Multiple Men Beheaded Like Cattle and Hoisted from Hooks in Slaughterhouse by ISIS

Multiple Men Beheaded Like Cattle and Hoisted from Hooks in Slaughterhouse by ISIS

ISIS has released a video depicting mass execution of multiple young men in a slaughterhouse. The victims had their throats slashed like cattle, then got hosed down with water, and hoisted head down from hooks – exactly the way live stock would be mass slaughtered there.

I couldn’t help but notice that every victim of this mass killing looked young. It’s as if ISIS attacked a college and kidnapped all male students for slaughter.

Props to Best Gore member @ruzzky for the video:

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279 thoughts on “Multiple Men Beheaded Like Cattle and Hoisted from Hooks in Slaughterhouse by ISIS”

      1. I would hope they are not only offered, but accept. Wouldn’t you think there would be a lot of jumping, thrashing, spasming going on if the victims were cold sober? I’ve got quite a stomach for this sort of thing, but I did not bother watching the whole thing. What’s to see after the first few executions? These perps have really abandoned all humanity. Very sad.

          1. I think the most “downer” is the lack of sleep for 2, 3 days. And even if they let you sleep, you won’t be able to, expecting to get killed in the next hours makes your brain keeping you awake. But without sleep this long time, you’re falling into agony. I just know this from tests made with US-army troops and shown in a documentry. After 48 hours you start to behave like on drugs, halucinating, and talking nonsense. Combined with nothing to drink, that’s all it needs to make you a calm sheep.

        1. “People wander the streets dreaming: they work while asleep, they marry while asleep, they live life asleep and die asleep. In the world of the unreal, they never see themselves, ever; they always see a form of their own fantasy.”

      1. They could be malnourished or drugged up.
        That one guy who lifted two at once.
        Those adults weren’t very heavy.

        But I do have one question though.
        When is this coming to theaters?
        This looked more like a movie trailer.
        I don’t believe this one is real.
        Looks a bit like Walking Dead gore.
        The video is to perfect.
        Like when the blood was in the drain.
        It looked a little to epic.
        The whole thing looked to epic.
        With the technology today,
        anyone could have made this.

          1. I’m not @patronsaintofgore Mr @irondiketyson, but I’m pretty good friends with the patron saint of spelling. Your comment should be “You’re being too picky, dammit.”
            You’re being a contraction of you are. Good correct on the “toos”, but spend some time on your “you’re s” & you’ll get it, easy peasy!

          1. “Are you talking to me?
            There is no else around.
            So you must be talking to me.
            You don’t believe in reality.
            Cause you seem to know nothing about it.
            If you take all you see at face value.
            I’ve seen unedited beheadings.
            Not that I condone or like them.
            They weren’t in HD and shit.
            And the gore don’t look added on.
            Don’t look dark and graphically enhanced.
            Believe me I believe reality.
            Which is why I support the right to bear arms.”
            @tom sheilds.

            “I have obsessive compulsive disorder.
            That’s why I arranged my comment like this.”

          2. I’ve been on here long enough spot a fake. And this sir is…idk it kinda seems eerily real but keeping an open mind like trust me, I can’t rule out the possibility of this one being a fake too, Tom Shields is just triggered. I can’t blame her.

          1. Its fucking real, what the hell else would ISIS do with their captives. You people are retarded, you’re just completely mental. Can you not except it? You don’t believe anything you see, its fucking hilarious. I feel like I’m reading comments from people that don’t think straight. They’re slitting throats of people who are moving and looking around, do you actually think that is fake. Man you guys need a reality check, you’re a bunch of fucking idiots.

        1. Nope, this was real, the guy at the beginning was caught with a device, he was working with the British and American intelligence,
          He was offered a deal by Isis, tell them the names of every person working with him for his and his brother’s freedom, he accepted and as we see, all the spies were taken out and finally his brother was brought forth and saw his brothers corpse before he too met the same fate, all the spies were paid $3000 a day, and the video did not emerge until false data was supplied, not surprisingly all these victims were labelled terrorists because not even their families were told they were employed by the secret service

        1. Cheers to the British SAS sniper who took out IS top executioner a few days ago with a single shot. The reaper had 12 prisoners set to be burned alive via the flamethrower strapped to his back. The sniper hit the gas tank of the flamethrower and …poof! Executioner and two IS cameramen met the demise they’d planned for the others. ‘Love it!

    1. No they do not. The prisoners are lucky to be fed. That is the sluggish way they have about them. I’ve read transcripts of executioners that stated that. No drugs because they want yo install fear at the highest level. They are terrorists not nurse maids. They kill their own for fucks sake. If you have the gumption to kill your own people do you think they care if the prisoners are fed or comfy? I’ve read the responses and seriously you guys have no fucking idea what territory really means. The basic need for security is stripped away first. The ability to retain a thought is second. Shear terror(torture) third then you have a placid prisoner. They will eat rocks and enjoy them if that’s the objective.

