Mother Tried to Behead Her Own Newborn Son with Deep Cut in Neck

Mother Tried to Behead Her Own Newborn Son with Deep Cut in Neck

Mother Tried to Behead Her Own Newborn Son with Deep Cut in Neck

This allegedly happened in Honduras, where a mother reportedly tried to behead her own newborn son with a deep cut in the neck.

In the video, the baby with somewhat oddly shaped head breathes heavily as right ride of his neck is essentially detached from the shoulder with the deep gash.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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238 thoughts on “Mother Tried to Behead Her Own Newborn Son with Deep Cut in Neck”

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    1. Imagine if they would’ve had technology back in medieval times with their own version of best gore… sure the guillotine or heavy axe were very quick executions but think of all the other torture devices we could’ve seen for entertainment. Roman times wouldn’t have been too bad either… shit, now I can think of a whole bunch of other time periods to view how they rolled, with my own eyes.

      1. @caRnAGE
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        1. I usually try to stay on topic here but sometimes you gotta mix it up a bit and have some fun (just don’t go too off track unless you wanna get modded). I don’t take shit too seriously here so I really don’t care who or why people are fussing. Not sure what you mean by “they took shit as their own” do you mean that in a general sense or something? And if you’re talking about tagging my name, @caRnAGE isn’t my tag, it’s @carnage-2, I had to take that one because there was already a carnage here way before me (I think)..(shrugs) It’s pretty ironic though since he/she? has a gravitar with lobster claws and I’m from Maine, lol. Had to laugh at that one.

          1. Like when they for example took over Greece they took their artitecture, religion, military tatics, mythology and philosophy. They were badasses for sure. But, I was looking for your input on that lol

          2. Ok, that’s what I thought you meant. Yeah, well most (smart) cultures jump on the backs of the previous ones to advance themselves, it’s called progression. Look where we are today (U.S.) and look where we’re gonna be in 20 years. We’ll take it from here, though. Fuck the other superpower nations, we look at them like magnifying glasses in the sun aimed at scurrying ants.

  1. That kid has been laying on his back quite a bit. That head is very oddly shaped. Reminds me of those weird shaped skulls found from Incas, or Mayans or whoever the fuck was wrapping their heads tight from birth in mexico to Central America.

          1. I know!! I think he’s escaped from the nut hatch, and off his meds. Do you have a diagnosis? I’m thinking paranoid schizophrenia. He thinks aliens are living in his ass, and based this on a John Carpenter movie. Coo coo ka choo. Also, I should warn you, talking to me will make you a Jew in his crazy eyes!

          2. @illegalsmile55

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          3. Why yes @itsplaster, not only that, I’m an alien host. Do you have any aliens that need a place to stay? I’m almost out of vacancy, so put your reservation in early.
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        1. Look at all the sheepish comments by the way, trying to ‘downplay’ conspiracy theorists… To me, it sounds a little fishy. ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys don’t seem like the type that believes everything their told by the government, mainstream news, or at Church… Highly doubt you guys even go to church.

          1. Aren’t you precious, you think I actually click on your links…not once buddy, not even once. No one here cares about your crazy theorys. But keep posting your shit links…lol.

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      1. Lol, again… You’re proving me right. Look at all you clowns making and cracking jokes on an abused child (the baby in this case)… Cracking jokes on me is one thing, but leave the kid out of it. Do you guys have no morals? No heart? Come on now. ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys are only exposing the more than likely fact that you’re Jews… Most gentiles would never make fun of an abused kid or dead body, like you guys and most of the people commenting in this video would… (Some of these people even pretty much admitting to being JEWS like MattJack666 for one). Only Jews would, since you know… Psychopathy is a common trait within the Jewish community. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. @Carnage

            Lol, I don’t have a clue? As you hide behind that matrix of yours. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s a clue there… And if you are a gentile, well… Then it’s you that doesn’t have a clue… Sheep. As for me being laughed at, sure, go ahead… The whole world can bring it on. I don’t care… Lol. I’m not like you, I don’t ‘depend’ upon what other people think about me. You shouldn’t either… Anyways, have a good night. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. I’m not Jewish, personally, but I am relatively certain you’re not either, given how much you like spam, which is not kosher, so there’s that.

          Maybe I’m just a gentile sheep, but if so, do you try to count my kind as you go to sleep? Bet you can’t get to 6 million…

          1. Wait. Is being Jew bad? I mean, I’m confused.. I’m still wearing my Rose colored glasses. I looked up the other ‘terms’. I’m just absolutely lost on the whole religion thing…

    1. When my son was born he had to be pulled out with a weird sucky thing and it left the top of his head looking like a fucking traffic cone. We called him cone head for weeks until it finally went.

  2. Umm, has no one ever seen a newborn baby? His head is that shape from coming down the vaginal canal. His head will take a normal shape in a couple of days…if he survives. Poor baby. I love gore, and everything this site is… Except for the babies and children that get hurt. It takes a real monster to hurt a child.

