Mouth Cavity After Surgical Removal of Two Teeth

Mouth Cavity After Surgical Removal of Two Teeth

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @Sentrifugi, who had two teeth extracted and remembered to have a pic of his mouth cavity taken after the surgery for us:

I was at dentist, who removed 2 of my teeth. One was a normal tooth, and the other right next to it, was a wisdom tooth. Operation took a long time, because the roots of the wisdom tooth were hard to remove.

I took the picture after the operation. Dentist prescribed antibiotic, to prevent inflammation.

Thanks a lot for the pic, @Sentrifugi. Hopefully it heals without complications.

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98 thoughts on “Mouth Cavity After Surgical Removal of Two Teeth”

  1. @Sentrifugi. lol centrifugally speaking ….. your jaw line appears to have been embedded with some debris from a meteorite the way it looks now
    well well …… me is just kidding !
    Your oral hygiene is not very healthy ……….yours look to be a case of munching too many chocolate bars and hating to look at the toothbrush twice a day .

    1. I am in the process of completing a full mouth restoration, I only have four of my own teeth, the rest are all crowns. I wish my dumbass dentist would have taken a before picture, considering the frigging bill was $35,000 and there’s not even a comparison pic… I still have no molars on one side of my lower jaw, as they had to remove dead bone and replace it with cadaver bone (so cool!), and it had to heal for a year before I could move forward with the rest of the work. I go in for a consult with the oral surgeon tomorrow for implants (a process requiring my jaw to be split open and a metal post implanted into it). I’m going to ask my doctor for pics, and will upload them to the site.

      I think it’s a travesty what dentists charge, considering how vital dental health is to your overall health. I could have bought a brand new car for that money. And I STILL have several thousand more to pay for the implants… Stay away from opiates, kids. They DESTROY your teeth.

      1. @GoreGirlGoneWild
        Awww !!!!!!that’s a heavenly frigging purse tearing bill of $35,000 you’d to pay but as you rightly said its the dentists way how they bill ya by the end of the day and leave the wallet pleading sadly as if to say I’m done with ya
        But a visit to a dentist often comes with a fat bill and then again not to forget the plastic surgeons who have a field day minting cash and you can’t negotiate and will not want their billing slashed cause its about self prestige.
        But tell me what was the root cause in your losing not one or two but all in all a whopping 28 of ’em !
        were ya doing drugs or been on to something that damaging where ya lost most of your teeth.
        may ya have a successful restoration done on ya and all the cash arranged for and pay for to the cash hungry dentist ya have been paying visits to ……..
        Wish ya all smiling times ahead of ya!

        1. I got hooked on my prescription pain pills. Then started going to the methadone clinic. After five long years, my teeth were shot. I was still dancing, and just couldn’t find the time to go or make the money to afford the giant dental bill. Money was good, but not THAT good. I thought I was gonna die from all the abcessed teeth I had. Then shit turned around, I got my teeth fixed, and I’m finally off the methadone. LOL.

          1. Like the song goes…
            If I had 35 thousand dollars, if I had 35 thousand dollars…I’d buy me a Hyundai, a nice Korean made automobile…

      2. @GGGW I been in love with the opiates for 24 years now, and needless to say I’ve neglected my dental health somewhat. If you have a choice between a g of d or a dentist visit the g is gonna win every time(lol), but it sounds like your dentist left a cavity in your purse lol

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  2. been there, done that. as a teenager, I had 4 wisdom teeth and 4 regular teeth removed surgically at same time to relieve crowding. took me months to recover. thanks for reminding me.

    1. After seeing the inside of your mouth, even if you were a really hot chick, I just couldn’t let you give me a blow job. Too many “things” in there to be worried about. Also, the hair on the outside is too straight to make me think of pussy hair. You’re gonna have to count me out.

          1. Ahh… makes sense – he was always ready to beat you. Funny, though; did you learn to walk like a penguin – as your father did; his Emporer penguin to your Little penguin – as it were?

            I can see where opiates and therapy start to play…..

    1. Yea, thank god for dentists tho.
      It sux when ya have to go,and could be pricey,but well worth when ya have a good dentist.
      I been on the excruciating end of dying nerves/ emergency root canals, TWICE, and a tooth fissure. The pain was so bad it’s almost suicidal. At a constant 10 on the pain scale.

  3. I had my four wisdom teeth removed that left huge holes but I didn’t think about sending and taking pics because I didn’t think they were BestGore worthy. When I think of gore I think of bloody messy gore but I should remember that the next time I hurt myself. I will admit I do some dumb shit but not put my hand in a meat grinder and turn the crank dumb. Well…..

    1. I used to have a complete asshole as my dentist.
      I (stupidly) had an argument with him BEFORE he removed one of my teeth, in the argument I told him that he wasn’t perfect and he fuckin flipped. Then the fucker seriously hurt me while taking it out.
      Just like Dr’s, some of them have God complexes because people are ass licking them constantly. Fuck him , Greek bastard !!

    2. My dentist was doing a series of root canals, which requires blood vessels to be cauterized with a hot ass metal tool. Well, they dropped the cauterizing wand onto my neck, and it felt like molten hot liquid metal on my skin. When they pulled it off of me, the skin came off with it… I have never felt a burn like that. They bought me a shitty Pinkberry shake for my troubles though. When we told them we were considering suing, their response was “But we bought her a milkshake…”.


  4. Read about this a few years ago. Some guy working with rabbits accidentally discovered a way to regrow new, adult teeth using some type of sonar technology. From what I read he was already working on a device to use on adults and even got some patents filed.

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