Mohammed Fares Beheading Aftermath – FSA Mistakenly Killed Fellow Jihadist

Mohammed Fares Beheading Aftermath - FSA Mistakenly Killed Fellow Jihadist

On their mission to spread terror and fear through Syria, the FSA jihadists got too carried away and beheaded one of their own.

Mohammed Fares, a commander with a Sunni extremists group Ahrar al-Sham that is paid for with western taxpayer’s money on behalf of Israel to fight alongside other al-Qaeda affiliated elements, was accidentally beheaded in an apparent case of mistaken identity.

In the aftermath video, the jihadists hold the severed head of Mohammed Fares high up in the air and yell:

He is an Iraqi Shiite volunteer fighter in Bashar al-Assad’s army

Comes to show you just how prone to making shit up these jihadists are. They learned that the beheaded man was one of their own, so they apologized and all that shebang, but if they didn’t, this would be just another piece of propaganda whereby the jihadists behead a random man and say on video that he’s a Bashar al Assad soldier who kills children…

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  1. Come on, have an heart people, it was clearly a mistake and we all make mistakes after all, at least they were holding their hands up about it and I am sure in time they will both be able to hold their heads up high once again.

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  5. What a contrast it would be, and spectacular bloodfest, if seconds later a gay pride march rolled on by. I’d love to see the look on the snackbarist’s faces, in the few seconds it would take to go from them being utterly perplexed, to wailing pube-faced deranged cunts. If I was an artist I’d paint it. Everythime there are snackbarists it’s always a load of them shouting and being generic hooligans with a decapitation fetish. All I can think of is the line in Jurassic Park where Sam Neill points and says “look, they DO move in heards”

    1. That would explain how he walked on water and all that shit, the people around his headless corpse were just being nice.

      “Yes Jesus, you’re headless. But keep walking forward, there you go, you got it, you’re walking on water, it’s a miracle.”

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  6. LMFAO!!! Oh my God this is gold.

    I’m not even kidding when I say this post has literlay brought me the most joy I ever have from years of going on this website.

    Fucking piece of shit SSB’s killing eachother, the world needs more of this. They should’ve have known he was a Sunni Savage Barbarian from his beard the dumb fucks…

  7. I read a little more about this, and it just gets funnier. Apparently Mohammed was wounded in battle and was taken to the hospital, where he was prepped for surgery. While under the influence of medication, he muttered a few words that he shouldn’t have and a couple of guys in the room beheaded him. Apparently because of his little anti-muslim rant while high on drugs, the people that beheaded him won’t be charged or “revenged” for his death.

  8. I no longer watch this rubbish as it just reinforces the retarded behavior of the FSA ( Fake Syrian Army )

    But……….. Whose fake in that shit hole and who’s not and who’s genuine for a resolution ????

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  10. I’m sure the guy who fucked up and killed his fellow fag will be just fine. You just can’t train that kind of enthusiasm into somebody. It has to be there to shape and mold. Yeah…good showing. You get Jihadist of The Month.

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