Multiple Corpses Beheaded, Dismembered and Disemboweled in South America

Multiple Corpses Beheaded, Dismembered and Disemboweled in South America

Multiple Corpses Beheaded, Dismembered and Disemboweled in South America

We’ve seen “meat market” scenes from South America before, and frankly, they all start looking the same. Thus I can’t tell if this one is new or not.

The video shows multiple beheaded corpses being dismembered and disemboweled. The killers are being quite thorough with the chop up, one would almost think that’s the only way they can fit all that meat in their freezer.

Props to Best Gore member @kastrojaxx for the video:

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141 thoughts on “Multiple Corpses Beheaded, Dismembered and Disemboweled in South America”

        1. No. I’m not even sure which video you are talking about. I’ve seen just about every gore video that has been posted anywhere in the past couple of years, and I haven’t seen any real cannibalism. I’ve seen people cut out hearts, and take a bite, but that’s about it.

    1. February 27th, 1991 after the battle of Basrah, waiting on a refuel. Had nothing better to do. No phone cameras back then to get in trouble with. The M9 Bayonets were useless as a utility knife so why not get some cutting in? Between the desert being one giant pile of kitty litter and fighting in the winter is the sand leaches all of the moisture and bacteria doesn’t grow very fast. Swelling but no smell… and quite a bit of the corpses were roasted anyways. Good times.

  1. If I recall isn’t gonorrea a common word they use in Colombia between partners. But I could be wrong it could also be Venezuela since most went from eating trash and animals to cannibalism to survive out there

    1. you right “gonorrea” is a derogatory word commonly used in colombia probably those fucking bastards from this video are from there, the accent seems kinda from the coast regions though , know this because I’m from colombia but thankfully i live in Europe.

      1. fuck it bitch probably is from venezuela but at the end of the day all those morons are delinquents and can be copying bad words from another country like “gonorrea”which is highly used between delinquents and also they are listening vallenato which is folkloric music from colombia

        1. I can only imagine. Just having your fuckin’ government deprive you of all your food and belongings because they do NOT believe in a free world. I mean, what other reason do I see these Jigs getting their fuckin’ heads blown off in every NEW video for?? Because it is total anarchy and they are like rats trapped in a fuckin’ cage with no choice but to eat each other.

  2. It looks like the “Jeffrey Dahmer Deli” has a few new options to add to the fuckin’ Menu.

    The fuck is with this Continent? You can always count on South America to produce a good Slim Jim, but you can NOT fuckin’ count on safe transportation. Yet I’m still thinking to myself, just WHAT the fuck is Beef Jerky really made of when it is imported from Brazil? Well. I think the fuckin’ answer is right here in front of me. The Cartel is taking control, and soon those Portuguese niggers from down there are going to want the good United States stuff. Well…they’ve wanted that shit for years.

    Continues to make me laugh that those nations will NEVER have real control.

  3. If I were somehow in a situation where I was participating in the video’d butchery, I would worry quite a lot about when those-in-charge might decide to liquidate any participant/witnesses.

    When one of the very minor minions of the major players has seen too much, they are likely to be disposed of. After all, there are an infinite number of replacements to be bought for next-t0-nothing.

    I bet those little punks plying those blades are already dead.

  4. Amazing how diced man looks exactly likely or damn similar to any other protein rich meat. I swear some of the cuts look just like the steak I had last night. It’s south american so I’m certain it didn’t taste as good. If I’m eating human I’d prefer my meat uncooked, live, chained, and attractive with her slowly lowered down my throat from a garage ceiling no condiments.

  5. I’mma Guess Canabalism At It’s Finist Best Gore Has Made My Morning With This Video Cutting Human Skin Like Deer And Skinning Them Awww Just Tasty And Desiring To Have One Live One To Cut Open And Decorat It A Lil Before I Cook Em And Feed Em To Civilians On The Street Free Covid19 Food Guranteed To Feel The Appitie. Yummmyyyy

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