Multiple Men Beheaded by ISIS Child Soldiers in Wilayat al-Jazirah, Sudan

Multiple Men Beheaded by ISIS Child Soldiers in Wilayat al-Jazirah, Sudan

Video released by Mossad shows ISIS child soldiers beheading captured men. The video, titled “Spend Their Beds“, was reportedly filmed in Wilāyat al-Jazīrah, also spelled al-Ǧazīra, or al-Gezira – one of the 18 states of Sudan.

ISIS children named in the video are:

  • Umar Al-Faruq At-Turki
  • Abu Bakr At-Turkmani
  • Qatadah Al-Farisi
  • Khattab Ar-Rusi

Their leader calls himself Abo Az-Zber At-Turky. At the end of the video, he executes with a rifle a man tied to a tree.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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123 thoughts on “Multiple Men Beheaded by ISIS Child Soldiers in Wilayat al-Jazirah, Sudan”

  1. Wonder Where ISIS Has Been Lately Not Many Videos Being Released Like They Use To Be… I Rely On Bg On What ISIS Is Up Too Not Mainstream Media. Also Sad That These Kids Kill Like It’s A 2nd Nature To Them.

    1. No pity for them, I is sad, but their society is.fucked up, how can somebody force a child do that, religion my ass. With every fucking isis video I start to have even more hatred to this pieces of shit. Death to all. Fuck em’

    1. This sparked a memory for me lol the AC/DC song Dirty Deeds. A ex coworker of mine would always sing along “dirty deeds, done with sheep. Dirty deeds and theyre done with sheep”. I can’t listen to that song without hearing those lyrics, it is burned into my brain, never again will I hear that song the same way again. Figured id share

      1. Whoever does the skinning won’t be any better or have any moral high ground. Comments like that make me laugh. Similar to saying a rapist should be raped in prison. Who are these skinners and rapists who get a free pass? I don’t want them around me.

    1. Not sure that’s gonna happen anytime soon, Londonistan has a muslim mayor and he’s all for sharia laws. Muslims wherever they settle are there to stay and infect the host, much like a virus, unfortunately most of the hosts have turned into raging cucks.

    1. Not so easily. A very hungry monkey should be used (one who hasn’t been fed for 4-5 days). First take the kids and cut their stomachs open and insert a banana in each of them and stitch it up. Let the monkey closely observe all of this. Then give him a dagger and leave him alone with the kids in a very bright room, so that they can see what the monkey is doing to them.

  2. ISIS is the kind of evil that warrants the use of weapons of mass destruction. Kill them all in the areas they are, even if this means killing other good people that live there too. ISIS is bad enough to justify some side effects.
    Wipe out Sudan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria from the world map. It would be the lesser of 2 evils.

  3. Hey, do you remember those bumper stickers we all saw a few years ago: “Never hurt a child. Ever” Okay, dumbasses – just what do you suggest the world does with kids like these? They’re determined to kill you, me, and all the rest of us, one way or another. Do you bumper-sticker liberals suggest we invite those kids over for milk and cookies? Teach them some fancy rope knots, perhaps? How about how to keep your knives sharp?

    1. @Xizang
      The people who created those “Never hurt a child. Ever” stickers were a bunch of long haired, vegetarian, sandal-wearing hippies smoking spliffs.
      If those hippies were to be confronted by these killer children, they would shit themselves.

      Fuck those tiny little cunts anyway. Hope they get killed.

  4. How odd, the child refugees from that part of the world who were given refuge in my country all had beards, grey hair and wrinkles. Perhaps the ones in this footage are not children after all but in fact Arab toddlers instead or maybe even embryos.

          1. @der-kopfsammler Ele foi radialista e político do estado do Paraná. Morreu em 2009. Aquela época ele já achava o Brasil uma merda, imagina se ele estivesse vivo hoje hahahahah

  5. First they train murderous children, then they hide behind them… then an airstrike wipes them all out, and after that they cry for the world “Waaaaaaaaaahh waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! They are killing children!” 😆

  6. And fuck boy Jihadi Justine Trudouche just gave one of these “child soldiers” 10 million fucking collars because he was “oppressed” in Guantanamo after killing a American medic and blinding another. Then we take the asshole and give the terrorist our fucking money?