      1. You strike me as a man who does not like what the jihadis did in Yugoslavia or even now in Syria. Yet you wont tell me what you uncovered in Yugo when Moslems massacred Christians.

        Why can’t you and other right- minded fellow soldiers at least broadcast the truth about what is really happening in Syria? Why can’t you and your peers go through” cut- outs “and release info etc and not be caught just as the CIA do etc. I know it is bad going against your gov but your gov is lying and you know it.

        I am not being a smartass . I am being sincere. A certain French general went public and said the truth about who was at fault in Sarajevo /kosovo. He said truth about marauding Moslems being instigators of it all.

        1. @hopingfornemesis
          re: Syria
          Nems, althought she is not a soldier – i suggest you make yourself familiar [if you havent already] with a journalist called “Eva Bartlett”, she spents a lot of time on the ground in syria – and offers VASTLY opposing narrative regarding the situation than that which western MSN pukes out at us.
          Of COURSE, she is deriden as much as possible by western msn – one reason being that she contributes editorials to RT [so she MUST be lying…right? 😉 ]. Also she is critised for op-eds…. offering editorials containing her opinions on stories as well as just reporting – – so basically she is attacked using the usual western MSN tactics of critisizing a persons methods and leanings…. rather than actually responding to the substance of the reporting she does, and evidence she offers.
          She is active on most social media, plus many other sites.
          just google her name.

  1. Brutal. Do they take suggestions though? If they’re going to keep chopping people up it’s a great opportunity to explore the theories about consciousness after decapitation. Possibly re-enact the experiments with victims blinking, etc.

      1. Fuckin dirty cockroaches. I could only watch a bit and had to stop it. Just can’t give these Muslim cockroaches any more of my time. But my God, I would love to push the ‘nuke’ button on the middle east…….

        1. One can only imagine the response if this video played on The Nightly News. Your average Joe and Joan have no concept of the brutality and inhumanity. If Trump got elected and encouraged people to view this site, he would have all the support he wanted to nuke whoever/whatever he desired.

          1. I have the feeling @santafejack that the average Joe and Joan would probably make it through, oh, maybe 12 seconds of this video before running from the room retching and screaming. And God,or whomever, forbid that little Jack & Jill were watching too.Mommy & Daddy would be suing the ass off the tv network for the irreperable harm done to their little darlings. This isn’t pretty rainbows, puppy dogs, and pastel confetti.

    1. You’re right. ISIS is refining their human meat processing way beyond anything that the Mexican drug cartels have done.

      I’ve watched the drug cartels hang guys upside down, nude, and cut off their penis and balls, then their heads, then their arms and legs. But they don’t seem to be doing anything worthwhile with all that fresh meat.

      ISIS is at least hanging them to bleed out in a meat slaughterhouse. Hosing them down is good. Next step would be skinning for the hides, gutting and harvesting male genitals for the trophy collectors. Then, hanging in the cooler a couple weeks to properly age. Then cutting up the carcasses into proper cuts of steaks, roasts, briskets, ribs, bacon, etc.

      All that fresh meat… Be environmentally responsible and recycle those humans!

  2. I keep wondering what’s ISIS’ game? What is their real motivation? Is it purely satanic evil – to inflict as much death and destruction as possible? Or are they told to cause as much fear and chaos as possible – to further the George Soros/Rothschilds New World Order campaign?

    1. I think that it’s more to do with the eventual control of the middle East (maybe even Iran too). When it’s completely destroyed, the good guys (Israel, US,saudi, UK) will step in and divide it up between themselves. ISIS are just a tool to help them do this, maybe they’ve been promised a small area/country when it’s all over ?

      1. your right fred what you said is correct, which is why i said earlier they are just doing americas dirty work for them, then the yanks will go in and clean up proper and install their next bank. thats what all this is about, all this death terror and murder is a rothschild/banker game. this is what america wants to do but cant because they need to be seen as civilized so they create isis and get them to do the shitty part of ethnic cleansing and mayhem then they will come in when they deem suitable and clean up and continue the new world order.

      1. These videos are a clear call to murder these fuckers. I feel I NEED to for some reason. I’m going to organize a small group of like-minded individuals as associates, partners and as witness. It won’t be secret in any way; I will promptly and enthusiastically tell anyone that listens that this trip is for one reason only; murder. And there’s no longer a desire for recourse. I really hate this cliché comparison but, the Nazis wouldn’t even do this, it would smack of sickening barbarity, the sight of sawing halfway through a mans neck and then using cold water to make the suffering last longer. Oh man I need to kill them.
        My three approved methods:
        A) i will shoot them in the face, destroying completely both their ability to eat as well as their ability to suck each others cock.

