Moderates Perform Moderate Snackbar After Beheading Syrian Man in Aleppo

Moderates Perform Moderate Snackbar After Beheading Syrian Man in Aleppo

The most moderate and peaceful people in the world – according to Kenyan, and other Zio bootlickers – decapitated a Syrian man in Marjah district of Aleppo, and performed a snackbar that was moderate at best. Thanks to these moderates, the streets of the town are deserted, with just a lone bicyclist passing by. I wonder how long before he’s beheaded by the moderates too.

Notice the unusual normalcy of picture orientation – both the author of this video, as well as another “moderate” whose hand is seen in the video, hold their camera phones horizontally. How refreshing…

57 thoughts on “Moderates Perform Moderate Snackbar After Beheading Syrian Man in Aleppo”

  1. His crime ? , reading a book, listening to music, smiling ?
    These idiots are worse than vermin. And desecrating ancient monuments and statues all over the place too.
    Thing is though, they are, to a man, full of double standards. They are so full of shit it is beyond ridiculous.

    1. “This is the head of Bashar..
      This is how we gonna slaughter him.. by knives..
      This is their end.. gonna be by knives..
      Al-Tawhid brigade.. Islamic Front.. All of us are Islam.. Jabhat Al-Nusra. Harakat Fajr..
      We’re all brothers for Allah’s sake.. We count it for Allah.. This if for the all martyrs.. Who may see us. This is we count it for Allah.. By knives..”
      This is what this nut what saying. Creepy

  2. Translation…..

    ‘Im such a mean, evil .bad ass mother fucker ,because me and a bunch of my equally bad ass buddies over power a person, tie their hands behind their backs so i can chop off their head without fear of the person fighting back……………

    cant we just give these poofters a fuckin country and then after about 6 months just bomb the shit out of it?

  3. Lleve cabeza recien cortada antes que se enfrie caballero se?ora lleve este recuerdo con mucho cari?o del Estado Islamico y de regalo llevese este juego de cuchillos corte pique rebane decapite a sus amigos Asi es se?ores antes que se acaabe
    Lleve ahora lleve ya !

  4. They’re all bone-smuggling, closet homosexuals. Like, why is it okay for Mohammed to bang all the 12 year old girls he wants, but these guys can’t even think about pussy? They hang around other guys all day, wearing nothing but a mumu, no draws on, no deodorant, roach-infested beards, unwashed asscracks and they constantly recruit and brainwash little boys to play with their guns. Didn’t the Greeks do something similar? And they are fascinated with the heads of other men! What do they do with those fresh, warm heads? What a Freudian dilemma.

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