Months Before Executing Daniel Shaver, Citizen Killer Philip Brailsford Was Filmed Beating Teens

Months Before Executing Daniel Shaver, Citizen Killer Philip Brailsford Was Filmed Beating Teens

The extremely violent citizen killer Philip Brailsford, who was filmed executing in cold blood unarmed and non-violent pest control worker and a father of two Daniel Shaver, has a long and profound history of violence against unarmed and non-violent citizens.

The video recorded a few months prior to the execution of Daniel Shaver below shows Philip Brailsford and his fellow citizen killers from the Mesa PD violently assaulting unarmed and non violent teenagers in a convenience store. Philip Brailsford is the citizen killer closest to the camera. The footage shows him wasting no time in choke-grabbed a young man and body-slamming him violently to the ground.

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    1. Hey just an update my sources have confirmed that this killer cop that murdered daniel shaver now has a big cash contract on the pig now so whom ever kills this pig cop will be paid well !$$$$$$$

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    1. Yesss. In all respect to good , honest , respectful police officers cause they’re def more good then bad. Punks like this one make them all look like dirty pieces of shit. In reality no matter how much someone hates them I’m pretty sure if that person is in a dangerous situation. 911 they will call. Def do not dial those 3 numbers if you’re suicidal, drug dealer, murdeter, rapist etc. And oh yeah how can I forget. if you’re black. Lol. In all seriousness, imagine there were no police. The streets would be chaos and a jungle. That’s why in my opinion my country being the U.S is such a beautiful place to live. You need control and order to keep the peace over here. I feel for any good swine trying to protect and serve after seeing what this shit scared lil pussies actions have made them look.

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  3. Cops take care of dangerous, belligerent, and disorderly people. They we’re created with the sole purpose of restoring order to this chaotic world we live in. In order to do that you have to become a wolf. I don’t see any one else getting of their lazy asses to clean up the streets ever day. Period.

    1. @prodigy You don’t seem to understand how executive powers are exercised in civilised countries. The fact that you invoke the example of the wolf merely goes to show that your mindset is entrenched in a comic strip world. Obviously a dumb Yank.

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  4. Crazy shit I have seen here. I would never go to the usa… too many crazy cops there, to fast you can get killed for nothing. Normal people being suspected turn into high scale criminals in less than a second and get shot for nothing. Overreacting cops finishing people off, depending on their mood, either quick and brutal or slow and painful… are you guys kidding me? Better jump into a pack of wolves than a pack of cops.

    1. I usually wouldn’t agree but in brailsford’s case i do agree. We must use brailsford’s name as much as possible, keep his name alive until justice is meted out Brazilian style. Spoilt by his lawyer ex cop father this wimp in uniform used his position to bully and murder and no one stopped him, not even the police were ashamed of him, he’s disgusting

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  5. Over here in England on cbs reality channel there’s a programme called cops, I’m sure your all familiar with it. Any way I watch this and fuck me,American bizzys are fucking brutal,they way they rugby tackle people to the ground,the tiniest bit of resistance and the cops are jumping all over them,the tazers are used so freely as well, another thing I noticed is before the cop even speaks to the Perp,e.g. a traffic stop or stopping someone on the street,the very first thing they do is cuff the person behind their back,fucking nob jockeys! Anyway my point is all this goes on in front of a tv camera, imagine all the shit the twats get up to when they’re on there own,there must be hundreds of incidents like this,horrible cunts………

    1. Trouble is the police in UK have gone too far the other way. You see them wandering around town, speccy young girls only about 9 stone in weight wet through. 20 year old social workers, basically. What fucking use will they be when it all kicks off?

  6. The Copper in question is one very angry man. His whole attitude and demeanor is contrary to what proper Policing is about.
    Unfortunately, this brand of “Serve and Protect”, is way too deeply entrenched in the States, it has become the norm and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.
    Moral codes and ethics mean very little to those in charge of Policing in the US, the barrel has been scraped for way too long.
    If the powers that be had any ethical standards at all, this psycho would be locked up. Alas, he is more than aware of his ” Rights” as a cop in the good ol’US of A.

  7. I know our cops are a bunch of pussy-faggots… but don’t act like your “coppers” isn’t as corrupt…

    Especially when the English let their own children be fiddled and “ficki ficki” with by their holier than thou coppers…


  8. I can’t see enough in this video to know what’s going on or even if it was justified or not. Unless we have the video of the beginning to the end, we don’t have all the information. I’m not saying that in defense of that officer, I’m just not blind to the fact that I don’t have the whole story.

    All that said, I watched the video where that POS cop shot and killed the man in the hallway who was pleading for his life and it boggles my mind that he was acquitted. But from what I can tell, the video was suppressed and only the audio was provided to the jury. Which is a common occurrence and it’s why cops often yell stuff like “Stop reaching” or “He’s going for my gun” even-though the video clearly shows that not to be the case.

  9. This little weasel…

    He’s a piece of shit weak cunt so he decided to become a cop so he can act all tough and shit when he has his uniform on or his baton, pepper spray or best of all his gun in his hand.

    I bet he still wets the bed when his mum isn’t around. Sad fuck. Without his uniform or it’s attachments he’d hide in the corner and piss himself at the first sign of a confrontation…

  10. i’m no cop lover, but from this video, it isn’t obvious that the cops are in the wrong.
    i couldn’t be a cop, i’d end up using my baton and/or taser within the first five minutes. seriously, do you hear those mouthy assholes in the background??? fuck, i get all twitchy even thinking about someone getting mouthy with me. the shit cops have to deal with on a daily basis is crazy. the constant trash, lying, stealing, violence, disrespect… hey, that shit would make me cranky too.
    no justification for the cops who harm innocents. but i have no empathy for the stupid assholes that get beat down for not shutting their stupid mouths and ding what they are told. like, what’s so hard about that? why escalate the situation and maybe cause yourself and others around you to get fucked up?
    everyone knows cops are dangerous, don’t provoke.

  11. Something happened here we fully don’t have enough data of.
    Teens can be as belligerent as Cops and it’s always best to Not aggravate the situation.
    That being said, cops need three helpers to take down some Emo kid.
    Please better training, its pathetic and shows how pussy these cops are nowadays
    If you fear for your life 10 times out of the day then, don’t be a cop. We need real bad ass cool cops. The kind that would drive around the neighborhood and play football on the street or pass out Baseball cards. And blast motherfuckers when they REALLY need to, one can dream.

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