        B) slowly disembowel over the course of 10 hours. I will do this on a Friday. ( without breaking for even a single prayer session, a flogging offense… Still on the books.
        C) the least severe of the three, but harsh nonetheless, calls for their eyeballs to be removed along with the disintegration of both eardrums by way of much hotter water.

        1. You forgot way too much off the torture list. You need help from friends. Fingernails and toenails deserve attention from toothpicks and bowls of bleach to soak them in. Pluck one eyeball out and glue it right in front of the other so he can look at it 24/7. Ball sac cut off stuck to his head and tea bag himself. I should keep going but I’m done for now

        2. i have no idea what the point of these videos are for isis. They are never going to establish a state run by these idiots so what is the point they can kill and destroy people in syria an iraq and elsewhere all they want but they will never have their own state.

      1. Because for a short time they’re still alive @firstinline (first in line for WHAT Dutchy? LOL) & water pounding on a fresh cut is excruciatingly painful – as if they needed more pain. It’s perhaps equivalent to twisting the knife after you’ve stabbed someone – a “Fuck you. I’ll do it because I’m the baddest, & I can.” gesture.

    1. Creepily enough … one of their Imam’s recently issued a “Fatwa” – which is a “change the rules to suit your every evil desire” Law – to make cannibalizing your wife in times of hunger and famine COMPLETELY OK…!!! My question is: but who’s gonna cook her up and clean up after etc – the muslim men don’t seem to do much – other than kill – maime and destroy anything that’s good…
      They truly ARE the epitome of HUMAN EVIL..!!! And it disgusts me that one of them sits in the White House … destroying the United States more and more each day…

      1. Hell nahh that’s all real as diomands baby boy, you couldn’t see the guys throat still moving when he cut it? The Adams apple was moving, he was still attempting to breathe but it was definitely too late, fucking horrible way to die

    1. What’s the point to fake it…….when you can make it real????
      Way more work to fake………you got to be a psychopath bi polar
      To do these things……then you got to have diner and then
      You got to sleep……how they do that….huh.????
      Or maybe they are just the cooks……!!!!

    2. these isis scumbag is just a tool to make islam look barbaric and violent. they have nothing to do with islam. they using islam name, and islam symbol , doing thing they want stupid human think islamic way.
      For sheep and human with sheep brain , you need to know that muslim around the world didnt have anything to do with isis , and condemning all sick,brutal,beyond humanity act they feeding the world everyday.

  3. Is it me or is Isis starting to go easy on their victims? Lately, all I see is shooting their victims in the head or cutting their throats.
    What happened to them burning, beheading or any of the torturous ways of the past.

  4. does anyone believe in an afterlife? after all the shit on this planet do you REAlly believe that we all become friends on the other side and sing Kumbaya together? i say it all ends here because it has to end SOMEWHERE. No one else will have us and this is a prison planet.

    1. As a scientist no. There is no scientific proof of “God” in existence. Instead of math, the evidence is extremely close in saying that the universe is infinite in size but will eventually expire in a mass of billions of years. Anything in the universe including “God” will vanish equalling NO afterlife for any man, gas or Saddam !

      (God must have been seriously bored during the Jurassic period)
      Peace and salami

      1. I personally believe that there is an afterlife, because I don’t want to die and that be it forever and ever, like let’s say something happens and everyone on the earth dies, do y’all really think that that’s it? Like do you actually believe that that would be the end of the human race? What about ghost and shit? Your spirit has to be real though right? Unless your telling me that everyone that claims they’ve seen a ghost is a liar I just don’t want it to be eternal darkness when we die, that would legit suck balls, I wanna be able to watch over my loved ones and see who goes to my funeral and shit, I wanna see what the love of my life decides to do after I die Plz don’t tell me that there’s nothing after we die, plz just say that our spirits atleast get to live on and walk this earth

        1. It won’t be eternal darkness man. It will be like before you were born. Remember that? No? Just like that. It’ll be you ceasing to exist and you will have no more conscious thoughts or actions and you won’t even know you’re dead. It’s fucking depressing to think about, I’ll admit but I really do think that’s the end of it all. If there were to be an afterlife, fuck, would that be awful too I’m sure.

    2. It’s all up to the definition of “afterlife”. After death, your body-molecules will be spread to many other new lifes via soil > plant = food > digestation. BUT: This has nothing to do with a transfer of conciousness. Or do anybody remember it’s “beforelife”? I doubt, letting some daydreaming selfstyled supernaturals aside. So, even if it would be possible, as long as I can’t remember it, it’s absolutely worthless.

