Motorcyclist Crushed and Decapitated by Huge Container in Indonesia

Motorcyclist Crushed and Decapitated by Huge Container in Indonesia

This tragic accident took place on March 12, 2012 at the Cibitung Junction toll gate, Teuku Umar Road in Wanasari Village, Bekasi town on the eastern border of Jakarta, Indonesia. At around 4.30pm, a truck tried to cross the traffic lights after green light had gone out, but since perpendicular traffic filled up the road right away, the driver had no other option but to floor the brake pedal and attempt to stop while swerving the truck to the side. This type of maneuver, all the while truck travelled way over safe speed limit, along with rapid braking resulted in overturning of the chemicals filled container the truck was hauling.

The container fell on a female motorcyclist stopped at the lights. 30 year old Ade Sumiati from Perumahan Villa Mutiara was decapitated as container crushed her body and her Honda Fit motorcycle. The driver of the truck was identified as 37 year old Abudin, resident of Lebak in Banten Province, Cibitung.

It’s a pretty disturbing video, even though all it shows is a severed head next to the container. Indonesians are Muslims so the video contains Allahu Akbar:

Here’s one more video of the same accident. It’s a TV report by Indonesian television station TV Berita. This video is not graphic. It shows how one crane was too small to lift the container so they had to wait for the bigger one and also shows the police carrying the severed head away wrapped in newspaper – newspaper must be popular in Indonesia:

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  1. Oh shit… Mark’s reaching into the Indonesia Bin… Biggest Muslim Fleshy Virus Colony on Earth.

    It’s so Hilarious! Their on their hands and Knees like “Muhammed! are you Alive under There!” hahahaXD

    1. Well, we’re actually the most laid back Muslim country on the planet. We don’t hang gays, we allow alcohol, women have rites, schools/public accessories aren’t limited to men only, and the Muslims and Christians here don’t really give a shit of what religion you are.

      I’m not Muslim btw.

      I’m Indonesian if you haven’t figured that by now.

      1. Cool, a testomony that some have brains.
        There isn’t much doubt that there are exceptions, that’s what makes the F.V. tricky, however, when the bad out-weigh the good, as in most cases with The Virus, it stands to reason that a complete termination is still in order.

        I’m glad you can vote and all, that’s great

  2. I don’t think I’ll ever look at a newspaper the same way any more. I will look at them for now on and see them as coverings dead bodies and severed and decapitated body parts. And for education purposes, I will tell the people around me what they are used for in other countries, and then I will laugh at the looks I get.

        1. Mike: Hey, dude, have you finished the comics?
          Stranger. Yes!!!!!, sooooooo?
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  4. I wonder what that moment of death must have felt like, to be crushed and decapitated in an instant? To be briefly aware of her fleeting last seconds on earth since her brain was still intact? The pain and the terror, if those human sensations can even be comprehended at the moment of death. I wonder how long until the “Looks like she lost her head!” comment comes rolling in…

          1. @sk. it invites the devil and demonic dark forces into your life. same as using a ouiji board. who do you think is answering the questions you’re asking? it sure as fuck ain’t god almighty. stay away from demonic/satanic things if you know whats good for you.

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  5. What a lucky one she way.
    Of no fault of her own she instantly was gone, and celebrated a wonderful and exciting death.
    Not one with pain & cancer, nor blindness & senility.

    I was wondering, if you realize this is happening and at the last split second you are joyful and happy that you are about to die, would it be a type of suicide?
    What about if a train is coming, and you have a split second to get the fuck out of it’s way, and you don’t.
    Not due to paralyzing fear, but because it’s the greatest second of your entire life…..(if this is your own view point of life and death)

    No one would know, and it is completely un prove able.
    Is it suicide?

    1. Since no one would be there to witness it as a suicide, and theres no proof to call it a suicide, i cant see it being a suicide.
      If a tree falls in the woods and no ones around, does it make a sound?

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          2. Im sorry, I really wasnt asking in a serious way whether it makes a noise, it obviously does. I was just trying to use the expression to relate to whethr a suicide should be considered a suicide if no ones there to witness it as one.
            But I guess it came off in a different way.

  6. the brain of the fleshy virius is an amazing thing. we can speak and comprehend many different languages. i speak english, german, french. and spanish. i however had to mute the audio on the videos because i could not make heads or tails of the gook speak that was going on and it upset me listening to gibberish. it just sounds like a monkee language, i also cannot stand when they start with the allahu akbar shit. it makes me wanna puke.

  7. look at the absence of blood near the head and the trailer. seems like the decapitation was so abrupt that blood had no time to spurt from the severed head and instead just flowed from the body but we can’t see it from under the container van can we hehehehehe….

    1. I have seen it..They lift the container and the body walks away looking and sounding like an accordion.. I think this was do to an ACME product failure.

      The Cure: Stick your thumb in your mouth and blow really hard.

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  8. I was hoping they would lift the container on a crane would have been nice to see the state of the body and the bike.


    is this the same video from one post down? or do Motorcyclist and Trucks in Indonesia have a habit of traffic accidents?

    1. Indo’s are known for their shitty driving.
      I am part slovakian/pomeranian mix, back in 30’s we had a pet indonesian called marty
      marty LOVED crashing into cars every time heplayed driver 2 on his gameboy
      you should see his smile, he looked just like my lover, who’s name is difficult to pronounce as he lives in nebulan 6 the gormorian planet

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