Motorcycle Passenger Falls Under Moving Truck During Road Rage in Malaysia

Motorcycle Passenger Falls Under Moving Truck During Road Rage in Malaysia

This happened in Jalan Buluh Kasap, Segamat, Malaysia, on a road heading towards Seremban. According to the authorities, the bikers entered the road rage mode when the fuel truck sounded his horn. To show their dissatisfaction, the bikers tailgated the truck until eventually the passenger dismounted in an attempt to climb up the cabin of the moving truck. He slipped and fell under the truck, who ran over his lower body.

The guy got his leg amputated and is in hospital. Props to Best Gore member @bloodstorm09 for the video:

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58 thoughts on “Motorcycle Passenger Falls Under Moving Truck During Road Rage in Malaysia”

    1. Advantages of having one leg:
      1) You can get by with half the amount of socks. Socks are ambidextrous (you know what I mean, there is no left sock or right sock so a pair now lasts two days).
      2) A healthier BMI as you now weigh less with one leg missing.
      3) Disability benefit
      4) A great conversation starter
      5) A fantastic excuse to your nagging mother for being single, apart from saying all the nice women have gone already.
      6) He is less likely to make the same mistake again. You need two legs to do that shit again.

      1) You can’t run. Ever. Or drive, or swim.
      2) Lots of stuff I can’t bother to type.

      1. Pro:
        One less leg of toenails to cut. They can be a bitch to reach, sometimes.
        Can earn extra income by begging.
        No more being asked to do chores around the house.
        Can scoot around and pass everyone with your personal mobility device.
        Can park closer to the store now in the disable parking spot, but you can’t drive. So a Catch-22 there.

        A pain to go to the bathroom.

  1. Dammit. The filmer missed the money shot! Typical. Wanted to see him dismount the motorbike and climb up the cabin of the truck, properly.

    I’m really sorry for this guy. A moment of madness and he really paid for it. If he had just let the incident go, like a normal person, he would have had his leg, gone about his daily life as normal etc. Sure he may have had a shitty life for all we know, but any life is better faced with two legs than one, other things equal. Poor bastard.

    BG remains the best teacher. Always let it go, guys. Never get pissed off, it ain’t worth it. Contrary to popular opinion, releasing anger is not as healthy as you think. The more you express your anger, the angrier you become and the more rash you are. The smart guy is always the one who backs off from conflict unless he really has to protect himself.

  2. It’s good to see stories from the old country, but when it’s featured here on Best Gore, you know something did not end good for someone. I really feel sorry for the guy, too. In spite of what he tried to do – he might have a nasty surprise for the Shell driver – he did not deserve it. I am glad he is alive, though. It is his family that he left behind that would be suffering if he was killed. Still, a very stupid thing to do.

    Even though Malaysia is still a 3rd world country, we want to believe that we are improving all the time, and trying to do better. Having said that, motorcyclists in Malaysia are among the worst of drivers. You saw what that other motorcyclist did; passing the truck on the wrong side on the emergency lane. He could have hit something easily. These motorcyclists don’t obey traffic rules most of the time, and the cops never do anything about them. At traffic lights, for instance, they will all move between the cars and stay bunched up at front so they can speed off when the lights turn green. Also, they like to speed on the highways and rev up their engines making a hell of a noise.

    Many times, they are at the receiving end, too, when other motorists just ignore them and don’t pay attention to them. A lot of motorcyclist get tossed off their machines, too, when drivers open their doors without first looking and hit the motorcyclists passing by.

  3. For BG community information, before the leg crushing incident occured ,they have already smashed the window of that truck but they want to do more damage or injured the truck driver.
    Those retards is lucky enough they messed up with a good and patience truck driver or else both of them already smeared on the road with the moped right after they smashed the truck’s window.

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