  5. I see that the Jew.S.A. is stepping up the production values. Prolly directed by Schlomo Spielbergstein. But fuck was this brutal. Watching this video kept me thinking – are we the ones being brainwashed? Subjected to a torrent of high definition brutality of the worst kind, time and time again. Like that movie “Soldier”, creating senseless killing machines.

    1. I’ve sometimes wondered about whether or not the prisoners are doped up. But it seems unnecessary and a waste of money.
      Just threaten them with a death far worse and they’ll be docile — like lambs to the slaughter 😉

  6. I don’t understand why are they killing their own people? I mean they slaughter their own like it’s nothing. WTF is going on in their fucking heads that they do shit like this without even batting an eye. These fuck stain pieces of shit need to be dealt with QUICK! Seems to me they want to kill everybody. EVERYBODY!!

    1. The chilling implications induce the despair they want to induce. “If they’re doing this to their fellow countrymen merely for being a different ‘brand’ of Muslim, imagine what they’d do to me; someone who openly scoffs at these retards who think they’re some breed of gay-assed holy warriors of god (sic).
      I see it like this: if by some magical reason they were 100% right about it ALL, I’m joinin’the fuckin’red team to help defeat god once and for all.

    1. oh FFS – you are more than 2000 times more likely to be murdered by the police in America – actually there were 24 deaths by terrorists in the USA last year I read (Muslim terrorists) and 48 by White Terrorists which dont include mass shootings……. Trump knows jack shit – he opens his mouth and farts… in fact all politicans in the USA are more of a danger to Americans than any ISIS terrorist. Get out more and stop watching the TV or you become part of the problem.

  7. isis equals im stupid im shit, we see these cruel people who have no soul killing they live to do it yet they deserve nothing but to meet the cruel fate they dish out. when the world gets tired of them the world will destroy them. i loath them as many do.

  8. So like many others have noticed, these men are young, college age mostly. I wonder if it has anything to do with the university in Kabul that was assaulted by taliban. Could see them selling the people for money to Isis, or just giving them to them.

  9. The young ISIS terrorist said to his commanding officer… “Let’s RUN over there and fuck and behead ONE of those hostages…”

    The commanding officer corrected his subordinate…saying… “Let’s WALK over there and fuck and behead ALL of the hostages…”

  10. well that was gay as fuck. it felt like i was watching a jeep commercial. oh the horror of such gayness. russian bombs will send these hollywood jews to hell soon enough. ohh hum de hum de hum de hum hum you bought a jeep. fuck off!

  11. At 2:11 that Nigga couldn’t at least be respectful enough to slit his throat in the drain? He had to do it on top of someone else, like damn he had that other guys blood all over his eyes and mouth and shitt

  12. I couldn’t kill just for the fuck of it.
    I have empathy, I see myself in their position.
    The feeling of the blade slicing their flesh and watching them just take their last breaths would haunt me.
    These motherfuckers just kill just for the fuck of it. I wonder why they killed those guys? Apostasy ? Or no reason?

    1. they kill because they want to send a message, but actualy the fun of this is there killing other muslims so the message is muslims kill muslims, so the rest of world does not have to.

      beast killing beast ,,,, nor the victim or killer are human.
      its like animal planet, just nature killing weaker beast

      1. All these fuckin islamophobic comments geez, yeah ofc Islam tells people to kill muslims, as if a religion would destroy itself like that. Just fuckin do some research and you’d see that it’s a religion of peace, and it has like 4 or 5 fuckin sentences in the Quran that allowed muslims to fight back and kill invaders if they were targeted and these same sentences are being mis-used to manipulate people. Whatever dude i’m prolly just wasting my time on this comment tbh, cheers.

    1. love it when people say this, cant handle so youre mind goes in make sense mode, and you say its fake ?

      this is as real as it gets go to a country and look on the farms
      blood is spilled this way,

      but this actualy is a good thing muslims killing muslims cant be bad, the there killed is a little bit over the top because there not eating them so its quite usless

  13. Brutal, I like it. I generally don’t watch isis videos anymore due to most of them being more or less the same but this one is something else. Good to see ’em changing it up a bit. I mean sure they’re all still fuckin scumbags but gore is gore, right.

  14. man all these videos of isis are starting to really piss me off. I am against murder but these guys are so evil i want to join the military or go to Syria/ iraq to kill some of these bastards. I feel like all these people slaughtered need justice.

    1. I wonder what is being said in the beginning of the video, is there no one who can translate? Then again how do you fight people who wear masks and hide in their apartments among citizens? You need to know where the enemy is before you can hunt them down and i’ve been told this is the very problem with IS. At least one of them didn’t wear a mask and should be added to a most wanted list.

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