    1. Yes, I have seen a new born baby and most of them don’t have this kind of head shape. I’m willing to bet it’s a genetical deformity of some sort and this baby would have grown up an ugly ass mother fucker, probably with some health issues. But I do not approve killing babies. I approve abortions, however.

  3. I believe that the reason the baby has an odd shaped head is because it passed through the birth canal at birth. This is common for newborns who’s skull bones have not fused together yet. Usually within a few days to a week, the head rounds out.

    1. @gingermuniz and @boutdrama, nonsense. That is an alien astral parasite and you both know it. This had to be done before it could send a transmission back to the mothership and start wreaking some real havoc on our planet. May be sad but don’t be fooled so easily. Like I said, it just had to be done. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Uggggh, you people! Why won’t you listen?? This has nothing to do with so called “head molding”, this fucker is an alien parasite that flew an asstral plane, missed it’s target (we all know where) and crash landed in that poor lady’s cunt… duhhh. Smfh.

        1. @Carnage and his fellow douche bag shlomos.

          Lol, yepโ€ฆ You guys canโ€™t stop thinking about the dick. You love the dick. Well, Iโ€™m here bitchesโ€ฆ Going to continue riding me? Because so far, youโ€™re pretty good at it. I enjoy the way you guys ride me (the dick). ๐Ÿ˜‰

          1. @Sphincterpiston

            You like calling me dick? Don’t you? ๐Ÿ™‚ That goes for most of you… Really makes me wonder if you guys are closest cases.

          2. Interestingly enough, you’re always accusing people of being Jews!.. Could it be that YOU are CLOSEST case Jew?… Anyways we call you Dick because it’s short for Richard… And because that’s how you like your cock!…. Richoad!… Ha?

          3. you did say that you find the male body attractive. any dick that thinks that is gay as fuck. that’s the definition. you’re a faggot cunt dick.

          4. @Svarg26

            Make sense? And this is coming from a guy who believes in an all-powerful and all-loving God that created humanity, told humans not to eat from a tree of knowledge knowing that they would anyways (since he’s all knowing)… Then punishes these humans for doing so, despite the fact that they didn’t know what they were doing was bad to begin with, because they didn’t yet eat the fruit of knowledge that would allow them to know so…? And you’re calling me the idiot? Come on now… ๐Ÿ™‚ You got to ‘Jew’ better than that Mr. Silverstein.

          5. sadly there are a few billion people just like me. i have never ran into a fuckwit with a squid up his ass and then, to top it off, actually be proud of it. it doesn’t look good for you, dick. no one else with a squid up their ass is coming to your rescue, dick. sad times indeed.

          6. hey dick, i saw you befriend mattjack666. he calls children little fuck dolls and the planet tells him shit that he wouldn’t make up. luckily for you. he also finds the male body attractive and would love a piece of your anus squid.

          7. @svarg26

            im into trannies svarg, the male body is shit.

            greek looking motherfucker.

            i bet youve got a nose on you havent you, my mum n dad fucked and i was born… but interestingly theyre polar opposites of the germanic white type.

            my dad black/brown hair, slighter, big german crow nose, my mum strong red head little nose, youd think she was a goddess if you looked at her pictures when she was younger.

            im not gonna reproduce because ive got eternal life to look forward to.. so im exploring.

            have you ever eaten squid? great, cos i havent… yet.

  4. C’est juste un bรฉbรฉ, je dรฉteste la race humaine. J’ai aucun respect pour les gens qui maltraite les enfants et les animaux. J’aimerais bien lui faire la mรชme chose ร  cette salope.

  5. So……..did the baby survive? And was momma excused from doing this insane shit?

    A bunch of years ago I went to a fire where a brown skinned momma taped plastic over the sprinklers and smoke detectors in her subsidized apartment, cut both her kids throats and set fire to the apartment. Fortunately, both children were found in the fire and survived and the psycho mother was located by police, naked, in another apartment. She also broke the door handle off so the kids couldn’t get out, but also the first firefighter through the door to do a search and who found this kids in the bathroom couldn’t get back out with one of the kids when he found them.

    Fortunately the psychotic CUNT got some nice prison time!

  6. Itโ€™s a new baby, probably less than 24 hours old. The babyโ€™s head is soft and some changes shape coming out of the birthing canal. It will go back to normal. They have control of the bleeding, so unless this baby died of infection, itโ€™s fine.

  7. Not nice post here, but since when was I accused of being nice? Pardon the self promotion, but this vid made me think of one of my past musical masterpieces.

    ‘9 And 20 Ways To Serve A Rugrat’

    I generally avoid the infernal sprog things whenever I can, but at least I had the sense to get sterilised before screwin’ around in my younger days of hormonal insanity.

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