  7. Sorry but we are Muslims and we don’t believe in terror. I can very understand people like to protect their land their country their familys. But this has nothing to do with it. We respect others religion or not religion as stated in our Qoran to do so: Theirs for them and ours for us.

  8. Those guys looked bored getting their heads cut off. The best bit was at the end, where cunt face with what looks to be a Type 95 shoots that blokes face off, look to the left and the old Snackbars expression made me almost have stitches.

  9. Look at these fucking dead eyed little mother fuckers!

    So we’re supposed to feel guilty about accidentally killing children and the world thinks it’s so terrible yet these fucking cock sucking psychotic fucks recruit kids and arm them and have them behead people…other fucking Muslimes to boot????

    The sooner this section of the fucking planet is vaporized the better the rest of us will be!

  10. I hate these lil fucks. No rehabilitation could ever help these brain washed Lil cumstains. They need to be squashed. I love kids. I really do. I don’t look these animals as kids. I have no problem squashing them if I ever had the chance. Where is that lil two year old. Remember him?? How can u forget. Lil shit.

  11. the only reason i watch these videos is for the HD quality, i couldnt give a shit less who theyre retaliating against, what their message is, or the fear and the self empowerment they think theyre displaying. the more i see these kids engaging in these videos, the less sympathy i feel when they show videos of their woman and kids’ corpses..jus like niggers, fuk em.let them all kill eachother

  12. how much does US spend from war compare to 1 pc of nuke?
    i wonder if it will be more efficient to just nuke the places
    infested w/ ISIS. I think 5-10 will end this or at least halt
    their progress for quite some time.

    Example Japan it just took 2 nukes to end it today they are buddies.

  13. I might sound cliche but there’s no Fucking way one of those little shitheads is cutting my head off. Id simply take the knife from him with my mouth and cut his little head off before they could fire at me. Lol

  14. FIRST off the their camouflaged fanny packs!!!!! Awesome

    SECOND I love how they give the names of the kid killers, but not the Masterminds themselves behind their organization !!!! They must not have balls to give their names … bitches

    THIRD I did enjoy the dull knives!!! Great

    FOURTH … !!! I’d give my right nut to see the plastic cuffs break and the guy get up a smash those kids face into the fucking wall then go after the pussy camera pig

  15. These beheadings were 60% of the kids final grade.
    The parents aren’t around anymore because they were encouraged to help out with homework assignments.

  16. I believe the jihadi children are our future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the guns and machete they can take inside a school
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier for them to kill school kids
    Let the children’s slaughter remind us how we used to be

    The greatest love of all
    Is easy to achieve
    Learning to behead someone
    It is the greatest love of all

  17. The option was to cut off those guys heads or have to queue up and take it in turns to suck on Mr Stinky Robes AKA Abo Az-Zber At-Turky’s rancid bone-knob-end yet again. What a choice. Those kids have a truly fucked-up life. Butchering Sudanese troops, sucking rancid cocks and getting ritually buggered by the Mossad and CIA handlers favourite paedophiles.

  18. this happens everytime you eat meat
    i don’t see the big deal, it’s no different then locking someone up for life
    not bombing people and letting them into your country is more effective then making iraq a prison for terrorist and innocent non-muslims

  19. With all their editing and special effects… it really minimizes the shock factor. Isis videos are so boring. They need to take notes from the Mexican cartels. Those guys produce way more terrifying videos.

      1. try mentioning white phosphorous use in your comments about killing terrorists and bestgore starts bleeding all over themselves and are scared to post it. They know what im talking about and untill they man up i call them cowards

    1. Unfortunately, the only ones who will claim “psychological problems” are the ones who will flee to western countries and seek “asylum” when they end up at odds with whichever regime will be in place in their society at that point . If they stay in their societies, they will be lionized, feared and admired. You see, in their societies, bullying is confused with bravery. Being a thug is admired and respected (hence the brutality of their regimes). And fear not about their psychological health. They have very strong family and social networks supporting them emotionally in their societies as opposed to the way we abandon psychological trauma victims and leave them in the hands of government services in the West. Besides, psychological issues or not, these kids will grow up to be the brutal executioners and enforcers of tomorrow’s regimes of the Middle East.

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