Biker Decapitated by Guard Rail on Bridge in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Head Looks LIke It's Growing Out of Ground

Biker Decapitated by Guard Rail on Bridge in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Best Gore member @dco92 has the backstory:

This accident happened on August 19, 2020 at around 12 noon on the Puente de la Unidad Nacional, the bridge that connects the city of Guayaquil with the cantón of Durán in the Guayas province of Ecuador.

The motorcyclist must have lost control at a high rate of speed and landed neck first on the guard rail, leaving him decapitated. His head was recovered a few yards away from his motorcycle, and the rest of his body was laid out on the road a few more yards ahead.

The cause of the accident is under investigation at this time, and the identity of the deceased has not been released. It seems like it was just a horrible accident due to speeding and negligence.

Many thanks for the video @dco92 and the backstory. He definitely must have sped that bike. He’s gone, but for what it’s worse, he probably didn’t feel a thing and died on impact. Also props to @lindalovelace for the video:

Gallery of a few pics:

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  1. Too bad there’s no video of the person who positioned his head perfectly for everybody to see when driving by.
    Probably fell over a few times first before he got upset and grinded it in the gravel with some twisting motion to get it to stick.

        1. Those look like regular slim fit, probably not stretchy and uncomfortable. I think he had a genuine accident and it distracted him causing the wreck. The vibration of a motorcycle combined with the shits is a really bad combination.

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  2. Wonder if his death was just that he got some dust in his eye and to the point where he starts fucking with it which Caused him to lose control of the bike, That be one hell of little thing for him to die from, Fucking spic must have been trying to do his job to deliver that damn pizza!

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