thought it was quite funny, childish or not.

      1. @I.S., I don’t know but sometimes when I’m on a crowded bus or subway car I will yell out “Alluha Akbar!” just for the fun of it and you should see the look on people’s faces. It strikes fear into everyone because they know that it means something bad is about to happen. Do it on an airplane and you’ll be in handcuffs faster than you can say…”Alluha Akbar”.

    1. Well that wasn’t even fair., when the 1st kid was getting head the asshole in black took his turn out of turn and kept turning and turning till before he knew it., it was his last turn and it was over. ‘What a turn off’.

      1. I think it depends on where you cut as well. If you slice in between the vertebra the cutting will be much easier than if you cut through the bones. As with anything practice makes perfect and with a little experience anyone can become a masterbeheader.

  1. @Amer you sure didn’t disappoint.
    I’ll say it again bro stay safe…I don’t know how you keep your sanity trying to get through to people who think they can justify doing things like this.

        1. Wow brother. I’m not sure how you feel about it but I think Assad would have to be better than what you guys are getting over there now. It has to be a dangerous journey for a free thinking individual such as yourself, especially with shit like this happening.

          1. Nope. I don’t live in Syria. I left Syria before the war. I live in — It’s a secret because I have a lot of haters and enemies and I may be on their wanted list. I just find the videos and this stuff on the Jihadists social media pages.

          2. @Amer. Gotcha man. I don’t blame you for keeping a low profile, especially if you have enemies like these nut-jobs. Stay safe brother and nice video.

        2. @Amer, thanks for the video, I read before you said some of your Muslim friends didn’t want you to sent the video to BestGore because it gives Islam a bad name, so thanks again for sending it anyway.

        1. He seemed a little nervous and shaky as if his boss was watching over him. It may have even been the guy who stepped in to help him when he was having trouble finishing the job. Bosses can be real assholes at times…they should all be beheaded.

        2. the sunnis have been living in war since the americans invaded in 2001, plenty have been killed, plenty are veterans. for sure the man who removed the head with his hands has done before it before, just by the way he did it says it all.

    1. @BelleMorte1986
      To the psychotic little retards like those monkeys life does not matter at all. They don’t understand what it means to be alive and how beautiful and amazing life is. They are the walking death!

        1. I hear in their religion to look at a woman with a lustful gaze is equal to stabbing the prophet’s nephew in the back while he’s praying. Because that would be more disrespectful than slashing the prophet’s cousin’s femoral artery while he’s taking a shit. So the obvious course of action is to force women to cover every inch of skin because self control is too difficult.

    1. Hi kitty I’m new too, glad you joined. I love kitties, I have 2 females Thalia ans Saria. Seeing kitties getting hurt or tortured is unbearable…I saw a case not long ago in my area of a tortured kitty, I’d probably torture and kill the guy the same way he did that poor kitty.

      Protect all kitties! Welcome πŸ™‚

    1. haha.., yeah.., as he grabs your head saying “just relax, let it go, let it go., just rela…” KEERRRACKK.!!, all done that’ll be $100.?? and then you’ll beheading home.

      1. @XXX
        That’s exactly what happened with my first chiropractor. I relaxed so much before he whipped my head around, that I shit my pants when I suddenly was staring at my ass. He said “let it go,” and I did!!

        I might add, no one appreciates a good fart, any better than I do nowadays. I never have to rely on a good breeze, to capture that special aroma anymore. πŸ™‚

        1. The one that got to me was that young girl begging for her life who was supposedly a cook for Los Zetas if I recall. Took many hacks with a machete and some twists. Sick shit. As usual with these vids it is the sounds that make it so much harder to watch. Sound muted…no sweat. This one anyway..

  2. Nothing moderate about these Allah cock sucking towel heads. I wipe my ass with pages from the Koran. Fuck all Muslims worldwide. They are truly the cockroaches of the world. No human should have to suffer like that except Muslims so I guess I’m ok with it since their eating their own

  3. 2 beheadings in one video? This ones gives twice the bang for the same price. πŸ˜†

    1st beheading – 6/10 – They used “chopping” and twisting of the head, poor performance.

    2nd beheading – 9/10 – Almost as good as Zetas. πŸ˜†

  4. You watch the same executions time after time. You then write on bg a fucked up way to torture/off someone. Shortly a video appears with exactly your suggestion, do you feel guilty? Does karma come and fuck you? I caught something from a whore the other day that is absolutely true and something you never worry about getting. We had no where else to go because the owner of the usual spot was gone. We fucked in his oversized dog hose. Yes doggy style. I left in my truck and shortly discovered I had fleas on me. I caught fleas buying some ass. So the $30 whore cost me an additiinal $50 for flea control for my dog who rides in my truck with me. Damn you, karma. We’ll that wasn’t her name but I digress.

  5. Always pays to remember recent history.

    Here in Britain, we had many years of a ” Real ” terrorist threat right on all of our doorsteps. The government refused to give any air time to the Provo’s / IRA leader, None whatsoever. Any news story involving him – Gerry Adams, consisted of a cartoonist’s impression of him, coupled with a dubbed voice over. We were not allowed to either see him or hear his own voice.

    Now, bearing the above in mind, the way in which the msm promote IS, Al Nusra, etc, bears no resemblance to their coverage of the IRA, which begs the question, why ?.

    I believe the answer is simple. A truthful, real threat, is played down, while the bogeyman type threat receives the full Monty in terms of what we are shown and permitted to see. All the stops are pulled out to make certain that the masses are in no doubt that the threat is real, when in fact, the total opposite is true.

    The main problem with this being the public’s gullibility and of course, selective amnesia it would seem.

  6. these are not real musulmans.ils think being but they are lost in a limbo of their tortured minds. The Islam This is the love and compassion, working on itself and become a good man. They will have endured 1,000 dead, as these monsters deserve to be hunted like animals.

  7. Degenerates they are, most of them have killed so many they feel nothing when slicing people’s throats. Jews have lied their way into manipulating the system to brainwash a bunch of people into believing this British military in Europe dressed as Arabs who’s purpose is to infiltrate ISIS and operate defense strategies. We all know how stupid these moderates are, no one would believe they would have come up with it on their own, No matter how much the media portrays them as their own rebel group. The video was awesome though @Amer thanks for the post at @Ate.
    The second dude getting beheaded was brutal. Definitely the moderates learn fast for sure; they cut through without hitting the vertebrate while the blood gushing out of his neck is cringe worthy.

  8. Im British and totally agree the government make propagander to make the sheeple believe that they are fighting a good cause for us when in reality its our government doing all the crap, most people wont agree but thats my opinion.

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